An Adventure Spree Just For Thee!

Why are you sitting there? You shouldn't be reading my lair. You should be out there jumping from upon high. But don't blame me if you die. What was that? Follow the cat.

You can't sit.
Not one bit.
Who cares about clothes.
Smell like where the cat goes.

Nothing matters.
Not food on platters.
Nope, not one thing.
Not even a fling.

You have to jump.
You have to hump.
You have to fly.
You have to try.

You can't sit.
I said that bit.
I'm such a twit.
Follow my fit?

Be adventurous at your sea.
Every day have such a spree.
Pffft no need for money.
Screw watching things that are funny.

Run with the cows.
Raise some eyebrows.
Fight with a snake.
Beat it with a rake.

Not just one day.
Every day it should be at play.
Adventure has to come.
Don't sit and be numb.

Jump from a bridge.
Climb a huge ridge.
Rob a bank.
Drive a tank.

Speed down the road,
In 225 mph mode.
Sail around the Earth.
Prove your worth.

Walk in the desert sands.
Be a mime and do hand stands.
Let the adventure flow,
Every single day at your show.

Pfffft adventure nuts can keep that. No need for me to smell like scat. Do you need adventure so big every single day? Know any like that at your bay? I know one or two and frankly, they have the brains of what I leave in the loo. I'll stay home with the singing bass. No need to be a daily adventurous little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. No copy and paste
      Post haste?

    2. Just typing with haste
      No copy and paste
      Woke up from a snore
      Rushed to your shore
      Just in time too
      Scooby Doo!

    3. Rushed to my shore
      Here to explore
      Up from a snore
      I interrupted the roar

    4. The Blue Couch Jockey did it again!

    5. Maybe take a stand
      All in working order at your land

  2. Don't tell my neighbors what they'll have to do...
    That would be worse than sniffing a shoe

  3. Just went for a run/it was a lot of fun/saw a lot of cats/they were all wearing kinky hats! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  4. An Adventure Spree Just For Thee!
    Claiming that they can run free
    Take a bite
    Not a fright
    Partake in a grand adventure rally


  5. My adventure days are done
    At least the scary traveling one
    Adventure finds me in my garden
    Step on a plant, say "beg your pardon"
    Adventure watching every bud
    Like bovine when she chews her cud
    Exciting berries, they burst forth
    Yummy juicy filled with mirth
    Dewy mornings fill the path
    Watching songbirds take a bath
    Buttetflies all flutter round
    Silently, don't make a sound
    This is adventure you can see
    Beauty and delight and me

    1. I can't seem to make it through a comment
      without a typo. Butterflies. Oh well, it's still
      dark outside. Maybe that has something to
      do with it. lol

    2. A dark of night
      Makes typos in sight
      Not sight to see
      Typos have glee
      Like butterflies they float
      Not sinking like a boat
      The path shows the way
      Blossoming each day
      What more can I say
      Garden away

    3. Cat, do you know about her Blue guy plant?

    4. She has a blue guy plant?
      Must have a slant

    5. That's what you'd think
      It smells great, doesn't stink

    6. Not one bit?
      But did it grow in umm shit

  6. Not all that adventurous, but I'd be happy to speed that fast.

  7. What fun to read, thanks Pat. great read.

  8. Living with 6 sisters is always an adventure!

  9. I have my moments
    Of being adventurous
    But I also like napping
    So very luxurious

    1. Napping works for the cat
      After running about where we are at

  10. I would much rather sit and enjoy. Life brings on adventures no mater what. Have a great day Pat.

  11. We recently had a run in with a snake on our patio. Nasty little bugger...def. not a welcome visitor.

    1. Didn't let the cat scare the bugger away?
      Sure that wouldn't have made the snakes day

    2. It was a poisonous snake. I am too chicken to let him go near anything, he only has one eye already, lol

    3. lol that is wise
      No need for poison making him blind in both eyes

  12. I ran all the way to church this morning because I was so late, so give me a break and let me sit down now. I deserve it

  13. "I pissed off the edge of the Wall, I slept in a sky cell, I fought with the hill tribes—so many adventures, so many to be thankful for." -Tyrion Lannister

    1. Can't top the first
      Quenching the wildings thirst

  14. I do like to sit
    maybe a bit more than I should
    but my running days I think are over
    but then I never really could


    1. Running sucks for me
      May bring the cat glee

  15. I hear, constantly, on the radio, that one must move and exercise or else you die. It has almost got me into tizzy since I often don't do a ton because I can't. Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom, made up salad and a roast and my pain was so bad I was in tears. I couldn't even dust which sucks. I hate this and all this fear that you better do this or that or else. I know a couple of people who are constantly on the move...I'm tired just thinking about them

    1. Yep, some say you must do this and that
      Those are sure full of scat
      Like people never sat before
      Pffft to such idiots at their shore

  16. I like an adventure every now and again, but sitting is nice most days. There's always so much to do, it's a rare luxury to actually get to do it though.

    1. Sitting I do many a time
      Have to pump out a daily rhyme

  17. An occasional adventure is fine by me,
    but the rest of the time I live quite simply. :)

  18. I am sometimes adventurous, but in reality adventures seem to find me whether I like it or not.

  19. I'm not adventurous at all. I think I'll just sit home and read a bit.

  20. i like this bit
    rob a bank and drive a tank

    if you have time just see my latest poem for kids

  21. We should each have an adventure every day
    otherwise it is just plain boring at one's bay!


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