You Can Do It Has A Fit!

Wow, the cat just has to say you humans have high hopes at your bay. I've heard the saying a time or ten and now I'll get to it at my den. You tell each other that you can do anything. You change up the ending like a fling.

You can do anything,
Is the first part.
Then mind has a fling,
Or sometimes it's heart.

There is also a to.
But that you know.
As it's been used by you.
With some cheery glow.

So anything I can do?
Wow, that is so great.
Let's see if this is true.
I'll take the bait.

I can fly!
Err umm kersplat.
I didn't die,
Just one life gone from the cat.

I can win the lottery!
Umm err you lose.
Why not take up pottery?
Pfft go away before I abuse.

I can jump to the moon.
Umm err I'm still here.
Damn, where's that spoon.
It will bring magic near.

I can cure cancer.
Umm err that special water didn't work.
Never should have trusted Prancer.
Crummy reindeer jerk.

I can wish things away.
Umm err they are still here.
My shit is still on display.
Pat still has to scoop for my rhyming rear.

I can drink acid and survive.
Umm err I'm dead.
What's that? Life five?
I need to go to bed.

I can say stuff it.
Yep, stuff the saying.
It's wrong every bit.
It gets no replaying.

That cat just proved you humans wrong. Maybe you need to add realistically instead of anything to your saying song? But is that too much of a mouthful for you? You can realistically do anything at your zoo. Was that so hard? Not like you had to mow a big yard. I will now go pass some realistic gas out my realistic little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Well, what do you know...
    It's The Kitty Cat Show!
    I didn't cheat with a cut and paste
    Just typing with haste...
    Hey, it's Wednesday....
    Such a fun day!
    A hundred exams and then I'm done
    Such fun!

    Grrrrrrrreat post
    From coast to coast!

    1. That is a ton
      Such is marking fun
      Maybe mark with haste
      Then no time to waste

    2. Or not if their grade is fail :(

    3. A Big F in view
      Won't bring a smile due

    4. Attempts at bribery too
      When there's an F in view

    5. lol well may get something good
      There at your hood

  2. That special water's not gonna help
    Making me yelp?

  3. Hahaha I so love this! I am a realist too and have never used this phrase with my kids because I don't want to set them up for unrealistic expectations. I will support and encourage but I never say, "you can be anything or do whatever you want to do."

    1. Yep, just not true
      Need to flush such phrases down the loo

  4. Big reindeer jerk!
    Nice saying just not very realistic.

    1. lol big one indeed
      Yep, not set in the real world as it takes seed

  5. Anything goes
    Up your nose with a hose
    You can do anything
    Even do it with bling
    You can climb a brick wall
    And expect not a fall
    You can jump from a plane
    And land in a lane
    It's the story of old
    As you were once told

    1. A story of glory
      Nothing at all gory
      Nope, not one bit
      Smudge on the pavement? Forget it.

  6. Or I can do anything I put my mind to
    Cuz things on your list my mind would never do!

    1. lol well a good list can be done
      Others, not so much when spun

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. let's try this again it came out strange

      While it is good to be realistic
      do we all want to be simplistic
      why not have a world coloristic
      try being more optimistic
      and a bit less pessimistic
      stop worrying about moralistic
      create a story/poem be artistic
      try the art of a surrealistic
      trending for you, are you stylistic
      pondering thoughts could be idealistic
      some consider themselves opportunistic
      overcoming obstacles are you deterministic
      now excuse me I need to consult a mystic

      well if wishing it were true
      I would be off enjoying a beach
      but as you see that is out of reach
      looking out my window a sky of blue

    2. haha a good istic run
      As you used a ton
      Less pessimistic is fine
      But then positive can still align
      Just positive it will be negative in the end
      See, a win win with both trend
      Maybe the mystic will have a clue
      And no window will block the sky of blue

    3. PS - read the book's been a while since I read the book.

    4. A good review
      Sure came due

  8. I so like the one about the reindeer too. Surely he can cure cancer. That sure would be nice. Most of the time one can do what ever they desire if they just make up their minds to it as long as it is reasonable.

    1. Reasonable is the way
      Going outlandish won't work well at the end of the day

  9. Nike says I can do it
    My body says hell no
    my mind declares I'm fit
    while my legs turn to jello

    I think the mind is delusional!!!

    1. A little delusion
      Can stave off confusion
      Or just confuse more
      Then you'll never know at your shore

  10. LOL with what Joanne said
    I couldn't agree more
    That was the best answer so far
    anything else I say would just be a chore


    1. A chore you don't want
      Those sure can haunt

  11. Positive thinking is great
    But sometimes you hesitate
    Because life's crap gets in the way
    So deal with it another day

  12. I think a lot of us are given unrealistic expectations at an early age.

    1. Yeah, all rainbows and kittens
      Need to take off the glittery mittens

  13. Guess you can't do everything.

  14. I can do anything, but nothing is usually my first choice!

  15. Two lives down... Yes, you can do anything, you just have to take the consequence that comes with it.

    1. Could be big ones
      Enough to give some the runs

  16. So instead of when pigs fly, it's when cats fly:)

  17. Pep talks can be so discouraging. lol

    1. That they can be
      better not to listen to their spree

  18. Prancer is not the one to go to, he's too much into Siegfried and Roy. Vixen gives other things which we don't need to know. It's Donner that sells the crap, I mean the cure for cancer...if you can keep him away from Vixen

    1. Donner needs a new jingle
      If he and Vixen aren't going out to mingle

  19. Evil Keneivel (sp) probably said that right before the most dangerous and stupid stunt of all, of which there were many.

    1. Yep, he went with it
      Trying to prove each nutso fit

  20. orlin N cassie

    grate ree view for yur dadz book over at snowcatcher !!

    we waz all set ta try R best ta rhyme a long.... than de food servizz gurlz bozz walked down the hall & sucked de life outta that thought trane ~~~~


    1. Thanks for the look
      At the other nook

      lol damn those bosses
      But can't cause job losses

  21. If only we could do everything we thought we could. Well, maybe that wouldn't be so good either...

    1. Yeah, that may not be good
      Especially with some at their hood

  22. Be careful, cat, with your remaining lives.
    There aren't many left if you're already at five.
    Very nice book review, Pat. Congratulations on another book.

  23. Joanne's comment! LOL.
    Well, what Henry Ford said: Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right.

  24. I've always thought, "You can do anything if you set your mind to it!" was ridiculous.

    1. Yep, sometimes you just can't
      Especially if one is an ant

  25. Even if I did have 9 lives, I don't think I could do 'anything.' Congrats on the great review.

    1. Yep, we'd never get it all
      At any old hall

  26. Welp, I freely admit there's lots of sh*t I can't do!😂

  27. I'm with Bijoux. I have no problem admitting that I suck at almost everything I do.

    Congrats on such a glowing book review!

    1. lol sure not some things at your sea
      Can't suck at all that comes to be

  28. i can read the rhyme
    but i always miss the time

  29. I can do anything?

    I can't bring back all the nice dead people from Game of Thrones though

  30. Wow, with all you can do
    you could start your own zoo!


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