We Can Build It With A Fit!

The cat watched some at the other sea and it was quite the spree. Yep, Profanity Granny, trying to put together a shelf thingy. Her words sure were rather umm springy. She thought she could do it without instructions at her pad. I guess that idea was bad.

This goes here,
That goes there.
Like a head to an ear,
Oops, out comes a swear.

All words were used.
The cat was amused.
No ears were abused,
As things were fused.

This goes there,
That goes here.
Whoops, another swear.
Cats run in fear.

Under the bed,
They go to hide.
The dogs even dread,
Her profanity ride.

This on that,
That on this.
I'll take a bat,
And that won't miss.

A screw goes here,
A screw goes there.
Give a cheer,
Right at her lair.

Whoops, maybe not.
Backwards it was.
Swearing comes a lot,
Ears are abuzz.

The cat watches from afar,
Liking the others all gone.
Worth the trip in the car,
To see such a thing dawn.

Instructions come out.
It gets done quick.
Then comes a shout,
It came out some slick.

Where were you?
Why didn't you help?
A little asshole comes due,
I smirk, not yelp.

Was too fun to watch at my sea. Was that mean of me? The cat sat on the table and watched the show. Cassie was too prissy to give it a go. Hey, it got done and gave the cat fun. Pat or the cat didn't need to help out. We just lazed about. She can be one cranky old lass but she is too slow to catch my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


    How's the gore where you're at?
    Where's Scooby Suza?
    Where's Hankidooza?
    Where's Trueby Doo?
    Did she buy my shoe?
    Many questions from the Goo
    And you know it's true
    Hey... it's Sunday...
    Such a fun day!

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat post!
    From coast to coast!

  2. Ha! Profanity Granny
    Is at it again
    The shelf will get built
    Come hell or high rain!

  3. Profanity Grannie knows the trick
    Just like Jack and the candle stick
    Cuss a little, cuss a lot
    Makes things fit when they're not

  4. We Can Build It With A Fit!
    Profanity Grannie so slick
    Her words so springy
    Together so stringy
    To cut in with a quick fix!


  5. lol sometimes it's best not to get too close in the heat of the moment anyway. ;)

  6. I've got the lazing around part down!

  7. Some assembly required

    cursing optional, but understood

  8. Oh goodness, that sounds like our house. We know when to make ourselves scarce.

  9. Patience is a skill set more than a virtue, eh?

  10. Building things isn't my strong suit!

  11. Replies
    1. The dogs would help though
      I bet at your show

  12. I just leave the building to someone else
    No patience to put together at my bay
    If I had to, I think I would be like Granny
    and say a few choice words that could ruin someone's day


    1. haha better your way
      Then no choice words and be on display

  13. A screw goes here.
    A screw goes there.
    Is Bill Clinton near?
    For the Hooker Fair?

  14. I have a bad feeling I will be someone's profanity grandma some day.

    1. lol live it up at your sea
      Let the profanity fly free

  15. Are you sure she's a woman? We always read the instructions. haha.

    1. haha riiiight
      I'll pretend to believe that at my site

  16. When the hubby starts cussing, we definitely get lost. He sounds like such an idiot throwing a fit and cussing like a fool, nobody wants to stick around to offer help lol.

    1. lol guess maybe he should rethink that
      Then you'd help where you are at

  17. my bad luck never learnt to swear

  18. I can't help it but I love it when grandmoms swear.

  19. "A screw here and a screw there"
    I am going to look the other way
    and pretend I don't see.

    1. No peeper at your sea
      With a little screw to be

  20. LOL! Sounds like Profanity Granny attacks projects like me with an equal amount of swearing! I'd save myself a lot of grief if I would just read all the directions paying attention to them before I jumped in with tools swinging!


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