From A To Z Along With Me!

The rhyming a to z is back. I do it all in one go at my shack. What will it be about this time? Let's go with a familiar chime. The Blue guy may hate this one. It may make him run. Then if he comes back and runs once more. Would that be a remake encore?

A is for all and its need.
Each day brings a call to make your eyes bleed.
B is for bash, as they have quite the run.
Like a bad rash, remakes are no fun.

C is for clouded, that or can't count.
For minds must be shrouded to remake that amount.
D is for dumb, down the rabbit hole we go.
Look at that chum bury shit with a backhoe.

E is for effort, of which there is none.
By making up a word like Zeffert, I beat everyone.
F is for flick, as in turn it off quick.
Who needs that pick so give it a click.

G is for greed, that is all it is.
Nothing we need, just a cash in biz
H for Hulk, he needs to be real.
Then with his bulk he could smash every deal.

I is for ignite, for a fire needs to be lit.
Instead we get this fright that is complete shit.
J is for Jack, the name of every character ever.
Creativity they lack with their jackass endeavor.

K is for kind, as in one of.
For front or behind, crap when push comes to shove.
L is for low, as in how low they've sunk.
Revenue can't grow if they stink worse than a skunk.

M is for movie, something lost on the crowd.
Now anything is groovy as long as some plastic nut stands proud.
N is for new, which has lost its meaning.
With every view you don't see a new screening.

O is for old, brought back from the dead.
Digging for gold as they hurt your head.
P is for people, as in little old you.
Whether on street or steeple you still watch the crap in view.

Q is for queen, they sit on the screen.
They sure all preen like some hormonal teen.
R is for remake, redo, rehash, re-release, reboot and so much more.
The same old double take by another name with its encore.

S is for shit, as that is what most are.
On them I spit and run over them with a car.
T is for trip, as in it's a waste.
Here is a tip, remakes turn your mind to paste.

U is for underwear because they have less stink.
Even an old mare couldn't have a stink link.
V is for veil, what they all hide behind.
As remake set sail trying to fool mankind.

W is for whore, as in they whore out each brand.
They will explore until it not even your dog can stand.
X is for Xena, yep, being remade too.
She'll laugh like a hyena when I flush it down the loo.

Y is for yes, a simple one at that.
We want to do less, so remake that, stat!
Z is for zipper, as in the one on a body bag.
Take each double dipper and throw them in like a rag.

Anything else to add? Did I get it all at my pad? I guess the remake just brings out the worst in me. I will flip them the bird from sea to sea. Lazy bums from afar. Hit them with a car. Wait! I never said such sass. Don't go quoting my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. From A To Z Along With Me!
    To cope up with the spree
    A rhyming king
    Still very keen
    Unshackled set to be free


  2. A to Z movie remakes, reboots, re-do's
    I want something new, to shake the blues
    but, as long as there is money to be made
    backers want a guarantee they will get paid
    and if everyone still flocks in to see
    this is the way it will remain to be
    I only go see movies that interest me

    maybe, the movie writers pens have gone dry
    some right to books, they should buy...
    they should give something new a try...

    I double dare them..
    PS - Please don't get Blue started...haha

    1. lol Blue may get on a roll
      As they add to the toll
      The flocking sheep go by an by
      Getting richer the remake guy
      Pffft to them all
      One day they'll stall

  3. A-Z is fun to do
    A song should go with it too.
    Diddle Dee and Diddle Doo
    Now I've sung for you it's true. :)

    1. lol my ears did tingle
      You've got a new single

  4. This was excellent Pat......It's not April is it?
    Well done on awonderful post.

  5. Remakes of remakes.
    And without Lucy Lawless, it's not Xena.

  6. Replies
    1. At least he's different though
      4 legs on the go

  7. No time for remakes
    When I haven't even seen the first takes...

    1. First takes are usually best
      Screw the rest

  8. Come in your birthday suit
    For reboot, shoot,and loot!

  9. Remake a remake of A-Z
    Simple, simple as can be
    Let the words all fly by fast
    Make a remake of Cat's fly-by gas

  10. what all it takes
    you too are good at remakes

  11. Xena is being remade into a movie
    That sounds pretty groovy
    Unless it does not star Lucy Lawless
    Then I fear, it will be a mess.
    Loving your A to Z
    You put most of us right to bed! ( notice I say the Z the Canadian way...the best way:))

    1. Xena actually a TV show
      And Lucy Lawless isn't giving it a go
      Whether it will get greenlit or not though
      One doesn't know
      I go with Z
      As it rhymes more free

  12. I guess if you are drunk all summer, maybe it all seems new. I admit I go see sequels and some remakes. I am one of those people.....Oh well. Great A to Z poem and far too true and accurate

    1. Got many on in
      With my a to z spin
      Sequels I can see
      But remakes, pffft is what they get from me

  13. Now that's impressive alphabet coverage!

  14. You made it all the way through! Kudos.

  15. Well done, you got them all in there. Good for you.

  16. I didn't know Xena was getting a reboot though I never watched the original anyway

    1. I liked Hercules better I'd say
      Back in the day

  17. Wow, you would consider A/Z
    after the crazy month of April
    but you did it very well
    with lots of frill!


    1. Being so far ahead
      It wasn't that hard to put to bed

  18. Not surprised even the littlest bit,
    That you're able to repeatedly rhyme all this s***,
    Rhyming words and letters is definitely your calling,
    I'd struggle to do it so much without bawling.

    1. Hey, your comments add together
      And a long rhyme you can weather
      Getting them all in
      With a rhyming spin

  19. The only Jacks I can think of are capain jack and jack and jill!

    1. Oh and it's also my dad's nickname. Does he count as a character? Lol lol

    2. lol Jack Bauer, Jack O'Neill, Jack Shepard, Jack, Jack Sparrow, Jack Carter, Jack Ryan

      Shall I stop tryin?

      lol you never know
      Could have is own show

  20. orlin N cassie....we is still waitin fora great re make bout de dood hiz self.... godzilla......afturr try number 89,200....we iz prette sure we will never.....make that NEVER..... see a good godzilla one ~~~~~~~~~~ ☺☺☺ ♥♥♥

    1. lol yeah, you are crap out of luck there
      Crap is all they can spare

  21. I guess we could create a new letter for you to rhyme.

    1. What would it look like?
      Which button would I strike?

  22. Remakes never impress me
    But I did like the redo of A to Z!

  23. A new way to learn the alphabet.

  24. Xena is being remade? I hadn't heard that. Dang.

  25. I like I
    this is about me
    and fire I like
    to ignite, that need
    to be lit!

  26. Huge blah to remakes
    Why is there a dearth
    Of original ideas
    On this great, big earth

    1. They all went away
      Not many, in the limelight at least, at play

  27. A to Z at your sea!
    Such fun for thee.


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