Eyeing You Up Like A Butt To A Pup!

That was quite the comparison there but I know you don't care at your lair. No but to the butts especially from mutts. Anyway, get your eyes ready as the rhyme comes steady.

The path I pave,
Is something you have.
This fun has been done,
But for a while it was gone.

Can it bring you dough?
Maybe if money you can cough.
That would be grand in your hood.
Money coming up like food.

Do you want it coming up again?
Money might taste plain.
Could you do it every hour?
That would be quite the tour.

It would be a strange brew.
Might be hard to sew.
But can beat the heat.
That has to be great.

Just don't yell at the cook.
Then you'd be a mook.
Might end up in a tomb.
Don't forget a comb.

Hey, spittle could sink lower.
So enjoy the money tower.
Throw a dog a bone.
Could be the one.

Watch him run to and fro.
At least it's something to do.
No need for a magic wand.
Isn't that just grand?

He may chew a doll,
Or pay your toll.
Please you he shall.
Unless you trip and fall.

Then you may get a wart,
Or smell a stinky fart.
That may get a swear word.
After a pull of the rip cord.

Give him a cork.
Not sure it would work.
But he is your ward.
Send the mutt a nice card.

Did you catch on to me? Have your eyes adjusted to my sea? From spitting up money to a mutt that sniffs butts when sunny. The cat just went with it. Are you still thinking something like, what the shit? Eye rhymes can cause sass, but every once in a while they have to be done by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Eye rhymes are cool
    But the brain is expecting
    True rhymes to come due
    Instead of deflecting

    1. Screwing with the brain
      I like that at my lane

  2. Look an eye rhyme in the face
    Is it covered with fancy lace
    Does it look like it should rhyme
    Not in English, take your time

    1. Maybe if you spit and sputter
      A real rhyme you might utter

  3. I like whiffing windows more than whiffing butts!

  4. You have a most wonderful day Pat, and all the cats too.

  5. Spitting up money
    after bread and honey

    butt watchers are everywhere
    so one better beware! haha

    1. That they must
      Butt watchers you can't trust

  6. Eye rhymes....you keep broadening my horizons:)
    Enjoy the day;)

  7. Easy on the eye but rough on the tongue!
    It just doesn't want to go there and stumbles a ton!

    1. Yep, screws up every time
      As it sure doesn't for the tongue rhyme

  8. I caught on to it fast
    When I noticed the different rhyme
    Nice to see something different
    But too confusing, don't do all the time


    1. Yeah, would sure hurt the head
      If every day was put to bed

  9. Great to read this Sunday morning.

  10. Doll and toll messed with my brain
    Not much thinking on Sunday- thought drain

  11. A dog fart is what I experience every evening...in fact our Wallace is one farting machine. I'm surprised the paint is still on the walls

    1. lol let you know he's there
      With a farting affair

  12. I stumbled on most of them. Too much sun for me today, I believe :)

  13. Eyeing You Up Like A Butt To A Pup!
    Eye rhymes sound too tough to cough
    Tough as a bone
    Not easily done
    Just as well being good for a laugh


    1. A laugh is what they are for
      As you try and explore

  14. This is a very clever post!
    English is a very strange language indeed.


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