A Riddle Me That And This To Make Some Hiss!

The cat will make you all think today as I go on a rhyming riddle display. Did you know riddles can rhyme? They can when the cat gives them a chime.

This one is easy,
I should be breezy.
I'll give you some glories.
What building has the most stories?

This one can thrill,
Your pocket it can fill.
Is an older one hundred dollar bill,
Worth more than a newer one from a till?

This one can be done on Mars.
Railroad crossing without any cars.
Can you spell that without any Rs?
Don't ask drunks at bars.

So on to math.
I know it may get wrath.
How do you make number one disappear,
By adding to it, dear?

You want to go to sleep?
Okay, but before you dream deep,
During what month do people sleep the least?
Hint: it has a nasty stinky beast.

Let's give a cheer,
From month to year.
How many seconds are in a year?
You can answer without fear.

This one is easy.
It may also be cheesy.
What is between Heaven and Earth?
Did you find something of worth?

You just lost your friend.
You search to the world's end.
You finally find them in view.
What's the first thing you do?

Did you get the one about heaven?
Now we'll go with seven.
How do you make seven even?
No don't go leavin.

If ten men took ten hours to build a wall,
Finishing it all,
How long would five men take to finish the same wall?
Back to math at my hall.

There you are. Get them all at my sand bar? Did I make your brain explode? Hey, have to keep you in thinking mode. Good for the brain. No need to thank me for your brain pain. I am done with riddles in mass. I am just a riddle me this little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


    How's the mat?
    Guess what: it's Thursday...
    Such a fun day
    At my bay!

    Grrrrreat post
    From coast to coast!
    (Don't mean to boast)

    1. Yipppeee
      For meee
      Thursday comes to be?
      Whoopeee lol

  2. Between Heaven and Earth there's a bill
    Making me ill
    That's all I know
    Gotta go!

  3. If anyone answers something other than February for what month people sleep the least, then maybe it's time for a little calendar education.

    1. Yeah, they may need to take another look
      Especially with my cupid hint at my nook

  4. Too early for my mind to think
    Math, for me, is just one big stink.

    1. Actually no math to be had
      Does that drive you mad?

  5. Riddle Me puts the mind at work
    Get em right and that's a perk
    RR crossing, spell that without R's
    T-H-A-T and watch for the cars

    1. haha easy as can be
      With your THAT no R's spree

  6. my brain exploded
    too early in the morning
    this cat is far too clever
    but you did give a warning

    1. Gave all a warning shot
      Before their brain went robot

  7. My brain has trouble thinking all day much less in the morning. But those are some good rhymes and isn't that the idea of this post.

  8. A Riddle Me That And This To Make Some Hiss!
    Not knowing can be most stressful of such bliss
    Simple mind teaser
    But still a bother
    Other distractions may mean giving them a miss


  9. Of course a riddle can rhyme
    most things you write do in time
    solved the one with the men at the wall
    too early to tackle all


    1. Well at least you got one
      With my riddle run

  10. Way to much thinking here. But February would most logically be the month where people sleep the least, because it's the shortest. However, it could be July because the fireworks keep people up here in the States. Or it could be January because it's so stinking cold - and who could possibly sleep when they're shivering under the sheets? It think it's a trick question.

    1. lol wow, way to much thought in that
      But true with each stat

  11. I got some of them after a quick read.

    The building with the most stories is a library.


    Make "one" disappear by adding "n." "None."

    People sleep least in February.

    Make "seven" even by taking off the "s."

    It would take five men no time to finish that same wall, cuz it's already finished.

    How'd I do?

    1. Got those ones all right
      Way to go at your site

  12. I told you Pat ! Im not good in Maths :(

  13. Oh, where am I? Between earth and sky.
    How make 1 disappear? You spend it for beer.
    To answer all of above queries
    I second the Silver Fox sayings.

    1. Silver fox got the most
      As he gave them a toast

  14. Replies
    1. What about that
      This without that falls flat

  15. "Riddle me this" brings back so many memories.

  16. orlin N cassie.......awesum psot....we had fun

    N thanx ta copee and paste

    What is between Heaven and Earth = AND
    How do you make number one disappear = BONE
    How do you make seven even = noe S
    How many seconds are in a year = we asked google ☺☺
    31622400 ??
    How long would five men take to finish the same wall = de same kinda time coz it bee de same men !!! ???

    we iz off line til monday guys… sew heerz two a collared carpetshark… kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

    1. haha the second one sure went the math way
      Wasn't what was supposed to be on display
      As it was 2nd in reality though
      So 12 was the answer in tow
      Glad it was grand
      Got the rest in hand

  17. Math's my worst subject but I got a couple of others.
    Library, that, even (leave off the "s")
    Your cat is very clever.

  18. I think I got them one and all
    But I'm too tired to type any more at my hall

    1. Hope you got a good nap
      There at your side of the map

  19. My mind went blank when I saw math.
    I'd rather take a bubble bath.
    My mind doesn't work that way.
    But yours does at your bay!

    1. 12 is as high as you had to go
      With any math show
      But my mind is screwy indeed
      Can go every which way at my feed

  20. You summed it up nicely Pat!

  21. I like to rhyme
    it is no crime
    if I have time!

  22. I'm still trying to figure out why a raven is like a writing desk. Me and riddles just don't mix :)

    1. Need to learn the tricks
      Then riddles you can nix

  23. riddle me this
    what holds the moon up?
    cat are you ready to hiss
    don't be coy buttercup...

    I did get a few of these
    the answers came with ease

    Now, it's off to bed for me
    hope good dreams are had by thee

    1. Good dreams were had
      Here at my pad
      Gravity holds the moon
      Or a dish with a spoon

  24. of one thing i'm sure
    in olden times you worked more
    to earn a hundred dollar bill
    and you couldn't put it in the till

    1. Had to work more
      But same worth at any shore

  25. Oh, this takes me back to those dreaded tests I had to take back in school!

  26. Sorry I'm late with a commment,
    But yesterday I stayed off line.
    We had terrible thunder storms,
    But to day it's all again sunshine.
    I enjoyed your verse dear Pat,
    As they always brings a smile.
    Have a wonderful day today.
    But don't walk too many miles.


  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Got 'em all
    At my hall
    Riddles are fun
    Providing I solve every one

    1. Some can annoy
      If you can't solve their ploy


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