Glossary Of Me At Our Sea!

Are you confused daily at my sea? Well now I will help thee. The cat is so nice. I even do it for a free price. How will I un-confuse you? Why with a glossary of my zoo.

This you may need.
This is for you.
A glossary of my feed,
With things that come due.

Whelmed means fine as can be.
Not over and not under,
With its whelmed spree.
Whelmed I will plunder.

Feed means the thingy you clicked,
You know, the one to get here.
Nope, you aren't tricked.
Unless using Google's search gear.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo means more than one.
Could be an I don't care.
Or maybe said in fun.
But it has definitions to spare.

Pffffft means nonsense has come due.
It get used quite a bit.
Sometimes it is short to view,
Other times I go on a long pffffffting fit.

Blogland means blogs out there.
That one was easy as can be.
But I wanted to be fair.
Can't miss anything that could confuse thee.

Sea gets a calling here and there.
It obviously means where we reside.
There is a sea by our lair.
So there is no crossing any divide.

Look means read.
Hey, had to say.
See is the same at my feed.
Unless a YouTube display.

Thingy Magiggy means a number of things.
Can't really nail that down.
It could be trash with wings,
That flies over your town.

Finally, Little Rhyming Ass means all of me.
My actual ass doesn't rhyme.
Not even if on a gas spree.
At least it has no grime.

All better now? Did that really wow? Have you figured things out? Not confused by each shout? Or did I just confuse more? That is also fine at my shore. I think I'll go roll in the grass with my actual little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


    How's the lying mat?
    Did Hank win?
    Am I stuck in a bin?
    How's True?
    Did she hide my blue suede shoe?
    Many questions from The Goo
    And Scooby Blue
    Hey, it's Tuesday...
    Such a fun day
    When you don't have to teach at your bay...
    Grrrrrrrrrreat post
    From coast to coast!
    (Don't mean to boast)
    Have some toast
    Not a toad
    On the road
    Or a chick
    On a stick

    1. It could be true
      I have your shoe
      just follow the clues
      in shades of blue

    2. A clue
      From True
      About a shoe
      For Blue
      In the loo
      Sad but true
      Find in view
      Reach of cue
      May need new
      Boil in stew
      A shoe of poo
      All from True
      A gift so true
      Why not two
      Whoops, ruined for you
      Damn kangaroo
      escaped from the zoo
      And gave her your shoe

  2. Scooby Doooooweeeeeh!
    Means um.... fun at your sea

  3. How I enjoyed a glossary of thee,
    Cat and all at your sea.
    No Pat, me not comfused.
    Read with pleasure and utterly amused.


  4. Blue sounds like Dr. Seuss up there. :)

    They still teach the kids in school about glossaries. One day they probably won't though, because technology will zip up whatever they want to know. I'm sure even Google will be outdated in the future, and something better and faster will be in use. Maybe kids will just say, 'whoopdeedoo' and a technology lady will reply with various meanings and where it can be found in the material they are reading. lol!

    1. lol yeah, most likely that's the case
      Something new will solve every embrace
      Brains will get lazy as can be
      Dumber humans for all to see

  5. If your cat really could rhyme out his ass, you'd be famous. Although not sure I'd want to see Orlin's rhyming butt on t-shirts everywhere.

    1. lmao that cold be a trend
      Get us dough to no end

  6. I'm one to always use 'pfffft'. :D

  7. Haha now that made me laugh. What would the t-shirt say?

    "Gas & Sass"
    "Gas out the Ass"
    "Make it Rhyme -for a Good Time"
    "Make Time for a Rhyme"

    1. This was in response to Alex. I guess blogger wanted it to be a stand alone comment.

      Whoopdi Friggin Doo that is just fun to say any day!

    2. Little Rhyming Ass would work
      Whoopdi friggin doo is always a perk

    3. Little Rhyming Ass
      with crass and sass
      and maybe some gas .. Haha

      Ok going!

    4. haha watch for gas
      From the little rhyming ass

  8. More confused after reading this lot
    But think I understand how you work
    Rhyming all the time even in your sleep
    Is a good perk


  9. Pffft has always been my favorite
    I like it more than carrots.
    Fun to say, too.
    But that you knew.
    Laughed out loud at 'whelmed', though.
    That one really stole the show.
    I've been underwhelmed with some bloggers lately,
    can't even make it through their posts so stately.
    You know it's bad when half way through
    you yawn and say "goodbye to you!" haha.
    But 'whelmed' is so perfectly centered.
    Best new word I've ever heard.

    1. Pfffft sure comes in handy
      In the snow or if it sandy
      Whelmed just popped on in
      And went with it at my bin
      Now use it more than a bit
      Some just come and are a hit
      haha my eyes roll half way through a few
      As the repeat yapping comes due
      Or the I have nothing to say
      Yet they say a lot about it at their bay
      Whelmed I prefer to stay
      Any old day

  10. Definitions at Cat's sea
    Recognized by me and thee
    Toss the dice and let em roll
    Sounds like candy to the soul

  11. Glossaries are always helpful:)
    Good job.

  12. Rhyming ass
    passing gas
    let it pass
    play some jazz!

  13. Your very own glossary
    At your rhyming sea
    Is long overdue
    After 100 books from you

    1. The cat wrote it maybe at 90 books
      So does that make better hooks?

  14. Next book for Pat Hatt who has two cats will be, "The World According to Cassie and Orlin" and the words they use.

    1. Or Cassie and Orlin's Rules of Engagement.

    2. haha it may get crass
      Be R rated from my little rhyming ass

  15. I may never be un-confused, but that's normal for me!

  16. hi pat, how are you
    I see that daily theres something fresh from you

    1. Always on the go
      At least until next June with my flow

  17. lol thank you for explaining rhymes with more rhymes,
    But I think I'm able to understand you most of the times,
    You are quite the clever cat (or is this Pat?),
    Either way, your wordsmithing vocab is forever quite fat.

    1. haha rhyme upon rhymes
      Beats watching mimes
      Cat or Pat or Cassie too
      We three can confuse you

  18. Whoopdi Friggin Doo
    Times two from true

    1. Time three
      In the place to be

      Stole Blue's line
      Whoopdi Friggin Doo from the feline lol

  19. Well, that was informative. I agree with Betsy. "Whelmed" was the winner.

    1. Whelmed just came about
      Now here and there give it a shout

  20. orlin N cassie.....if we had ta eggz plane.... trout....
    for sure N troo lee... hell wood act shoo freeze over; ore...thoze tryin to figure out troo trout frum knot, wood wanna send uz ther ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

    1. lmao they may want to book you a one way trip
      But sure you'd all give them lip

  21. I had it all figured out but I'm smart like that.

  22. I'm glad you clarified the ass thing.

  23. Thanks for summing everything for the newbs. Now they have no reason to be confused.

    1. Until tomorrow's post
      When I go confusing at my coast

  24. well some great additions to the language
    what if no one is able to gauge

    1. Then they'd be crap outta luck
      And may pass the buck

  25. You are most kind
    To keep us in the loop
    A glossary helps
    To sort nuts from soup

    1. Hopefully no allergies are had
      Mixing nuts at ones pad

  26. I like Pffft. It seems to sum a lot up. Blog land is the place to least for me:)

  27. On the to do list now, get drunk all summer!

    Thank you.


  28. Without who is who
    any book not completed
    Whoopdi Friggin Doo
    never deplited

  29. Without who is who
    any book not completed
    Whoopdi Friggin Doo
    never deplited

  30. LOL ~ I missed this one, and it's lots of fun!
    Thingy Magiggy ~ Very handy word for Maritimers, especially when you can't remember the objects's name! Being a fellow Bluenoser, these things didn't confuse me; but there are plenty of times that I have to reread, and maybe reread more, to eliminate the head-scratching! Have a good one at your lair by the sea!

    1. haha the head scratching can still come due
      Hopefully you remained whelmed at your zoo


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