A Rhyming Wannabe Or Maybe Three!

The cat was thinking the other day about what other animals could rhyme away. I couldn't find a single one. They all failed by a ton.

There was the mutt,
He was too busy sniffing a butt.
Try and throw a dog a bone.
And he chews at the tone.

There was a kangaroo,
But all he could rhyme is poo.
Plus he was after Blue.
I guess he likes a stinky shoe.

There was a flea.
Pffft at any sea.
No rhyming blood suckers.
Who needs those umm puckers?

A Tarsier gave it a try.
But the rhyme didn't fly.
It just moved each bug eye.
Although they are rather spry.

Then came the huge ape.
That gorilla was in shape.
But it threw its own scat.
Sorry, we can't have that.

A flamingo gave it a go.
It's neck sure can grow.
It just kept rhyming pink.
So that one sure did sink.

There was a rat.
There was a bat.
There was a frog.
There was a hog.

There was a pig.
There was a horse in a wig.
There was a cow.
Do you get the picture now?

Was is the key.
They couldn't keep up with me.
Best one was the dog,
With its butt sniffing fog.

That is low.
So away I go.
Can't contract out rhyme.
Most were worse than a mime.

Any rhyming animals I should try? Think maybe a rhyming platypus would fly? Maybe a rhyming duck? Could easily work in umm truck. Or the cat will just ignore the animal kingdom mass and stick to being the only little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling. 


  1. Replies
    1. Being the 6th #1 in June
      And fancy the good fortune
      Couldn't believe
      And what a relief
      15 mins late none too soon


    2. Hank
      Six in June
      Sing that tune

    3. Six with no tricks
      Just fast clicks

    4. Will there be a number seven?
      let's ask the stars in heaven

    5. Or ask the snore
      Should it explore

    6. Thanks Belva and True
      Blue might bring the blues
      That #7 is on the line
      To stifle most unkind


    7. A stifle through snore
      May not at his shore

  2. A Rhyming Wannabe Or Maybe Three!
    The array of animals making a plea
    A rhyming duck
    With such luck
    Or better yet a wee tiny little flea


  3. The cat doth rhyme
    But it ain't no crime
    I do opine
    It's a very good time

    1. Grand it is
      With the rhyming biz
      Who needs a duck
      Hit it with a truck

  4. The frog could sing and dance, but rhyming he had no chance.
    (Holy crap, I rhymed!)

  5. He still is
    Doing the kangaroo biz
    Meanwhile I'm NOT number one
    At my bun
    Still upping the score
    As I show off my snore

    Hey, it's Saturday....
    Such a fun day!

    1. Hey, it's Saturday
      such a fun day!

      I just wish it was a "sun-day"
      the clouds came and took it away

    2. Sunny here
      All nice and clear
      Sweet may be in rear
      Should you do work, I fear
      Poor shoe
      Got by the kangaroo

  6. There's no denying that cats rule.
    All the other animals drool.
    I can't imagine having fourteen dogs.
    It would look like we lived with hogs.
    Not to mention they couldn't rhyme
    And you have to let them out all the time.

    1. lol well just make the cat flap bigger
      Can sure rig jig her
      But then your yard would be like land mine ville
      As dogs leave umm crap by the hill

  7. I think rhyming is best left in the cats paws!

  8. It's hard to beat the cat! I can't think of an animal to match his intelligence, curiosity, and aloofness ~ not to mention his sardonic wit!

  9. One can't beat the brain of a cat,
    That I've come to realise.
    That's why when they were invented.
    The lights in the road were named cat's eyes.

    Cats are more intelligent than one thinks,
    I know that to be true.
    For I had a cat with diabetes,
    She used to hide when her shots were due.


    1. They know when to run
      And when things should be done
      Can get their way
      Any old day

  10. There once was a whale
    he had Whale of a Tale

    There could be an owl
    who saw something fowl

    There once was a shark
    he was filled with snark

    A wondering black bear
    came upon a wooden chair
    there he sat on a dare
    eating a ripe pear...

    there is only one rhyming cat
    a bit mouthy as he likes to chat
    he shares his thoughts with Pat
    and that is that...haha

    1. "wandering" but I guess he could be "wondering" haha

    2. Both could work
      Both be a perk
      A wandering wonderer
      A thought plunderer
      Have to keep it to the cat
      Spreading words through Pat

  11. A rat ? A frog? A dog ? A pig? A cow ? Ahahahah ! Love this cat :) :)

  12. What about a bee?
    He could be in a tree.
    gathering honey all day long
    that would be a good song


  13. Penguins are terrible at rhyming.

    1. Guess they just waddle about
      Can't pop a rhyme out

  14. The donkeys need to do some rhyming. You know they hee haw.

  15. There was a duck

    I didn't give a _____

    1. Duck leaves that open a ton
      Fluck can sure be run

  16. The armadillo
    Would not leave his pillow
    All he did was snore
    No rhyme either from the boar

    You have it clinched with the cat
    Nothing wrong with that

    Hapoy Saturday!

    1. a good clinch
      It was a sinch
      Poor armadillo be screwed
      All would find him rude

  17. You haven't mentioned the shark!/Sure it will leave its mark/Powerful gnashers it's got/Which it's more than you can say about a dog!! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  18. My mutts don't sniff butts,
    as they are definitely not sluts!

  19. i am afraid
    this was an overhead

    1. Over, under, around and through
      Whatever are you to do

  20. I wonder if you can rhyme a walrus? And by the way.... did you know there was a Potty Mouth Turtle that pees from its mouth. How strange is that. I know it has nothing to do with this post... just had to tell you that.

    1. haha blah to that
      Never knew such a thing existed where we are at

  21. The Cat rhymes best
    Forget all the rest
    Although an octopus would be fun
    Eight tentacles rhyming spun

    1. Not an even ten
      So can't be done at our den

  22. I think all our pets can rhyme
    Our dog, named Wallace
    He feels he is flawless.
    Naddie is our oldest cat
    He only whines, just like a brat.
    Our Diva cat is Lucy
    She can rhyme and be all loosey-goosey.
    Our third cat is Jade
    She just loves, she has it made.
    Mia, oh Mia, can't rhyme like a cat
    All she does is eat and is way too fat.
    Kaspar is just a nut and loves to run free
    She was on her leash today, but got stung by a bee.
    So I guess my dog wins out
    He rhymes the best without doubt.

    1. haha the dog wins
      Now there is some sins
      As long as there is no poop
      That could throw one for a loop
      Many a personality indeed
      As each pet takes seed

  23. So many animals in the world, but I don't think any come close to having the rhyming skills that the cat has!


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