Care To Go With This Flow?

Did you pass go but you got no dough? Damn, off to jail you must go. It may cost more than 200 bucks though. But you can vacation in style. Although you may want to bring a file.

Get your hole digging ready.
You may need to dig steady.
Hopefully 20 years is does not take you,
Give or take a few.

Alcatraz Hotel is the place for you.
There you can have no view.
You get thrown in the slammer.
No need to even throw down the hammer.

Has 56 rooms.
Even for brides and grooms.
There you can play,
In a cell all day.

It was a German prison that was fixed up.
You may need your own water cup.
Nah, they'll pass you that.
Along with some food where you're at.

But through a slot in the door.
Hopefully it doesn't fall to the floor. 
That would be bad.
5 second rule is still had.

You get barred windows,
For those crack shows.
They have a curtain though,
Just so you know.

You also get a loo,
But it's out there to view.
Right in the corner of the room.
So bad gas may loom.

Has a conference center as well.
That is just swell.
Can hold a whole group.
Bring a whole travel troop.

Open 24hrs as well.
So you can ring a bell,
Poof, the guards will be there.
Helping you out at their lair.

Ready to visit today?
Alcatraz Hotel actually looks like an interesting stay.
A cushy prison for one and all.
It even has an elevator down the hall.
Did you know there was such a thing out there? And not even at the actual tourist trap Alcatraz with it's lair. Kaiserslautern is the place. No chance I can say that at any pace. Ready to go to jail and sing jailhouse rock in mass? I'd just slip through the bars with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. The 14th #1 in June
      Late in coming in
      Been on the road
      Exhaustive mode


    2. Hopefully you can rest
      And stay in with zest

  2. Vacation in a prison
    Wake up when sun is risen
    Take a prison honeymoon
    You must be quite a loon
    Fly the prison wall
    As your final curtain call

    1. Could tickle some pink
      To escape the klink
      There they can sway
      Then be free the next day

  3. That doesn't sound like a comfortable stay.

  4. I couldn't say that funky name either, but I am good at digging holes!

    1. Could get out in no time
      But who needs to commit a crime

  5. I watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix - I know I would not do well in prison. (clever rhyme)

    1. haha we sure would not
      Better off if we rot

  6. No thank you to that.
    I'd turn it down flat.

    1. Even if free
      For you to try at your sea lol

  7. To this I will pass

    Do not pass go
    Do not collect 200 dollars
    might need a get out of jail free card
    hide it up your sleeve...

    1. They may check there
      May want to swallow it at your lair

  8. I wonder if you get a haint to visit during your stay. lol

  9. Visted Alcatraz whilst in San Fransico some years ago.
    Only stopped a few hours, wasn't an inmate. Only a visitor I hasten to add.

  10. My hubby already had a stay in Kingston a long time ago.
    He was a bad boy, B & E, hitting a cop...that was a big No-no.
    18 months was enough of a stay
    Now one can tour this prison but he said, "No Way!"
    I would want to visit Alcatraz
    But to stay there? I am not a spaz.

    1. Damn, I wouldn't want to go back
      After 18 months in the clink shack
      And yeah, visit Alcatraz maybe
      But no staying for me

  11. No thanks to a jail term. I can think of lots better things to do.

    1. Yeah, way better to do
      But guess jail house rock appeals to a few

  12. The makers of ID2 need to be put in the slammer. FX porn and still very little satisfaction. Unless you're drunk as a skunk.

    Hello Cat!

    1. That bad was it?
      So it wasn't a thrilling hit

    2. FX porn but a story that sucked

    3. Figures as much
      Never needed a re touch

  13. The makers of ID2 need to be put in the slammer. FX porn and still very little satisfaction. Unless you're drunk as a skunk.

    Hello Cat!

  14. No thanks, I'll just stay home and read a book.

  15. Candyland it shall be
    No jail, just candy
    Oh what glee!

  16. One night I would have to stay
    If ever out close to that way.


  17. Who'd a thought. I had to go look that one up.

  18. It takes most of my willpower to stay out of prison daily. I am not going to volunteer for a stay.

    1. lmao don't piss you off indeed
      Your rights one may have to read

  19. Hmmm... sounds kinda cool
    Not sure if I'd stay
    A bit creepy by night
    And too weird by day

  20. may be when one is fed up with the zoo
    a trip there could be cool

    1. Really fed up they'd have to be
      To go and cross the sea

  21. I bet Alcatraz would make a cool place for AirBnB!


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