A Whoopdi Reveal Over A Meal!

Robbie Raisin has come back. I have to see if you people have anything new to say at this shack. Whoopdi Friggin Doo can't let that go to waste. I hope your brains aren't full of paste. So tell me something new. Something viewers can get into.

Kick it off, Blue. What is interesting to you?

Some people's brains shouldn't explode but grow
As they malfunction at their brainless show

That may make the world a better place. Alex, do you have something to embrace?

shows about animals mating are so evil

They should all be taken off the air. Rosey, is there something for which you deeply care?

Locks are better than 6 six (six)
haha, even writing it like that burdens my weary soul ;)

That poor soul must be in pain. Bijoux, care to board the train?

I need to control my temper

Do you Hulk out? Beer Guys, anything to shout?

rest assured that Bryan's ghost will rise from the grave to take vengeance on his spleen-eating Chinese neighbors...and anyone who's ever called him Bry Bry.

Bry Bry is on a death kick. Betsy, have you got a pick?

No fantasies about that crap.
Doesn't turn me on and that is a fact.
The whiners I can do without
as they post and always do a pout.
I dropped a few recently from my list
and don't bother to visited and hear their hiss.

Wow, quite the rant you gave. Betty, are you ready to rave?

Too cute with me and my gps
No further problems should hpappen though
Bought a new one to navigate for us
As we go to and fro

Did your rant get lost? Susan Gourley, anything that needs to be tossed?

now I'm going out in the sun so I don't get scurvy

No aaaar like a pirate at your bay? Jax, I know you need your say.

I'm 27 years old and I've never once...not ONE...had to acknowledge the fact that I'm creeping 30. Dog house for you, cat. You go right to the dog house !!!!! Lmao

Are you still on that 30 thing? Tabbies of Trout Towne, care to add a ring?

orlin N cassie....total lee awesum poem two day & mega kewl how ya used yur followerz in thiz one !!!!! 

Are you psychic or something like that? Adam, any thing from where you are at?

I would like to be on Jeopardy but the people on there are by far the smartest around. 

Scaredy cat are you? Mary, what's going on at your zoo?

that would be me surrounded by dog breath.

I hope there is no added drool. Truedessa, what do you find cool?

those colorful sparkly farts
are better than poisonous darts

Umm, no thank you. Sandra Cox, anything that must come due?

Yay! I'm so excited to be included in the rhyming. 

That didn't take much. Birgit, anything to add and such?

the computer won

That sucks. Manzi, anything to say to humans or ducks?

Selfies selfies everywhere
Add some lipstick, comb the hair
But how would that min-o-myze
Expect and answer in the skies

So you aren't a selfie fan? Mary Kirkland, do you have a plan?

She would just suck the fun and guilt right out of you

Hmmm a new kind of porn? Theresa, anything you wanted to say since you were born?

Sometimes I just want to burn down my family tree just to rid myself of those bloodsuckers! 

Let it all out. Marg, anything you wish to shout?

We are not going to mess with that bunch

A wise choice. Suza, can you rejoice?

Love to be paid in gold bricks
But not if they crush me

Run fast. Keepin It Real, Folks, care to add to the cast?

I guess sex is the universal language.

No argument here. Al, is there anything you fear?

The Russians are coming!
The Russians are coming!

I guess so. Fundy Blue, gonna give it a go?

I have to admit it's strangely fascinating.

Sounds good to me. Hank, care to end this spree?

May explode
It's a big load

Hmmmmmmmm, Hank may have said too much. Hope he doesn't expect anyone to touch. That is all the time we have for today. I'm not sure any of this can be used on the next Whoopdi Friggin Doo display. Robbie Raisin is signing off. Don't scoff.


Look at all of you. Not afraid to share at your zoo. The cat is impressed a ton. Well maybe a little bit under our sun. I will just tell all to the singing bass. There is no Whoopdi Friggin Doo appearances for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Good morning, Cat!
    Still quick and slick on your kitty cat mat?

  2. Selfies selfies everywhere...
    Look at me making your stare
    I'm so excited like Sandra Cox
    Taking selfies as I look like a fox
    Better make that a double one
    A double fox is so much fun
    Hey, grow a brain
    When you're insane in the membrane!

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat post!
    From coast to coast
    (Not a fox
    In a box)

    1. Good Morning to you Blue!
      Good Morning to you Pat
      Good Morning to you Cat!

      those sparkly farts
      are a work of art
      on everyone's behalf
      I will leave with a laugh
      you notice I said no farts

      haha - these posts are hilarious
      and I remember quite a few.

    2. Grow a brain
      Can be a tough train
      Train of thought
      Get what's taught?
      Maybe teaching a teacher
      An over reacher?
      Can a teacher be taught?
      I'm I going round and round a lot
      Like ball
      Down the hall
      Of a mall
      At last call
      Hitting a wall
      Amusing all
      Tripping those tall
      Unable to stall

      No farts came due
      With a sparkle or two?
      How can the morning be good
      Need sparkles at ones hood lol

      Been a while
      As I'm so far ahead on the dial

    3. No eggs came due
      Not even one or two

  3. Well, hope it explodes before Bryan has to kick the cat's but.
    And before anymore mating animal shows come on...

    1. haha the cat has no fear
      Yeah, those I'll refrain from a peer

  4. Robbie Raisin, sound advice
    From the viewers, quite a slice
    Tell it like a real old pro
    On your mark, get set and go

    1. Told from above
      Given a shove
      All come to spread cheer
      Or maybe it's fear

  5. A great read to start the week.
    Look forward to more verses as I seek.

  6. A Whoopdi Reveal Over A Meal!
    Hank of little words to reveal
    And all are mentioned
    All for a good occasion
    Glad to see all with good appeal


    1. Good appeal
      Spun the wheel
      Came on in
      For the win

  7. I'm really sure that's a very old quote.

    1. Haha seeing that the cat is so far ahead

    2. haha bring them back from the dead
      As I am so far ahead

  8. interesting Monday post to kick off the week

  9. What a fun way
    to start a new day.
    Have a great week too,
    Here at your zoo.

  10. Busy informative folks all, nice of you to call.
    Happy Monday, and as always it's murder at my zoo!

    1. A murder to watch out for
      And maybe a little more

  11. Robby sure doesn't look almost 30!

  12. You are very nice
    Soliciting us for advice
    Be it cat, dog or mice
    I would serve them over rice!


    1. But then again
      At your den
      You'd serve and spit
      A hairball from it

  13. This post is so silly and proves that I've been bad
    I haven't come by here near enough
    Oh the fun I could've had.

    1. So many got on in
      Must have been the day the comments were given a spin

  14. LOL, sure I'll see if I can give a rave
    maybe at least one time before I make it to the grave

    so cute what you wrote in this little rhyme
    hard to keep track of them all but you did just fine


    1. Yeah, the cat can keep track
      Maybe with gps a rave you won't lack

  15. It was great how you wove all those together!

  16. I tried to go into a Hulk smashing rage but now that I'm no longer 27 (and can admit it) it's more of a sad Hulk tantrum. I'm upset that I was called Bry Bry, and I stomped the ground and knocked over something on my desk, but then I got really tired and had to pop a few pills and now I'm probably going to go take a mid-morning na zzzZZZzzzZZZ.

    1. Maybe you need some Hulk Viagra
      Then you could conquer even Niagara

  17. Oh dear, that's a fun way to go.

  18. I feel like I just got off a verbal tilt a whirl, what a spin.

    Any profound thoughts None for today Pat.

    1. Don't fall over
      Just sit with rover
      Nothing profound
      Came around?

  19. I feel like I just got off a verbal tilt a whirl, what a spin.

    Any profound thoughts None for today Pat.

  20. Monday already? Brain on idle today.

  21. orlin N cassie

    we iz knot onlee sigh ca tic... but we all sew haz day ja view


    orlin N cassie....total lee awesum poem two day & mega kewl how ya used yur followerz in thiz one !!!!!


    1. lol a repeat psychic round
      Now that is profound

  22. Exactly! I am excited to be included in the rhyming. Grin;)

    1. haha double the excitement came due
      Today for you

  23. Not much to say
    Scooda-hoo, Scooda-hay
    I can't say a word right now
    Throat infection took away my bow wow
    Love when animals mingle though
    I guess I'm a weird so and so.

    1. More than before
      As the computer has a working encore
      Blah to the infection
      That isn't a good detection

  24. I always love these. Our craziness sure comes out here. The Cat inspires us. ;)

    1. The cat brings it through
      With much in view

  25. Of course I'm still on that 30 thing!!! I mean...how dare you bring that to my attention?! On still in my MID twenties for crying out loud!

    1. lmao mid you say?
      Wishful thinking here today

  26. This is a fun conversation with your co-bloggers Pat ~ Hopefully June explodes as well ~

    1. Some fun is sure had
      As I twist words at my pad

  27. I still hate my family tree. I also hate all those selfies. Though you might one day get a nose hit. Bringing up Rosey's hatred of the 666 bit.

    1. haha bring it on says the cat
      She'll never catch me where I'm at

  28. Ha, are you only 27?
    That definitely would be heaven!

  29. Ha ha, some of those made me laugh back then
    And now they make me grin again!

  30. I can give a good rant once in a while
    if my pet peeve you poke and rile. hahaha

  31. well in a way
    everyone loses his way
    once a day

  32. LOL, Pat! I never know where your head will be at!

  33. Robbie Raisin has us all down pat
    Or should that be Patt
    Or the infamous Cat
    He'll show us the mat
    Wherever we're at


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