Today We Loom In The Bedroom!

The cat was arguing the other day, having fun with it at my bay, that electronics should be kept out of the bedroom. I guess we just live in a mushroom. Or the cat is as weird as can be. But the later you knew from me.

Can't have that.
Need every stat.
Need to be involved with all.
Can't have it in the hall.

That is insane.
Go jump a train.
I may have a pain.
Facebook comments need to rain.

What if the world goes boom?
I have to know about that doom.
I need a 70 inch TV to see it.
I want to be able to view every bit.

I might get bored too.
Why not a console in view?
Let's have 2 or 3.
But I don't want to get up to play Wii.

We can lie in bed.
Rest our head,
With a phone stuck to it.
Only move when we need to shit.

Makes everything easy,
It is ever so pleasy.
Open a window to make it breezy.
Can even watch things deemed sleazy.

Forget about sleeping, talking or sex.
Nope, look at those TV specs.
They are just right.
I can watch it all night.

Oh, my phone rang.
They want to hang.
I can't do that.
This is where it's at.

Texting is best.
No need to be a guest.
Digital is the way.
Can lie there all day.

So don't be crazy.
I'm not lazy.
With my 70 inch TV and phone,
I'll never be in the bedroom alone.

Have electronics up the ying yang in your place? The cat makes it an electronic free space. I can walk ten feet into the other room. Getting up won't bring me doom. I suppose there is a fan and a clock though. Does that count at my show? To each their own with such a pass, but we'll keep it electronic free for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I try to keep it electronic free
    Better for sleep say experts with glee
    But if sleep eludes me for too long
    I'll watch some TV, who cares if it's wrong

    1. A little watch has to be done
      If counting ship doesn't help sleep run

  2. My husband loves his electronics but I keep them limited. I don't want my daughter growing up brainless!

    1. Yeah, relying on them all the time
      Sure won't leave one in their prime

  3. The movie Her will be the real deal
    no need to hug, kiss, or feel
    just chit chat with a machine
    the real woman of your dreams!

    1. No thank you
      But at least you could turn her off if she starts to stew lol

  4. No TV or phone in our bedroom
    Even the sewing machine has a new spot to zoom
    No computer, no bikes, no gardening tools
    You'd think that might help us sleep like fools
    But no siree, Zzzs are hard to come by
    So some nights just stare into the dark as we lie

    1. That would be annoying
      As sleep starts toying
      Not letting one drift
      Slow or swift

  5. Cat is smart
    Like a dart
    Zings in like a nar
    He finds his mark
    Electronics are so very handy
    In the bedroom, not so dandy

    1. Yeah, not so much
      I'm sure some uses them to umm touch
      Then they may fine them dandy too
      We won't go there at my zoo lol

  6. I have all the absolutely necessary electronics but they are a pain. Every time you turn around, it is time to charge something.

    1. Yeah, that is a pain in the butt
      Always on the recharge at ones hut

  7. Guilty. My iPad and phone do sit on the nightstand. Actually, really guilty - we have a sixty-inch television in our bedroom. (In my defense, my wife didn't want to get rid of it and it was the only room available...)

    1. Well when you run out of room
      I guess in the bedroom it shall loom lol

  8. No TV or cell phone in our bedroom.
    Not having them will not cause doom.
    People need to unplug
    and sleep like a slug.
    Don't need that crap
    when you take a nap.

    1. That is surely true
      Nothing needed to view
      Curl up and sleep
      Without a peep

  9. My dog says the cat needs to chill. The laptop only has to fall on the floor one time and no electronics on the bed. lol

    1. lol that sure is true
      The cats have knocked it off too

  10. tv in the bedroom here
    we do turn it off(wink, wink), no fear
    no tv in the kitchen/dining, that's my thing
    plenty of conversing, no telephone ring

    happy Friday - hope it's a good weekend

    1. A room with none
      And still get in the fun
      With perks

  11. No TV in the bedroom here. I did cave and allowed my kids to have one.

    1. Each had their own?
      That must make quite the tone

  12. Yes TV in the bedroom here
    but I don't watch it much
    rather try to get some sleep
    and do other things as such


    1. A better way to be
      As sleep is needed at any sea

  13. I got a new house, and I'm going to see how long my wife will let me keep the bedroom low-key on electronics

    1. Congrats on the new place
      So she's the one with the electronic embrace

  14. Today We Loom In The Bedroom!
    House rules to avoid the gloom
    No electronics
    Making each other sick
    Can expect then love to bloom


  15. We have a tv and bluray player in the bedroom. We'd have the bluray in the livingroom, but that TV is not compatible.

    1. That is a pain
      Gotta love no backwards compatibility at any lane

  16. No TV in my bedroom, but that's where I keep my computer.

    1. Can use that as one too
      But no internet at your zoo?

    2. Right. So the computer at home doesn't get a lot of use.

    3. Just sits there
      With a glare

  17. My rhyming ass prefers no electronics in the bedroom, as well. We have a TV in there, but we have NEVER turned it on. It's just something else to dust.

    1. At least the dust has fun
      Until you make a dusting run

  18. We need an electronics-free zone here!

  19. Don't even have a TV in our bedroom, prefer to keep electronics out if possible.

  20. I only have one TV, and it's in the den.
    I turn it on to watch the weather and then
    it's back to the computer or reading a book.

    1. Computer has much
      As one can reach out and touch

  21. orlin N cassie....therz knot a whole lot oh electronix round heer coz eye like ta chew cordz.... { tuna } plus de food serviss gurl getted fed up with de bull$#it on tee & vee, cancelled cable, her got rid oh de what cha call it box that played free tee vee & if her wants ta watch sum thin, itz a dvd ~

    heerz two a gulf menhaden { this ree lee IZ a fish !! } kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

    1. Yeah, we ditched cable too
      Flushed that down the loo
      Cassie likes to chew
      Thin wire she will at our zoo

  22. We have 2 tvs, one in LR and one in Brm. Only one is watched. But we still have 2.

  23. We have a 1997 TV
    It still works good for me.
    We have a laptop from 2010
    It works well in our den.
    The newest is my iPad
    Which makes me very glad
    To have this new piece.
    No fancy phones, we leave that to my niece.
    I read books in bed
    What more can be said?
    No Netflix or anything else like that
    Just happy with our dvd's and now I must scat!

    1. If it still works why pay for more
      Good way to be there at your shore

  24. We used to have a TV in the bedroom. I don't have one now.

  25. Never in the bedroom alone?
    Well......this makes me wonder.

    1. Don't wonder too far
      Especially if the door is left ajar

  26. Hi Pat sorry I unfollowed you, I was cleaning up my blog the other day and mistakenly unfollowed everyone.
    Great to be back and this verse is just great.


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