Don't Play Dumb, Share Your Blog's Income!

The cat saw this on a list the other day. Things one should tell at their bay. Yep, Blog Income was on such a list. Wait? Is there something I missed?

Blog income for all.
How much at your hall?
Come and tell me the income.
Can it buy some chewing gum?

The cat finds that icky.
It can get rather sticky.
Like a spring fling?
Hmm, could make an income spring.

Sell yourself.
Or a magic elf.
Santa may get merry.
Okay, this is scary.

No income from that.
Maybe sell the fur of the cat?
I could help bald people out.
Then George won't shout.

That go over one's head?
With hair might catch what is said.
Can hair catch words?
Bah, tell it to the birds.

Another bust.
Bald people you can't trust.
They shine you in the eyes,
Making you think they are wise.

What was that?
Income we're we are at?
Will I be your hero,
If I said a big fat zero?

I fat shamed zero today.
Do you think it will sue my bay?
It isn't a number anyway.
Or so some say.

Blog = income?
Wow, and then some.
My rhymes can make a buck?
Yeah, if I back up the truck.

Look at the ads everywhere.
Stop, sit and stare.
Click on each one too.
Whoopsy, no ads in view.

Do you make blog income at your sea? Ready to listen to such a nut and tell how much to me? Pfft who says that? Maybe if you have zero, zip, nadda, zilch like the cat. Then who really cares. Hey, at least I got my TMI shares. I can still pull them out of the grass. There is plenty to share about my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Is it a Bora mat?
      Does it come with a hat?

    2. Nope and nope
      Maybe it's a dope

    3. A bora mat
      does it say welcome
      from the rhyming cat

    4. Says go away
      Come again another day

  2. Share?
    Like splitting a hair?
    Zero divided by two?
    How much is that at my shoe?

  3. Don't Play Dumb, Share Your Blog's Income!
    Putting on ads will make the returns plum
    Rhymes help the show
    It will make it glow
    Try out the bargains and build up the sums


    1. Bargain away
      With an ad display
      Then all shall run
      Bargains be done

  4. I'm not interested in making 2 cents a week, but more power to those that are, I guess.

    1. Yeah, let them go to it
      Maybe 10 cents a week they'll hit

  5. Money is not everything in this life, compassion and interest in other people are. Good verse Pat.

    1. Money is not everything indeed
      But sure helps at ones feed

  6. Money from blogging you say?/Someone's taken mine and run away/Not even ads pay much around here/Not that I have any,too much hassle I hear! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Yep, hassle they are
      Toss them on some shooting star

  7. No money here from a blog
    I walk around in a fog
    For those who live by blog alone
    I say congrats, what a bone

    1. Those that do
      Have quite a few
      Their own blog farm
      Never raising an alarm

  8. After many years we're finally doing okay, although some of our pals have been pretty critical of us as sell outs. Hey, cat rescue can be expensive.

    1. Hey, the ends justify the means
      Helping cats at many scenes

  9. In light of full disclosure: I make less than I want, but I'm grateful for what I earn. Now the world knows. :)

    1. haha I knew you made some at your sea
      Every little bit helps the money tree

  10. No money being made at our blog to speak of. We do get a little bit and that is good. I don't think blogging will make a living for anyone though.

    1. Nope, not unless you cheat
      And do 500 blogs at your street

  11. money for writing? What's that?

  12. Never made a dime on my blog
    don't like to advertise as such
    rather be poor than make a penny or two
    if people are making money, I'd too be curious how much


    1. Yeah, advertising and such
      Pffft to even a touch

  13. Not a penny, costs me just to blog, poor as a church mouse!

  14. I don't make a dime or even a nickel
    If I relied on my blog, I'd be in a pickle

  15. a blog is good one
    if it can earn a chewing gum,

  16. I make no income at my blog!
    If someone wants income, they should get a JOB.

  17. ha no income from my blog
    and I have no jumping frog
    in fact I don't like to jog
    especially in some smog
    though I may walk in a fog
    searching for a cranberry bog
    I saw a toad sitting on a log
    sipping some creamy eggnog

    1. A walk or a jog
      Beats jumping like a frog
      But yeah, screw the jog
      Blah also to eggnog lol

    2. haha - let the toad eat the eggnog
      that stuff is loaded with calories

    3. Good to avoid that
      No need to get fat

  18. I only make a small amount of cash each week, though I get a lot of offers from people wanting sidebar ads and banners on the blog. No thanks. I try to keep it as ad free as I can, only peddling items I truly love now and again.

    1. A good way to be
      I've gotten a few of those side bar offers at my sea

  19. People are SOL when it comes to my blog. I don't try to make any money on it. It just started out to help me know what I was and wasn't doing in my sickness. Now it has become a PITA.

  20. Did the google ads for a while
    Didn't pay enough to go a mile. haha.

    1. Maybe a foot, if that
      Pays pretty much scat

  21. Guess it depends why one blogs
    To stay afloat or balance on a log
    I think it really clutters the look
    But each to their own at their nook


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