A Shoe For Me And You!

The cat doesn't wear the things. My feet don't need them as I have springs. If you stuck them on me I'd eat the laces though. Yeah, Pat has to hide any shoes at our show. Then he does wear them all day long. So I can eat them if he doesn't notice before long.

The Shoe Viewer is here.
They always like to cheer.
Not for their owns shoes,
Those are just old news.

Nope, they look at your feet.
They look like you have a treat.
The shoes are the best.
Forget the rest.

Could walk in your underwear.
They just don't care.
The shoes come first.
They have a shoe fetish thirst.

Maybe they drink out of a shoe.
That is something one could do.
It might be smelly though.
A cat can pee in them just so you know.

Nah, it wasn't me.
One did it at the other sea.
It's in that adult book.
Okay, back to it at my nook.

You could be holey.
Maybe dressed like a goalie.
Could be dressed as a clown,
Carrying a great big frown.

They don't care about it.
Not one little bit.
They want it known,
That shoes are never alone.

Look at your shoes.
They sure can't lose.
They are the best.
They pass every test.

Your shoes are dirty.
I'm not being flirty.
They are just bad.
You need some new ones at your pad.

The Shoe Viewer is near,
Run away in fear.
Take those running shoes and go.
Think they get a neck cramp from always looking low?

Every time some nut comes near Pat she always says the same thing wherever we are at. Same damn shoes too. But oh, those shoes are so blue. Pffft who cares what is on ones feet? Unless they are barefoot with zombie toes as they walk the street. Are you a Shoe Viewer with your neck craned down? Do you watch shoes all over town? I know some collect shoes in mass but no need to look at any on my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. one so much fun!

      Shoes I have many
      do you need any
      some have a zipper
      no glass slipper
      barefoot I prefer
      watch out for a spur

      now my rhyme is done!

    2. Look at you go
      #1 with the flow
      Got the shoes by the pile
      As they stretch a mile

  2. The amount of money I just spent on shoes for the kids is obscene. I told them to quit letting their feet grow. ;)

    Hi Trudessa. :)

    1. Good Morning Rosey, I am up early off to work I go! Have a nice day!

    2. haha that may be a bit out of their control though
      At least for a few more years or so

  3. My husband buys one pair of shoes every few years and wears them every single day until they fall apart. Drives me freakin' nuts! Every one in his office makes so much fun of him!

    1. lol I've had the same two pairs for 2 years or so now at my sea
      As long as they work, fine by me

  4. I always notice people's shoes!! Some shoes deserve more than one compliment especially if they are te perfect shade of blue. Lmao

    1. lmao but you are so short
      You can't do nothing but give a shoe report

  5. I don't care about shoes
    they don't make me happy or give me the blues
    maybe it's because I really hate feet
    seeing them is never a treat
    kinda like that picture of them you used to share
    the one that gave everyone such a scare
    never mind let's not talk about that
    you're an evil cat
    and you'll show it off to us
    so let's not make a fuss

    1. lol I'm sure it will show once more
      One day down the road at my shore
      Have to scare that old one eye shut
      Can't leave it in an open rut

  6. As long as my shoes are comfortable, I don't really care what they look like. Or what anyone else is wearing.
    However, I've always wondered how women can walk in those really high heels without falling off...

    1. lol yeah, that does take some kind of skill
      Whatever works sure is fine by our rhyming hill

    2. The real question is how did that woman in Jurassic World run in heels being chased by a dinosaur in rough terrain?

    3. Score one for the script that was written
      Heels could be smitten

  7. Shoes and shoos, hit the road
    Get in shape with the walking mode
    A dusty path, travel south
    Don't catch flies, shut your mouth
    New hiking shoes, ain't that a kick
    Hang on tight to your walking stick
    Walk back home in the loop
    Touch your toes as you stoop

    1. Depends on the hike
      Toes may go psych
      Can't reach me
      Sore as can be

  8. I rarely notice someone's shoes, unless they have an unusual look to them. Really colorful, really ragged, etc.

    1. Yeah, that is the only way
      Others look down there all day

  9. I'm too busy trying to spy
    Something in nature with my eye
    To shoot with my camera dear
    To look at shoes far or near

  10. A Shoe For Me And You!
    Right across colored blue
    Perhaps a holey
    Or may be dirty
    All depends haven't a clue


    1. No clue needed
      With what shoe is deeded

    2. as long as it doesn't have poo
      haha sorry I just had to...

    3. lol no poo indeed
      At any feed

  11. I do so love your verses Pat. A wonderful way to cheer me.

  12. I notice the ladies who wear the high heels
    and then always comment if I did so I would fall
    admire that they can do so and walk so well
    if I attempted to do so, it would not very pretty at all


    1. haha could get on Youtube that way
      Getting hits by the ton at your bay

  13. I do like to shop for shoes, but don't really care what others are wearing. I notice jewelry the most.

    1. Ah, so you're all about the bling
      More than any other thing

  14. Shoes
    For some odd reason
    I take pictures of me tying my shoes.
    No matter the season.
    Because, tight laces, my shoes I can't lose.

    1. They won't run away
      Holding on tightly at your bay
      Giving them your own funk
      Then they are sunk

  15. Shoes
    For some odd reason
    I take pictures of me tying my shoes.
    No matter the season.
    Because, tight laces, my shoes I can't lose.

  16. I can say some shoes are pretty...pretty damn stupid!
    I have seen women break their ankles trying to walk in those Come F me heels. I am one woman who always hated buying shoes but that is due to my sore feet. I rarely...rarely wear any high heel unless i am at a wedding. For everyday, I wear my hiking boots and, in the summer-sandals. I do spend money on them because they must be comfortable. If I wear regular sneakers or other shoes that are around my ankle, I am hurting too badly, they must be under or above for it to work.

    1. Damn, that stinks indeed
      But yeah, screw those high shoes at any feed
      I have to have some with a bar
      Or I won't get very far

  17. It's funny, the shoes can be gummy
    when someone like Orlin near by seen
    I'd prefer bare feet at warm climate to fit...

    1. Bare feet I can't do
      Or my body parts will unglue

  18. I don’t like shoes
    I will not wear
    It’s warm outside
    My feet are bare.

    VR Barkowski

    1. Bare and ready to go
      Just watch where you step, you know

  19. Shoes are a necessary evil. If I could get by wearing my comfy moccasin slippers all the time, I would. I never cared about shopping for shoes, or about having a huge collection of them. There was a time I owned a few pairs of drop-dead sexy high heels, but not any more. And my feet thank me.

    1. haha sure your feet are more happy now indeed
      With no balancing act at your feed

  20. Shoes are often hiden here cause we will yak in them!

    1. lol Orlin did that the other day
      Here at our bay

  21. I've never been a shoe collector. I know some who have several dozen pairs of them. I have to keep all mine up or the dog shreds them.

    1. Good reason to hide them all
      Cats will eat the laces at our hall

  22. No animals to abuse my shoes
    however I'm more of a sneaker freak
    our closet space is limited
    so no collection to peek (at)

    I'm not on my toes today. But your rhyme is A-OK

    1. Toes are up in the air
      With no shoes to spare

  23. I used to sit in the hallway before school started and look at all the shoes that went by. Thought it was interesting to see the different styles people wore each day.

  24. I used to have hundreds of shoes
    But not the case anymore
    Wore them very, very high
    Which make your feet too sore

    I tend to notice people's shoes
    But I'm not staring at the ground
    A quick once-over as they pass
    And then I look around

    1. lol a quickie with shoes
      Well how can you lose
      And that many, damn
      Were you known as the shoe ma'am

    2. Gave Imelda Marcos
      A run for her money
      Had them for all types of weather
      Snow, rain and sunny!

    3. Never have nothing to wear
      There at your lair

  25. I buy one pair of Nikes a year, that's all

  26. Give me warm boots in winter
    Converse in many a color
    Tevas in spring and summer
    A pair of Birks & I'm set!

  27. I like shoes of any kind.
    Heels, flats and sandals are mine.
    Plus flip flops.
    They are tops.


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