Down Memory Lane With Your Brain!

The cat will work your brain today. I am going to make thoughts pop in at your bay. I wonder what will pop? Will they pop non stop? Is this a Pringle ad? Nah, but the cans make good cat waste holders at any pad.

Be prepared today.
Your brain will play.
It will take you back.
Don't have a heart attack.

The last time you stubbed your toe.
Was it a lethal blow?
When did you last sing?
Did wildlife around you it bring?

What about your last travel?
Did it completely unravel?
The last time you spit something out.
Do you remember what it was about?

The last time you played a game?
I hope that it wasn't lame.
The last show you saw?
Easy one from my rhyming paw.

The last time you walked to work?
Is work and walking a perk?
The last time you took a bus?
Those things really make me fuss.

The last time you almost died?
Had some close calls with the tide.
The last time germs got you?
I hope nothing nasty came due.

The last time you got caught in the rain?
Is your brain facing pain?
The last time I confused you?
Yeah, yesterday at my zoo.

The last time you fell?
Down the stairs can be hell.
The last time you spoke?
Hey, could be a mute bloke.

The last time you got a gift?
Did your spirits lift?
The last time you had gas?
Hmmm, yeah take a pass.

The last time you stepped in something?
Was it something fit for a king?
The last time anyone asked you this?
Did your brain just hiss?

The cat wants to keep you all spry. I have to keep memories in the mind's eye. Is there such an eye? Beats me, used it on the fly. Any good memories come back? Any you wish to toss at your shack? The cat will bring back good and bad. A fun rhyme is just had. Now I will go bug Cass. I have to give her memories of my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Well, what do you know...
    It's The Kitty Cat Show!
    Still fighting with a snake?
    No? How long did it take?
    Hey, it's Monday...
    Such a fun day!
    So I've come to play
    Did Hank beat me to it?
    Did someone just blew it?
    Did he try a bit?
    Where's True?
    At her Shoe?
    Many questions from The Goo
    And Scooby Blue

    Grrrrrrreat post!
    From coast to coast!

    1. Here I am Blue
      it is I True...

      It's Monday
      not a fun day!

    2. Hank's on the road
      On a hit and run mode!
      How true, True
      It's Monday blues, Blue!


    3. Hit and run?
      Shouldn't admit that to anyone lol

      Monday's can suck
      But gotta make a buck
      Or maybe three
      If it suits thee

      Snakes not here
      Gone I fear
      Maybe some will play
      Yipppeee for me today

    4. Well, whaddayaknow...
      Everyone's here at the kitty cat show
      Hello, True,
      How are you?
      Monday's not a fun day
      You mean... at your bay?
      Say it ain't so
      At the True Blue show
      The one and only Poetry Tank
      Did you say hit and run?
      Does that rhyme with fun?
      Maybe bun?
      A flying nun?
      There can only be one?
      Don't get stuck on that road
      Like a blue toad
      Wait, you're never blue
      Did you find my shoe?
      How's that furry mat?
      Snakes on a plane?
      Snow or rain?
      Hump or death?
      Are you out of breath? :p
      Hump out of breath
      Or death out of breath?
      Well, I guess I should know
      At the humping neighbors show!

      Grrrrrrreat post at your hill!
      From bill to bill and coast to coast!

    5. Rain beats snow
      But that you know
      Humping beats death
      Even when out of breath
      Take humping to death
      Whether named Kate or Beth
      Beth Cooper maybe?
      Get that one from me?
      But wait, the cat is snip snip
      Pat will have to take that trip
      Snakes on a plane?
      Failed, so none on a train
      That's just too bad
      No more snakes were had
      Kangaroo still got the shoe
      Drooly after a little chew
      There can be only one?
      How came 4 were done?
      And a show too
      Two didn't have a clue
      Worst piece of crap
      Blow it off the map
      Hank hit a flying nun?
      Damn, he better run
      Ohhhhh he made her fly?
      What a swell guy
      Gave her what she wanted
      With his car he taunted
      Then gave her a nudge
      She sure did budge
      Hopefully she's not a smudge
      Looking something like fudge
      I wonder how far she flew?
      It's to hell for my zoo
      Bah, go out humping
      Beats going out dumping
      Who'd want to die on the loo?
      Bill to Bill is just ewwww
      That would be more boooooo
      So not true

    6. Snakes on a Plane... the reboot
      Would that make you hoot
      Or eat your own boot?
      Maybe it's time for a kangaroo snack
      I might get that blue shoe back
      I'm not sure Hanl hit a nun
      Maybe hit on one to have some fun :p
      Maybe not, hell, how should I know
      Do I look like a blue spy at your show?
      That lawyer died on the Loo
      When he visited the dino zoo
      Should've farted real good to scare that dino thing
      All he wanted was a bit of kaching!

    7. Meh, if they reboot that
      They have really fallen flat
      Hank hit on a nun?
      How was that spun
      Spying on all you are
      In your Prius decked out car
      With one whole shoe
      His death was Jurassic too
      Should have take to heart
      A good long fart

    8. Never had it so good
      This seemed like fun
      Made Hank change his mood
      To say hello to a nun
      Pat's on the ball
      Blue's having a good run
      But Suza's not here at all
      More the merrier for this one


    9. A new mood change
      Even if a little strange
      With the flying none
      Guess Suza's off having fun
      Or creating her blog
      On the ball and not in a bog

  2. What about my last bill
    Did it make me ill?
    What about your last meal
    How did you feel?

    1. Not sure if it made you feel ill
      I'm betting it fit the bill
      Get it at your sea?
      Did I confuse thee?
      Last one gave me a bit of gas
      Ate too much broccoli mass lol

    2. Well, it made me sick
      Like a chick on a stick
      Wait.... delete delete
      Toes are different from feet
      See, I'm all confused and messed up
      Could do with a cup
      Not an empty cup
      Or a little cup
      Gas still beats a Prius, you know
      Gotta go!

    3. Confused and abused
      Poor toes aren't amused
      A Prius you could sell
      That may be swell

    4. Enough fools who'd pay for that thing
      I'd rather stare at my own ding-a-ling

    5. haha fools a plenty
      can stare at it with vision 20/20

  3. What about when your child says, I promise, I won't do that again. It's the last time, he chimes, but it's not. 😁

    1. lol nope, not the last time
      Sure re-commits the crime

  4. I've never walked to work.
    And played a game just last night with my wife.

    1. Were you the winner?
      Or both winner at umm dinner?

  5. ha - I just wrote a long comment and went to preview
    and it disappeared. I'll take that as a sign to keep it short.

    You confuse me often is all I'll say!

    1. I guess blogger wanted you to be quiet
      Maybe you should riot
      Confusing is fun
      I like to do it to everyone

    2. "The Confusing Cat"
      By True Blue on het mat...

      Might be a hit too
      Like Scooby Doo

    3. Het mat?
      A new kind where you're at

    4. Het is the new her
      Giving everything a stir

    5. All PC are you
      With het coming due

    6. Haha "The Confusing Cat" I am going to use that and write a snarky poem.. Haha

  6. The bug hit my windshield ker-splat
    The guts would have covered a mat
    No longer doubt, it's the last time for that
    Without guts he won't be very fat

  7. Down Memory Lane With Your Brain!
    Lots to remember makes one insane
    But receiving gifts
    Will give one a lift
    No brainer in remembering the names


    1. Can give the spirit a lift
      Or make you run swift
      Depending the gift
      Same may fill or cause a rift

  8. don't have to go far
    to relive a trip
    I look down at my toe
    a surgery boot grip

    Have a great week

  9. I would much rather give gifts than receive them. Much more fun.

  10. I would stub my toe any day
    If it got wildlife to pose at my bay!!!

    1. Your toe may not like that
      But great shots you'd get where you're at

  11. Too much to think about way to early in the day
    but did just this weekend play
    a game or two of tic-tac-toe
    and won several of them in a row


    1. That they'd call a streak
      There at your tic tac toe winning creek

  12. I could answer all those Q's.
    But you don't really want the answers, do you? lol...

    1. lol well you never know
      The cat would be amused at his show

  13. Sadly, I doubt I ever walked to work
    Never viewed it as a perk
    I'm lazy and would rather watch Miley twerk
    That's truly bad - much exercise could've been had.

    1. lol that is rather bad
      Watching Miley twerk can drive one mad

  14. Thinking of the past which really goes by fast.
    I try to remember the good things and not the bad.
    Like the roses my sons sent for Mother's Day
    Which perked me up for they live so far away.
    To mention all the others would take way too much time.
    My story is waiting for me to make fine.
    Have a great week.

    1. Hopefully fine it will be made
      And yep, those are the memories that never fade

  15. It was interesting to read your words!

  16. I would have walked to work but unfortunately cars frown upon people walking on the highway during rush hour. Which is funny, considering I'd probably be walking just as fast as they were driving.

    1. Yep, you'd be walking on by
      And the drivers would give you the evil eye

    2. lol that is amusing as some days the highway looks more like a parking lot and they will give you a ticket for walking on the highway here..or squash you may go when traffic is moving fast...

    3. Thankfully none of that here
      Unless construction is near

  17. Are you still eating those Pringle or are you just using then for the cans? Lol I remember getting lots of germs this morning from slicing my finger on a dirty, nasty staple. Stupid dry cleaning tags... hey that brings back even more memories. Lol!!!!!

    1. lol haven't touched pringles in years at my sea
      Cashew jars are used for the cat poo and pee lol
      Geez, those staples are so bad
      Gonna get hepatitis now at your pad hahaha

  18. I'm thinking back to last month's memories. My butt numb in the chair and my brain in a twist from AtoZ.

    1. lol need to be on the move
      To get out of that groove

  19. I remember well the last time I fell.
    ’Twas on the ice and not very nice.
    Off to the hospital I was freighted
    to fix the shoulder I dislocated.

    VR Barkowski

  20. A Pringles can with cat waste?
    Be careful not to make the slip.
    Of jamming your hand inside in haste.
    And...WHOA...that ain't no chip.

    1. They stay near the litter
      So no hand to make me bitter

  21. A Pringles can with cat waste?
    Be careful not to make the slip.
    Of jamming your hand inside in haste.
    And...WHOA...that ain't no chip.

  22. You made me laugh today because this past weekend, I went on a trip, stepped on a broken sidewalk, fell, turned my ankle, broke ribs, rode a bus, went to the hospital. LOL It hurts to laugh.

    1. You must be a wreck! Poor girl!

    2. Ouch to that in every way
      Surely wasn't a good trip at your bay
      At least a laugh came due
      Hopefully you heal fast at your zoo

  23. I have done the same as Susan Gourley/Kelly, but over an extended amount of time. It was awful.

  24. Some things we want to forget. Like that time I was 8 months pregnant, lost my step, and went down. I'm not a gymnast, but I managed to do a forward roll. Not hurt a bit. First and only time I've done that.

    1. Damn, good you go the roll
      And were able to stroll

  25. With all those, I had good and bad memories alike!

  26. Walking and busses are a big pain,
    Find a good job and a car you will gain. :)

    1. The trick is to find one
      That is good under any sun

  27. orlin N cassie......if de food servizz gurl had ta walk ta werk... her could all sew call in....dead....knot just sick....but dead... coz her hasta crozz two major high wayz ta get ther !!! ~~~~~~♥♥♥

    1. Yeah, wise not to walk then
      There at your den

  28. Well, I can definitely remember the movie since that was yesterday:)
    Have a good one, Pat;)

    1. haha easy as can be
      To remember then at your sea

  29. Couldn't walk today even if I wanted to nor can I drive. Layed here all day with not much to say. By the way....did you ever get my card I sent quite a while ago?? Hope you did:)

    1. That does suck a ton
      Been there under my sun
      By too stubborn to give in
      So now I can give walking a spin
      Yep, got it indeed
      Well done indeed at your feed

  30. Hey, I've been know to step in it a time or two myself!

  31. I must have a great memory, as I could answer just about all of those (toe stubbing was a hard one).

  32. Yesterday, got caught in the rain & hail ~ But walked and went to the gym ~ Enjoy your week Pat ~

    1. Got a little wet
      But still got in that set

  33. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  34. You definitely had me walking down memory lane. Though, some of these I'd rather not remember, like a stubbed tow or spitting out nasty food.

    1. Yea, some are a bit yuck
      But I'd pass the buck

  35. Oh, it did make me visit memory lane. Made me think about those memories. Big and small events have definitely left marks in our minds. Whether it be monumental or something really ordinary. Like bumping your toe. :P

    1. Just a little thing
      Can a memory surely bring

  36. Lots of questions
    Many answers to come
    Will get to it later
    When my brain is not numb

    1. A numb brain
      New blog a pain? lol

    2. Ha! Not started yet
      Doing a bit of exploring
      One day I'll get there
      Hope it's not boring

    3. haha slow and steady
      Come when ready

  37. it only hits like bricks
    the brain only plays tricks


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