A Never Should In Childhood!

Pat scolds the cat for doing this and that where we are at, but it turns out he was dumber than me. Hey, he still may be. Want the cat to prove it? Easy as can be with this rhyming bit.

Kids do much,
Kids will touch.
More than that and this,
Thinking all is bliss.

Pat sure did.
Now his ocd my flip its lid.
But still got it in,
With the childhood spin.

Touched an electric fence,
Yep he was dense,
To see how much it hurt.
No blood did spurt.

Did it multiple times too.
Why? Beats me at my zoo.
Had an electric fence in the yard,
So it wasn't very hard.

Playing in quick sand.
Yep, thought it was grand.
Stand and see how far one could sink.
Now that would bring me to the brink.

There was a tree branch overhead though.
Grabbed it and out he'd go.
Hey, it was always a bet who would get out first.
Yeah now, his ocd would burst.

Crawled under a cow.
Would never do that now.
Could get kicked in the head.
So surprised Pat isn't dead.

Stuffed his brother in the dryer,
If only he could have reached higher.
He would have went for a spin.
Hmm, may have done him in.

Fought with barbed wire too.
The barbed wire won at his zoo.
Has a third eye on his leg after that.
The scar looks like it where it is at.

Sat on a hot wood stove as well.
It could get hot as hell.
Wanted to see how long he could last.
Burnt his ass once as he didn't move too fast.

Do anything dumb in childhood at your sea? Pat sure can't scold me. The cat may try to eat tacks and string, but no quicksand jumping or some other thing. I enjoy ratting on him in mass. It works for my tattle tale little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Grrrrrrreat post!
    From coast to coast
    Don't mean to boast
    Have some toast
    Not a fox
    In a box

    1. Or a goat
      In a boat
      Or a frog
      In a dog
      Or a wino
      On a dino

    2. Or a chick
      On a stick
      Or a toad
      On the road

    3. Or a truck
      With a duck
      Or a mammal
      With a camel

  2. It's a wonder you're alive
    At your East coast hive
    I always wanted to see what quicksand was like
    But never tried it on a hike
    Or with a bike
    Or steering a trike
    *Drops the mic"

    1. It sucks you in
      Can't even spin
      But seeing how far one can go
      Was kinda fun you know

  3. Another masterpiece Pat. Enjoyed the read.

  4. Ah yes...I have to admit, I touched an electric wire
    Strangely, that did not make me a crier.
    I went down a hill on a sled
    At the bottom was a wire fence
    You think I was dense?
    Wait, there was also a river after that
    I never said I would be a Mensa brat.
    My friend and I just ducked and rolled
    Ducked under the fence and rolled off the sled....Yahoo!

    1. haha that is the way to be
      Duck and roll with glee
      Or have a dog yank you off it
      She did that more than a bit

  5. A Never Should In Childhood!
    And playing 'dare' many would
    Jumped off the ledge
    Just keeping a pledge
    Non-life threatening many could


    1. They could be
      But weren't indeed at my sea
      As ones tries
      Hoping no one dies

  6. Electric fences can be such a pain!

  7. Boys sure know how to get in trouble. Thankfully, they manage to survive.

  8. Barbed wire is the worst. I am sure we have all gotten into some trouble at some times in our lives.

    1. Yep, at some point there has been some
      For each and every chum

  9. Brother in the dryer?
    Oh my that must have been a day!
    Did you get into trouble
    And lose some time of play?


    1. lol may have gotten scolded
      As in he was folded

  10. cute poem and yes, it's a wonder kids do survive to tell the tale. I had a problem with trees shaking me out of them. Maybe that explains a lot....

    1. They just didn't want you in
      As they gave you a downward spin

  11. what childhood Pat
    you surly deserve the cat.

    1. The cat does much
      Keeping me on my toes and such

  12. Wow, you must have nine lives just like a cat
    to have done those things and lived to tell about it!
    (The dumbest thing I did was take my sister for
    a ride on the back of my bike; and her foot got
    caught in the spokes of the wheel...and yes,
    she does have a scar!)

    1. Damn, that must have hurt a bit
      Especially if a scar came of it

  13. O my! O my! You're lucky to be alive!
    I just went through the list of your feats
    and feel a blood rush in my pit!
    what made me 'smile' - appearance of 'a third eye'
    on the leg, - now you're ready for 'Star trek'!

    1. Could beam me up
      Without a hiccup
      Lived to tell the tale
      Glad I didn't bail

  14. Touched an electrical fence? And I thought my nephew was bad for sticking a key in a power outlet. lol

    1. lol that may be worse though
      Especially if you can't let go

  15. I once got a blackeye when I fell of the bed by putting myself in a laundry basket and I hit the dresser. Not a smart move.

  16. I always wanted to step in quicksand
    To see what it's like
    and where I'd land.

    1. You sink and sink
      Makes you think
      Then yank yourself out
      No need to shout

  17. Put your brother in a dryer
    Just send out a paper flyer
    You roll him till he's dry
    Then more rain drips from the sky
    Into the dryer, again he goes
    When done you soak him with a hose

    1. haha can go around and round again
      There at my den
      Be fine by me
      May get dizzy as can be

  18. Lots of crazy childhood moments enough to fill a book with. Nice week!

  19. haha - I did quite a few stupid stunts
    and as a kid I did them more than once
    then my mother I did have to confront..

    1. haha I got away with some
      Others I tried to play dumb

  20. Sounds like you had fun and were quite the adventurer:)

  21. I can't recall now but not with the cow, dryer nor a barbed wire ~ Maybe eating hot peppers, but not knowing they are hot as I thought it look cute in the backyard.

    1. lol well learned they were hot
      A lesson taught

  22. My sister put a fork in a light socket when she was 3. Shocked the hell out of her. Maybe that's why she's a mental case lol

    1. lol you never know
      Could have made her brain glow

  23. Oh, my!!!
    You made me laugh 'til I cry!
    Dumb things as a child I did do
    But dumber things as an adult I could confess to...

    1. lol some dumb things as an adult I've done
      But they weren't as fun

  24. No tongue on the frozen lamp post?
    That would hurt the most!

    1. That would suck
      Thankfully passed that buck


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