Gone Fishing, You Wishing!

The cat was out and about when he heard some nuts shout. They were going fishing in the sea. They were as happy as could be. Power to them I say. But to me, fishing is a big no way.

Sit in a boat.
Maybe with a goat.
It can help it float.
Didn't you get that note?

Hold up a rod.
Seeking shark or cod.
The former may be hard,
Get a boat the size of a yard.

So Jaws tells us.
You may also cuss.
Next bait the hook,
And hope fish give it a look.

There they swim below.
Not very in the know.
Swimming in their own crap,
And pollution by every chap.

Some glowing fish.
That is a wish.
A great snack.
Pollution can't lack.

Where was I?
Oh right, the fly.
The one on the hook,
Or maybe a worm you took.

Watch as they squiggle and squirm.
Don't you love a worm?
Pat got his sister to eat one once.
Yeah, that day she was a dunce.

Then after the baiting,
Comes the waiting and waiting and waiting.
Wow, that sounds so thrilling.
Did I mention you are filling?

Yep, filling to the flies,
And other bugs that fill the skies.
You go and give them a snack.
I bet you don't lack.

Then you get a catch.
Easier to play fetch.
What could have taken root?
Oh look, you caught an old rubber boot.

To fishing I give a big hell no. No way I will go. Plus the cat is allergic to fish, so it is not something we wish. Like to go fishing at your sea? It is right up there with camping for me. Meaning no way. But you got that at my bay. I'll go fish around the singing wall bass. He's the only fish that gets near my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. 5th #1 in June
      Rightly in bloom!


    2. Half of the month indeed
      Has now taken seed

    3. Good Morning Hank
      Good Morning Pat
      Good Morning Cat
      Good Morning Blue (where are you)

      Well, I used to do a bit of fishing
      once I caught a giant Red Fish
      pulling it out of the water was my wish
      he tugged and tugged and I reeled and reeled
      but, in the end he broke my line
      saved by fate, he was not mine (haha)
      on red fish I did not dine...
      would have been good with some red wine

    4. haha got away
      Not wanting to play
      Play in a dish
      One smart fish
      Could have made you choke on him too
      So probably better off at your zoo lol

    5. 'morning Pat
      and the Cat
      'morning True
      Yes, wonder where is Blue!


    6. Night here
      But morning growing near

      Blue is snoring
      Fishing is boring

  2. I have a fear of fish because about 30 years ago I saw a fish jump out of a lake and bite my brother in law on the nipple. It left teeth marks. Of course this was in West Virginia. True story!

    1. lmao I never heard of a fish doing that
      You guys should have started a trend, stat
      Nipple Fishing
      Perky nipples get more dishing

    2. I''l be having nightmares tonight

    3. lol a nightmare trend
      It has no end

  3. Gone Fishing, You Wishing!
    Getting all the winnings
    But a rubber boot?
    Sorry for that dude
    Got all others grinning!


    1. Grin one would indeed
      As a boot on the line takes seed

  4. My late husband loved sea fishing, Thanks for a wonderful verse which evoked memories of long ago.
    Have a great week-end.

    1. Glad it was grand
      Hope you have a great weekend too in your land

  5. I've been fishing and it could be fun!! If things are biting then it gets real exciting. Besides, you can always drink a bottle of wine!

    1. Pffft to all of that
      Much rather stay home with the cat

  6. Agree a hundred percent! So boring. Just go to the store and buy a fish. Much easier and then you don't have to clean the damn thing.

    1. Yep, waaaay easier to do
      Won't be bored to death too

  7. I've never met a cat allergic to fish! :) Not a fishing fan here. The kids go once in awhile, but usually because someone they like to spend time with has asked them. None of us has a big passion for it.

    1. Yep, passion is too strong a word
      All allergic too it and stick to meat of a bird

  8. It's fun when you catch something, but yes, boring overall.

    1. Boring as can be
      For what? A two minute catch spree

  9. Second visit here. Blogger ate my first comment:

    Fishing is not for me
    I'd rather play in the sea
    and make believe there's no pee
    as I scream with glee!

    1. lol good to make believe that
      Otherwise you'd realize there is pee and scat

  10. I'm not too big into fishing but I could get into canoeing down a river right now. I need a little relaxation.

    1. A canoe might tip
      That could ruin your trip

  11. Fishing to me has never had an appeal
    Didn't make me giggle or squeal.
    Mosquitoes, sweat and sunburn
    not to mention the smell of worms.

    1. Yep, all of those and throw boredom in
      And you sure don't have a win

  12. Watch two old men fish
    What a boring dish
    Watch two old men dance
    Stomp in a zany prance
    Watch two old men eat
    Soup must be their treat
    Watch two old men die
    Be sure to say good-by

    1. Maybe give a wave
      Or piss on their grave
      Hey, just watering it
      A little tiny bit

  13. LOL! I agree 100%+ with your comments on fishing! I went sea fishing several times off the coast of Southern California. Once we came across a small motor boat with a drunk guy by the motor and another drunk guy standing on the bow. The second guy was holding a rope with a shark hauled partway onto the bow. He was leaned over trying to kill it with a hammer. He had caught it by tying a big hook with a raw pork chop on the rope. He asked my friends if anyone had a gun to shoot the shark, and one of us (not me!!!) did. The shot shark was still flopping when the drunken fisherman dragged it into his boat. He grabbed at it, and that's when I learned that rubbing a shark's scales from tail to head can abrade one's skin, even drawing blood. We motored off leaving the bobbing motor boat and the two drunk fishermen with the dead shark and their beer. I often wondered what happened to them, because their boat was a good 18 or 20 miles off the coast. That was enough to finish me off when it came to ocean fishing! It's good to be home and have a chance to visit my blogging friends! Have a good one!

    1. lmao damn, gun nuts and drunks too
      Throw in a shark and it's Jaws the redo
      Might be more of a comedy though
      Could get a royality at your show lol

  14. Cat allergic to fish
    say that isn't so?
    I thought they went hand in hand
    but I guess that isn't always the case though


    1. Nope, allergic indeed
      As he gets itchy skin at our feed

  15. I agree with the cat today. Forget fishing. If I"m in a boat, I want it to go fast!!!

    1. Fast and get to where one has to go
      No fishing rods in tow

  16. I go fishing for tilapia with coconut crust
    In the meat section of a grocery store I trust

  17. It smells a little fishy at your bay today!

    1. Something rotten you say?
      Not Denmark a my bay

  18. I enjoyed fishing when younger, and would like to go again someday, but somehow I keep getting sidetracked.

    1. Just have to decide to do
      And then a fishing can ring true

  19. We are not fish fans here either!

  20. You make fishing sound so... awful! I used to love to fish and crab when I was a kid. Sometimes, we'd be out on the water before the sun even came up, and sometimes, we fished in the rain. We fished from all sorts of boats, and from bridges, piers, and the sandy shore. No matter how we did it, it was always fun and relaxing. Just being near the water made it worthwhile for me, even if the fish weren't biting. When they were biting, it was even better. Then we'd have a big fish fry when we got home. When my husband was still in the Army, our next door neighbor once woke us up in the wee hours of the morning to see if we wanted some fish. He'd just gotten home from a fishing trip, and he didn't feel like cleaning them. So we did. Sat outside at a big picnic table in our screened-in porch, and spent the next couple hours cleaning fish. Partly because we like fish, and partly because they were free. :)

    1. lol well free isn't bad indeed
      Guess some enjoyment can come to ones feed
      Just bores the heck out of me
      Plus I see enough water anyway living by the sea

  21. Went fishing once or twice, didn't bite, didn't go back!

    1. Got that out of your system indeed
      After it took seed

  22. fishing in the store
    I can give a vote
    all others I'll watch
    sometimes as sport

    1. Watching bores me too
      Better things to view

  23. No fishing here at our sea. Very boring. Have a good week end Pat.

  24. Hey Pat in the Hatt,

    You know you like to camp
    Get stuck in the damp
    A cat in a tent
    Heaven sent
    Unless it's a pup tent
    Catch an electric eel
    Such a shocking appeal
    No fishing for me
    That's plain to sea, um see.

    Gary, Gary, nary contrary...

    1. Yeah, run we would
      From the umm wood
      Screw the forest floor
      We'll stay at our shore

  25. I know lots of people who love fishing- but I haven't gone many times in my life. :)

  26. My Dad taught me to fish
    When I was a wee girl
    Used to do it all the time
    But it's been years since I gave it a whirl

    1. No whirling or casting?
      Boredom ever lasting

  27. My brother likes to go fishing and he brings me the trout because I like trout.

  28. I like to go fishing. Not so much with a goat in my boat, but maybe with my dog.

  29. not bad to catch a rubber boot and that

  30. Going fishing, no matter how much I try
    Is less fun than watching paint dry.

  31. It's a Hell No! for me too. I went once and when I realized I had to hook a worm, I was out. Even more so when I thought about having to unhook a nasty fish if I caught one. No. Thank. You!

    1. lol nasty it is indeed
      Throw in boredom and sure not a need


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