Just For You For A Umm Screw?

Who needs fireworks in the sky when you have your own girl or guy? You can make your own, bringing along a moan and groan. You don't have one of those? Let the cat save you from such woes.

I just literally can't even.
Is it odd that I'm leavin?
I am a Tom boy.
Any Tom's fall for your ploy?

I just moved back from back
Damn, that clears things up at your shack.
Super down on earth
So Mars has better worth?

Escape this prison with me
Sorry, jailbirds can't fly free.
Will up date soon.
So you down dated like a loon?

caht a 420 friendly gurl up
And lose brain cells becoming a pup
My friends tell me I'm a catch
So only friends you can fetch?

I try not to take myself to seriously most days
Can you point seriously out with a single gaze?
Not seeking "every day" fun
So just every other day you give it a run?

Always up for something high
Until you fall down and die.
Will you bring me into home
Not unless you go where the cows roam.

I have sticky note in my closet door
Beats have a sticky umm floor.
Dog camping is the best
Hmm a style you keep close to the vest?

Willing to wait to be complete
So you didn't come out nice and neat?
Let just get this out of your way
Damn, manual labor on display?

I turn polar bears white and I will make you cry.
Wow, you must have a rough time keeping a guy.
Product Information: this package contains...
Nut case free, so I don't care for the remains.

No pic? No dice. Look I rhymed.
Sorry, dead wrong with what you chimed.
I'm not one to talk about myself but...
Those 6 paragraphs say otherwise at your hut.

And there you are. You can now get a date at your sand bar. Some may make fireworks come due even if they scare you. No need to thank the cat. We are happy to do it where we are at. I never said you'd get upper class. I'm not that helpful of a little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. The 17th #1 in June
      Just as well it's end of the month!


    2. Got over half indeed
      Of the days that take seed

  2. Just For You For A Umm Screw?
    Do they really know what to do
    Aiming high
    With a sigh
    Reaping great success when due


    1. That they might
      Or success could turn into a fright

  3. Can turn polar bears white? That's a really lame super power.
    So glad I'm married...

    1. haha be glad indeed
      Scary what lame powers take seed

  4. I should of showed up sooner. First at seven and gloating would be my spiel but no I got to weigh in on this single spiel. Single is not all bad nor is it all good. Sometimes it is good to make the most of what you got.

    1. That you have to do
      Even if no #1 comes on through

  5. As the above comment so rightly say we ought to make the best of what we got and who we are.
    I did enjoy reading your verse but it's good to get things into perspective.

  6. Find a date
    Life's getting late
    Take Cat's advice
    Just cut a slice
    Roam the world
    With flags unfurled
    Seek a mate
    Chalk up with slate
    Did you get a winner
    Ashamed to take to dinner
    Does she lick the plate
    Can you see your fate
    Lesson number one
    I hope you learn a ton
    Be careful with your wishes
    Some cats do lick the dishes

    1. lol we've seen a mutt
      Lick at ones hut
      Probably seen a few
      As they do that upon view
      There they lick
      Can do it some slick
      Hmm mutts compared to a date
      No wonder Pat has no mate lol

  7. I am a full believer at being so glad for you have and just don't worry about what you don't have. I am just glad for a roof over our heads.

    1. One can easily be on the street
      So having a roof over your head can't be beat

  8. I get a date at my sand bar
    with summer construction:
    poor tires, poor car...

    1. Ugg went through that yesterday
      3 damn times every way

  9. I laughed out loud at the sticky note.
    I'm not sure that would make me gloat.
    I wonder what it said
    Could cause some dread.

    1. That it surely might
      Cause a scary fright
      Or with what is said
      Just proves they're brain dead

  10. We would be most happy to send our fireworks your way!

  11. Glad I'm not on the dating scene
    I would be afraid I would be too mean
    if some said some of these lines above
    while they were looking for a little love


    1. The cat would be mean
      As proven at our scene

  12. I'm with Alex. Glad I'm married and not on the dating scene.

    1. A better way to be
      Most any time at ones sea

  13. Redneck BBW seeks handsome rich prince

    About half the girls on there.

  14. I thought DATE was a four letter word.
    Oh, you haven't heard?

    1. Maybe I'm out of the loop
      Jumping through a hoop

  15. With that title, I thought you had gone to the dark side and got naughty. lol

  16. Definitely slightly guilty of saying lots of this crap,
    But a lot of it is constantly said online thus readily in my lap.
    I'm excited for this fireworky weekend with my mate,
    though it is a great time to be on a youthful date!

    1. I'd rather run far far away
      Then deal with those above on display

  17. Polar bears are not really white. My gr-kids have explained this to me in very scientific terms, which are correct.
    I am glad we got married. Just out of college, grew up together as we grew older.

    1. A good way to be
      Wow, never knew the white thing at my sea

  18. Sounds like a great alternative, I'll ask my hubby if he's so inclined. Bet you'll know that answer! :)

    1. lol yeah, that one is easy as can be
      There at your sea

  19. orlin N cassie......due ewe guyz ever stop & just say ta yur selves......damn we iz glad we iz cats !!!

    we sure due !!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    1. yep, we are glad for it every day
      Especially with the scary on display

  20. Glad I have my hubby and no more meeting toothless Joe

  21. All you lucky singles get to pick from that pool? Gosh, I am so jealous! Sounds like some real classy folks looking for a good time up there.

    1. Yeah, oh so great ones
      So great they give me the runs

  22. Once again you make me so glad
    Dating in my world is not to be had
    I couldn't handle that world today
    So happy to be married at my bay

    1. It is tough to handle indeed
      As the nuts take seed

  23. Well thank God
    I read this today
    Now I'll be ready
    To score at my bay

    I am laughing out loud because just as I read the word "fireworks" the fireworks at the neighbourhood park started exploding. What timing!

    1. Damn, that was sure in sync
      Maybe some unknown psychic link lol

  24. My dogs hate the sound of fireworks...
    it spooks them when they hear them in the distance!

    1. The dogs here do too
      They run and hide at our zoo

    2. No dating here for me. I'm just happy to be free. :)

    3. Free as a bird
      Sure isn't absurd

    4. lol did I reply to Mary's comment instead of the post??? Lolol. See, too many things at once. I need to slow down. ;)

    5. lol on the go
      As a reply did show


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