The I Don't Know Assumes As You Go!

The cat sees it here and there and has even bought into at his lair. Sometimes we just assume that one is right or wrong and life moves along.

I don't know,
So you are right.
Look at your glow,
Your idea has bite.

I don't know,
So you are wrong.
You are now a foe,
We can't get along.

The I don't know,
Sure has a flow.
Can create a foe,
Which ever way the wind may blow.

A friend too,
If the wind blows the right way.
Oh what can come due,
If I went to the gutter to play.

Anyway, assume that or this.
I assume Betsy will find that wrong.
I'm right with my wrong hiss?
Care to just sing along?

I don't know.
But he does know.
So now I know.
In the know I go.

I know I cheated.
But I don't care.
I can't be defeated.
Here is some cat hair.

I assume you know,
That it can't be done.
No cat hair through screens will show,
I said it just for fun.

But now you know.
Now you can see.
Or away you can go,
Disappointed you'll get no cat hair from me.

Do you go right or wrong,
When the I don't know shows?
Are you one to play along,
Or stick up your nose?

Assuming one is right is never a good thing, doesn't matter who they are at your wing. Agreeing or disagreeing just because will make your brain end up full of fuzz. It may be better not to know if they are full of crap. So we should assume not to fall in any trap. Now I will go assume I have gas and pass it out my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. The I Don't Know Assumes As You Go!
    Not helping if anybody wants to know
    Make an attempt
    Do throw a scent
    Strengthen power of good info flow!


    1. Need the right info
      Don't have it, better not to know

  2. Man, astute commentary on what's going on. As always, awesome stuff, Pat.

    1. The cat digs on in
      Sometimes for an astute win

  3. As always, just don't say anything...

  4. Seriously, there are lots of things I don't know!

  5. Assume you grow bolder
    As you get older
    You go hug a tree
    Assume that from me
    Assume it's tomorrow when it's only today
    Go set your clock by the sun's delicate ray

    1. That may be bright
      sun burn in the light
      Plus hugging a tree
      Assume not from me

  6. Yup, I've got in laws who always assume we are wrong here. And that includes not listening to advice about a topic when the person giving it does that for a living!

    1. That must be a pain in the butt
      Especially when one does it for a living and still gets a no way rut

  7. when you assume you make an ASS out U and ME

  8. I totally agree with Adam. That is one of my favorite sayings..

  9. I always have to have the facts
    when talking about something to the man here
    otherwise he tends to think I am wrong
    and even then he tends to thing I am not sincere


    1. haha have to get the facts in order
      Or he'll think your outside the right border

  10. Assumptions never turn out well, although I will admit that I'm guilty of assuming quite often. As the saying goes "Assumptions will make an an ass out of you". LOL

    1. lol that they will
      I try to steer clear at our hill

  11. Mouth shut is often a win. ( besides I know I'm right!)

  12. Let's assume my glass is empty,
    pour me another glass of confetti,
    until my blues are pink,
    and my shit no longer stinks.

    (ok, so I'm a little out of practice!)

    1. The later may be wishful thinking
      Kinda like never blinking haha

  13. I don't know/didn't see it/search me, guv/might have missed it! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  14. I don't assume anything these days. You just never know.

  15. I always assume I'm wrong, but that's just me being modest.

  16. "I don't know" is the easiest answer! Saves thinking, that is for sure.

    1. Yep, saves time
      And beats acting like a mime

  17. I am on the some instances it is good to shrug your shoulders and play that card. This way you don't get involved but on the other hand, if you don't take a stand, you will live the fact that you could have made a difference and that you compromised your beliefs so as not to get involved.

    1. That is true sometimes too
      Have to stand up for yourself when some crap comes due

  18. I have plenty of cat hair at my pad.
    I don't consider it really bad.
    I know this has little to do with what you said.
    I think it's time for me to go to bed.

    1. haha hope you had a good nap
      Cat hair doesn't bother this chap

  19. I mostly pretend I don't know anything. Saves many arguments around here.

  20. I know a lot
    But not e everything
    Oh wait, yes I do
    For I am the King!

  21. It's This or That, cat.
    But I assume you knew that. hahaha....

    1. lol backwards is fun
      To annoy you with its run


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