Beat The Heat Some Sweet!

The cat will show you the easiest way to beat the heat. It is oh so neat. You can beat the heat. It is some sweet. Did I repeat? Bah, just beat the heat.

Beating the heat,
Is some sweet.
Just don't move around.
Might be tough for a hound.

Cassie says no.
Hmph, messing my flow.
We can't have that.
So here's where it's at.

Don't ignore the drink. 
Unless it's from a nasty sink.
Then ignore that.
Same water as where you leave scat.

Give it a look.
Drink at your nook.
Drink all day.
Come what may.

Come what may is lots of pee,
On that you can trust me. 
Here is a closer look of me.
But the water you can still see.

See? Drink it back.
Just like me at my shack.
What? I'm not drinking it?
Bah, you can't prove it one bit.

You'll be blurry if not.
You'll get too hot.
You'll be out of whack.
No balance at your shack.

But if you drink,
Not from a sink.
Balanced as can be.
Just look at Cassie and me.

Did I mention sit still?
Nah, that's not a thrill.
But it could be worse.
You could look perverse. 

See what happens when you don't drink?
You turn into one ugly fink. 
You may even sniff a butt.
Wait! Whoops, that's just a mutt.

And there you are. You can now beat the heat near and far. Do you drink like the cat? Or are you more a sewer rat? That last one just popped in so I gave it a spin. Now you can avoid a heat stroke pass all thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Good morning, Cat!
    How's the niche at your mat?
    How's the itch where you're at?
    How's the branch at your ranch?
    Many questions from The Goo
    And Scooby Blue
    Still snoring at my zoo
    I know
    Say it ain't so
    At The Blue Guy Show
    Just waking up to say hi
    And now it's goodbye

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat post
    From coast to coast!

    1. Good Morning Blue
      tell me True
      how are you?

    2. Back to bed
      Snoring from he head
      There at your show
      With each snore blow?
      I've got an itch?
      Damn, who knew I had that glitch

    3. Tell me True
      How are you?

      I spent hours on my couch
      Feeling like a grouch

    4. Hours there
      With snoring to spare?

  2. I can tell something hit the fan
    Was it a cat or a man
    Maybe you just wanted some fresh air
    At the kitty cat lair
    Sounds fair
    Are you sitting still?
    Does the heat make you ill?
    Does it involve a bill?
    Hey a mouse!
    What not ready for a kill?
    Too hot you say?
    Just today?
    How about next week?
    Will you be able to speak?
    Or snore
    At the kitty cat shore?
    Many questions from The Goo
    And Scooby Blue
    Not a goat
    In a moat
    Or a chick
    On a stick
    Or a snake
    On a stake
    Or a toad
    On the road

    It's my day off so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. A day off
      Won't scoff
      Rest and snore
      Like a boar
      Not goat
      In a boat
      On a moat
      That can't float
      Or a dog
      On a frog
      In a bog
      On a log
      With a hog
      Holding a pog
      A little fresh air
      Works with no bills to spare

    2. Or in a hole
      Paying a toll
      To a mole
      Who eats coal

  3. Good Morning - cute pics of the cats, I have to laugh at how Orlin is sprawled out, he is just chillin' beating the heat staying hydrated is the way. Now, I am off have a good day as I have to earn some pay.

    1. He sprawls out like that
      Thinking he's king cat
      Beating the heat with ease
      Earning dough does please

    2. Cutest cat ever
      and all so clever

    3. I can be cute too
      When I'm wearing my blue suede shoe

    4. One shoe is cute?
      Not like a newt?

  4. I drink water all day long
    it keeps me feeling strong
    but I have to confess
    I sneak in a Coke as dress
    early in the morn
    so I can get goin'
    but after that caffeine shot
    it's water over at my spot

    1. lol well you can be forgiven
      After all with one eye you're liven
      Can throw balance off I suppose
      So a coke needs to compensate for such lows

  5. If I understand correctly, cat. You're saying drink water or you'll change to a cute little weiner pooch????? Lol

    1. Not so cute
      People will look at you and turn mute

  6. Is that a daschund? I LOVE them!
    But yeah, only filtered water for me.

    1. Yeah, none of that nasty tap crap
      And yep, a wiener dog chap

  7. From that angle, he does look ugly.
    Lots of water and stay indoors with the air conditioning. I still don't know how anyone lived in the South before air conditioning.

    1. Angles sure can make or break
      They must have all lived in a lake

  8. Hey I have one of those water systems in my house too. Can those crazy cats help me replace the jug when its empty? Those suckers are heavy!

    1. They sure aren't the lightest things out there
      But what I hate is having to aim the suckers at my lair
      Miss and there water goes
      All over the floor it flows haha

  9. Beat The Heat Some Sweet!
    Drink a lot extend a treat
    The Cat's smart
    With good starts
    Try them all and not to quit


    1. Never quit
      No need for a fit
      Just find a way
      Every day

  10. The sun is out
    It's got some clout
    It burns and makes one sweat
    Like a red beet you'll get
    Cats know how to beat the heat
    Follow them, it's really neat

    1. Follow and win
      No heat stroke spin
      Or a sun burn
      Live and learn

  11. Now that is the place to sit, right next to the water cooler. Just have a drink whenever needed. So where did the dog come from????? Stay cool.

    1. Yep, get a drink easy as can be
      Oh, the mutt is for now living with we three
      Or we are living with him
      The cat thinks him dim lol

  12. Hell is summer in Texas. Drink water, dip in the pool
    Moving here (a long time ago). I was such a fool

    Stay cool. (cute cat pics)

    1. haha glad we are far away from there
      No hell would be appreciated at our lair

  13. Drink lots of water and walk only when its low in the afternoon. Still summer is my favorite season.

    1. A good season most days
      As long as sweat galore, in a bad way, doesn't glaze lol

  14. It's warm here but rainy. Hope it cools down for you.
    Awesome verse and pics.
    Have a great week-end Pat.

  15. One of my cats has been sleeping on the cool marble counters to beat the heat.

  16. Surprised me to see a picture of a dog
    on your blog :)
    thought it was only ruled by cats
    and cute ones at that!

    good ways to beat the heat
    sometimes lazy is the best thing to do
    and long for cooler temps ahead
    that could come in just a few


    1. A dog may show
      Now and then on the go
      As all try and beat the heat
      By taking a seat

  17. I always wonder how warm fur-covered animals get in the hot weather.

    1. Lying there in the heat they do
      Trying to keep cool at many a zoo

  18. Sewer rat? How about a fancy rat? That's more like it.

  19. It's been bloody hot here... in the high nineties... so for me, air conditioning is where it's at right now. Good thing we have it, too, because our cats still think they have to be on top of me all the time. And yes, LOTS of water, even though me hubby likes to tease me about "what fish do in it."

    1. lol well they technically do
      But then ago it's worse than poo
      As all water evaporates and comes back at some point
      So could be drinking dino pee at your joint

  20. The cat is very smart. You need to hydrate! :)

    1. That you do
      No matter the species at ones zoo

  21. Replies
    1. orlin N cassie.... de sam hellz all de FISH that shuld be IN de waterz kewler? ya noe.....

      spoze yur dad fried em all for hiz self ~~

      happee week oh end guyz ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    2. Drink away
      Every day

      Hmmm he cheated us?
      We'll have to make a fuss

  22. Scuba (our deceased cat) always sprawled out on the tile floors. When it warmed up, he sauntered to another group of tiles.

    1. Good way to keep cool too
      Always going for the cold ones at your zoo

  23. A sign I often see on many a ride
    Says "Hydrate or Die" to which I abide
    Cute, cute, cute kitty pics I love
    Can never, ever get enuv

    1. Many sure show
      As the hide high and low
      Hydrate or die is wise
      Don't want to be food for flies

  24. I need to get me a big jug of water like that to help beat the heat! I refuse to drink tap water, so we go through a ton of bottled at our house.

    1. Yep, tap is nasty as can be
      Bottled water, after what I know, gets thrown too my me

  25. Looks like cats know the way to beat the heat!!
    They all look so comfortable...what a treat!

  26. Cute pictures. And yes, it is getting hot, truth! Water is our friend.

  27. Cute pictures. And yes, it is getting hot, truth! Water is our friend.

  28. I can't do without my a/c.
    I'd be a bear and my husband would flee.
    One thing I have to say
    That doggie is a cutie and, if I may,
    Needs a cuddle and a hug
    I bet you gave that to big lug:)

    1. lol the cat bites his tail
      And then he does wail
      It's some love, right?
      A little love bite

  29. I drink lots and lots
    and yes, makes you go to the pot.

    1. haha away you sure go
      Or in the woods you know

  30. Aw, I love to see the cats
    And drinking water is good
    I don't drink enough
    Need to improve at my hood

    That dog made me laugh out loud!!!

    1. Suck 4L back at least here
      lol the mutt couldn't see too clear

  31. Great pictures


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