Condo Or House? Rat Or Mouse?

The cat was having fun and arguing under our sun. Arguing with myself mostly. Hey, at least it was nothing ghostly. That would just scare. I don't need any ghosts at my lair.

Condo or House?
Rat or Mouse?
Mary Kirkland would pick both.
One just has more growth.

Solved the second one.
Wow, that was a fast run.
Now on to number one.
Which is more fun?

A house is fine.
Bigger and divine.
Bigger bills though.
And property taxes show.

More needed to fill.
Giving you another bill.
It can break and need fixing.
More money your bank account is nixing.

Have a lawn to mow.
Have to shovel crummy snow.
Upkeep by the ton.
But then you don't have to deal with everyone.

Condo you are off the ground.
No property taxes are found.
But condo fees pile up.
And you fill another's cup.

Still have to pay bills.
So have to open the tills.
Or rather the wallet.
Whatever you want to call it.

But can do nothing at all.
Just pay up at your hall.
No work to do.
Except when the condo association screws you.

The roof is busted.
It has rusted.
Everyone will pay for it.
We aren't paying that shit.

Apartment is easier to get out of.
Can move as simple as slapping on a glove.
House you have more room.
Condo you kinda own it and have no yard work doom.

Which is the best do you think? All depends where you are in life at your rink? Suppose what you want too. Condos seem like such a rip off at ones zoo. I think I'd take an apartment over those. Can leave an apartment no matter if it is busted or smells like a rose. Condo you still have to sell. A house can cost a ton for that door bell. Then I could go eat some green grass. I guess I never cleared much up with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Being #1
      Last day of the month
      Can be fun!


    2. On the last day
      Top of the fray

  2. I chose house because it has the biggest equity. My mom owns a condo and every month her bills go up because of something that needed repairing on someone else's home. That would annoy me!

    1. Yep, that would annoy the hell out of me
      Who needs that crap at their sea

  3. We are in our 50's and I'm so tired of the maintenance on this big house. As soon as my youngest son leaves for college, the For Sale sign is goin' up in the front yard and we are renting and livin' the easy life. Maybe we will even get an extra bedroom so the kids can visit. HAHAHA

    1. hahaha bah, they can sleep on the floor
      No maintenance is nice at any shore

  4. I'm really glad we have a house. Hate mowing the lawn, but it's all ours, we can do whatever to it, and I can jam on my guitars as loud as I want to.

    1. Yep, that is a main attraction indeed
      Whatever you want without nuts banging on the wall, etc. can take seed

  5. I love my earth and gardening too
    What I plant, neighbors can't say boo
    If I want to dig a hole to China
    That special right is all mine-ah
    My pets can roam outside with ease
    Life goes on just like a breeze
    To condo living I say "no"
    Even if there's grass to mow

    1. haa a much better way
      As the pets get to play
      Wonder how far you could dig
      Before you need some rig
      Still you may not get too deep
      So maybe only to Timbuktu you'll creep

  6. If I were single, I'd choose a detached condo. I don't like apartments because you rarely get outdoor space.

    1. Yeah, apartments have very little of that.
      Condo fees though sure make ones wallet less fat

  7. We right now have a house... but I am open to a condo. I am really looking to downsize.

    1. Smaller is easier to keep up
      And won't suffer an expensive hiccup

  8. I do like having a yard even if I have to mow the grass. The animals sure do enjoy the outdoors and so do I.

    1. The cats would go nuts with no yard at your sea
      And not even a tree

  9. Like a house, gives you a bit more privacy
    though it comes with its usual perks and chores
    but then it keeps you busy
    so you don't end up being bored


  10. A house for me any old day
    But I've noticed at my bay
    Condos going up everywhere
    Cuz most folks want no yard requiring care

    1. Yep, they are going up on the fly
      People sure want to live high

  11. You need so much money
    For a house - it ain't funny
    Plus I don't want the headache
    of repairs after an earthquake
    or ever
    I'll rent apartments forever.

    1. lol earthquakes sure suck
      Back up the repair truck
      Glad none are here
      Or anywhere near

  12. We live in a house you know.
    I know a house has a lot of work but love this house.
    Depends of your life style. Anyway you have to think in yours cats !

    1. Have to think about the cats indeed
      As they'd run around at high speed

  13. I prefer apartment living, especially after seeing all the b.s. my sister has to deal with in owning a house!

    1. That can deter anyone
      Like at the other sea $6000 for a new roof isn't fun

  14. I've got a bud who lives in a condo that houses a lot of senior citizens and the association doesn't clean the ice off the sidewalks in winter. And I'm not certain about the parking area. Can you believe it?

    1. That is stupid as can be
      Do they pay them a condo fee?

  15. I'm not sure we would like living in a condo.

    1. Could get cramped with the sisters with that
      Maybe fine for an only cat

  16. How about a townhouse? I don't think there are condo fees there. If you're a handy man, a house is the better deal, I think. But you have to be okay with doing repairs yourself, or have enough money to hire someone else to do them.

    1. Yeah, if you are rich you don't care
      Can always hire someone to repair

  17. I'm happy with the house size we have. It's just right, especially after the "boys" left the nest. Prices for apartments seem out of sight and we like our cars in a garage. A lot depends on the stages of life.

    1. Apartments do cost a ton
      Stages change for everyone

  18. I own a home
    and I can call it my own
    but if it were not for my hubby doing all the work
    I'd have sold it since my body fails me, like a jerk.
    who knows what the future will bring.
    Today I enjoy my home and feel like a king

    1. Good he can do the work
      That is a perk
      Saves on dough
      But that you know

  19. Finally, after living in this house, even though empty nest happened long ago, we are moving. No yard, no pool, just a nice place for two seniors to live out our days, until, well, until...

    1. Until nothing fun
      Hopefully lots of days in the sun

  20. orlin N cassie....

    if peeplz were mor like cats N free loaded....hold that we think bout thiz....this trane oh thought just came two a halt....


    1. Good to end it there
      As already have freeloader humans to spare

  21. A condo OR a house sure sounds nice,
    for now, tiny city apartments must suffice :(
    But I do like the upbeat vibe of a condo,
    though the thought of my own house makes me quite excite-o!

    1. lol excite-o you say
      I guess you better get one one day

  22. Ah Pat in the Hatt,
    A crazy cat
    Condom or spouse
    Oops, condo or house
    Apartment or flat
    Is where it's at
    Lower the dog three floors
    She just adores
    Her little harness
    With flowing finesse...

    Gary, Gary, nary contrary....

    1. A lower down
      Gets to see town
      Then go on it
      A sure fire hit

  23. It depends on the person and where you are in life.
    Right now I'm liking the house as it gives me no strife. haha.

    1. As long as nothing breaks away
      can lead to a none strife filled day

  24. Read this just before going to bed, great poem to read to end the day.

  25. Condo or house - I would say a house
    but, I rather not have one with a mouse

  26. Our first home was a condo. Never again. I will never live in attached housing again. The neighbors on either side were just pure hell to live next to. Took a huge hit when we sold it, but was so happy when the new owners took it off our hands.

    1. That is sure a crappy part of it
      When neighbors are complete shit

  27. We almost got a condo but decided against it

  28. I have a condo and it fits me just fine
    monthly maintenance isn't that bad
    and I'd rather have equity than live
    in an apartment which seems like
    throwing money away to me!

    1. True, equity is there
      With apartments you get no share

  29. After growing up in a house
    Moved to an apartment with rent
    But no equity builds up
    Tossing money out the vent

    I like condo life
    Suits me at this point in time
    Who knows about the future
    May sail the world on a dime

    I certainly pay property taxes. Does NS not have property taxes for condos? Strange.

    1. haha sailing the world would be fun
      As long as you didn't end up anywhere needing to run
      Nope, none that I know of at our sea
      At least that is what was told to me


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