You Are Screwed, Dude!

Or dudette as well. Blogger doesn't think dudette is swell. Says it is not a word. Pfft that is just absurd. What is it we are going on about today? Why it is such a awful day at every bay.

Jason is out.
Scream and shout.
Have sex too.
Then he'll stab you.

What? That's fake?
You mean I can partake?
A spring fling for me?
That may get a yippeee.

If I wasn't snip snip.
Have you got a grip?
Nope, not a one?
Let's have some fun.

I stuck a pin in a doll.
That screwed up you all.
I stomped on it too.
That pain was from my zoo.

I wrote 666 on your forehead.
Made you look at what I said.
It is invisible ink though.
I sent magic elves to your show.

They crept on in,
After doing my voodoo pin.
Pinned 666 to your ass.
Wait? What came to pass?

Was that luck?
Back up the truck.
Luck is a figment in your mind.
Sorry to burst your bubble, mankind.

As is everything I said.
No voodoo dolls will make you dead.
No 666 will do a thing to you.
Even if you have to add them at your zoo.

Oh no! That's math.
666 will suffer wrath.
And luck is full of shit,
But we've done that bit.

So as to the day,
With a 13 on display.
Wowweee I say.
And Pffft as I bury such nonsense in my litter tray.

It had to be touched upon once more as I heard nuts scream about it at my shore. Believe the day is bad there at your pad? Nah, I didn't think so. A number or day is not a scary show. No more likely to do a damn thing then a movie psycho in a mask. Look, you didn't even have to ask. The cat let you know it was all crap in mass. I'm just a helpful little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. You Are Screwed, Dude!
    Unlucky 13 avoided the boot
    None kicking
    666 not harming
    Just not acting like a prude


    1. Not a one
      Can ruin fun
      All in the head
      Of any dread

  2. Well, this is strange when I went to comment
    my page froze up...yup had to refresh as the
    spinning came due here at your zoo
    must be 13th as it came into view

    1. Freeze ups happen every day
      No matter the number on display

  3. Your blog looks colourful .Loved it

  4. Every time 666 pops up in my life (which is often bc i work with numbers), I look over my shoulder all sneaky like. Hahaha I'm also a huge knocker. Everytime someone says anything that could be considered a jinx I knock 3 times.

    1. haha the cat will go and tape 666 to your back
      Then you'll never see it at your shack

  5. I just saw on Sandee's blog that it was Friday the 13th. I'm not worried, I've lived through many of 'em a'fore. ;)

  6. Just another day to me! And a series of bad horror films...

    1. Worse as they went along
      All kinds of wrong

  7. Scary numbery make you dead
    Just skip all the ones you dread
    Soon your number book is void
    And you'll have to visit Freud

  8. A story to share
    that gave me a scare
    when I was a teen
    I let out a scream
    when on this day
    at a friend's bay
    without a reason
    during the cold season
    down from the wall
    a huge picture did fall
    down with a glass filled crash
    almost causing a bloody gash
    on the side of my head
    but landing on the bed
    barely missing me
    at my friend's sea
    we blamed this folk-lore day
    then laughed it away

    1. lol place the blame
      On the day of fame
      Easy to do
      When it happens to you
      But laughing it off
      And no going to scoff
      Works too
      As no day is out to get you

  9. black cats under ladders........

  10. number 4 is feared here by a certain community. the real estate industry generally doesn't recognise 4 as a number. it's 3A or 13A for 4 or 14. that's how paranoid they are about it :p

    1. Damn, that is rather sad
      I guess 4 drives some mad

  11. Great fun Pat. No "Spring Fling " for me.
    Have a great week-end.

  12. This is my favorite day of the year!
    I think I'll go drink a rootbeer!

  13. Yikes - spare me from 666
    don't play any dirty tricks
    or I will develop tics
    while watching scary flicks!!
    Happy Friday to all in the mix.

    1. That would be neat
      Tics from flicks at your street

  14. Freaking out today? No I am not
    another day here at my place
    but some people are doubly upset about the day
    as the moon will have a full face


    1. Woweee, the moon and a day
      They better lock themselves away lol

  15. far so good:) Grin.

  16. I'm not superstitious at all. Friday 13th is just another day to me.

  17. I'm not at all superstitious. Friday the thirteenth is just like any other day, knock on wood. But don't worry. For those of you who are superstitious, I've got my fingers crossed that you encounter nothing but good luck today.

    1. Fingers crossed will sure help them out
      Eyes just rolled about

  18. You don't have a voodoo of me, do you? I was trying to figure out why I've been having bad luck lately. :P

  19. 13's my lucky number!
    Maybe I should play the lottery. :)

  20. Guess I won't be having sex with my Jason today. I certainly don't want to risk him stabbing me afterwards ;)

    1. haha yeah, you can't risk that
      Or just clear out all knives where you're at

  21. I think 13 Ghosts is a plan for today too!

  22. I was not aware of the Friday the 13th as I was stuck with a lot of work ~ Enjoy the weekend Pat ~

  23. "That'll be 6.66...uh you want to get a candy bar or something"

    translation "my IQ is certainly below 100"

    1. I've had a few buy extra because it landed on it
      Their IQ is low by a bit

  24. Screwed, glued, and tattooed. So what do you think about that?

  25. Had hospital tests
    On that day
    Didn't really think twice
    On the 13th day of May

  26. I woke up late, had to travel to the Satellite office. The bridge was up so had to go to another, ran into construction and then the cops were stopping people at the entrance to the freeway. I then ran into another construction zone only to arrive Nd find the place locked and my client didn't show up.

    1. Damn, that was one of those days
      Caught in a never ending maze

  27. I think it's lucky!
    Makes me feel ducky! haha.


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