Tell Me A Lie On The Fly!

If I were to say that I tell no lies at my bay would I be lying on display? Are you sure about that? Care to share your answer with the cat? Wait a moment on it. I'll prove I don't lie one bit.

3 months ago,
Change came to my show.
It was change and then some.
For I picked a plump plum.

Yep, it was so ripe,
That it is hard to type.
Good thing I was far ahead.
This blog would have been dead.

By plum I mean numbers,
Then while everyone slumbers,
The impossible came due.
I won the lottery at my zoo.

It was a miracle indeed.
So amazing that it took seed.
50 million all for me.
I now have a huge sea.

A football field for a yard.
Mowing it isn't hard.
Hire someone for that.
I am a rich cat.

A room all for me,
With many a cat tree.
There I play all day.
Cassie even decides to play.

I gave a loonie to the bums,
As they stuck out their thumbs.
I'm not sure they liked that.
I think they cursed the cat.

Some searched me out.
I made them pout.
No sob story can fool me.
I just climbed my cat tree.

I built a underground compound too.
I can hide there if aliens invade our zoo.
I have enough food and water for 10 years stored away.
So I'll survive come what may.

I still have 30 million left.
It has such heft.
Can write all day.
No longer have to slave away.

Are you a millionaire too? Have a giant zoo? Are you jealous of the millionaire cat? What? I'm lying where I am at? You picked up on that did you? I guess I will tell a lie at my zoo. Or maybe I can blame the singing bass. He forced me to lie out my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Tell Me A Lie On The Fly!
    Not to confuse on the sly
    Won big money
    in the lottery?
    Problem deciding what to buy


  2. I haven't won any big money
    to that I can attest it is true
    if, so I'd be where it is sunny
    I go to work, to make some come due

    1. Work is the name of the game
      However tame or lame

  3. If you're a millionaire Cat, I'm coming to visit you.

  4. Nose is growing by the inch
    Lie and lie in a pinch
    To my neighbors I stretch the truth
    Especially one, known as Ruth
    It gets around the village quick
    Like Jack as he jumps the candlestick

    1. Do you burn your ass?
      Or does it happen to the other lass?
      Those candles can burn hot
      One may burn their bum a lot

  5. A lie
    On the fly
    Well... I'm rich
    Mongo is a bitch
    My fish is a cat
    I'm really a bat
    Girlbusters is a hit
    Reboots ain't full of shit
    ID2 was grand
    In Bora Land
    Facebook I adore
    Like it were a cheap ass whore
    Pardon my Swedish, mt French too
    My shoe isn't really blue
    It's green in the place to be
    And I've never heard of Scooby Dooweeeeeh

    So there it is
    Doing the lying biz
    Are you impressed at your box
    Did it beat sniffing ole socks?

    1. Look at you go
      With the lying flow
      A flip flop Blue
      Now Green in view
      Green with dough?
      Or green like a Grinch rip off show?
      Rebooting at your sea
      How low of thee
      Girlbusters is a hit?
      Damn, it beat out my shit

    2. How low of me
      You mean Scooby Dooooweeee
      When the flop flop Blue
      Starts a-lying to you

    3. A low dooooweee
      Beats high you see
      Won't hurt the ears
      Through lying cheers

  6. And I sold one million books
    A movie soon for all kinds of nooks
    No more 9 to 5 for me
    Vacation now for eternity
    I can lie, too
    And lie well, at my zoo

    1. haha that you do
      One million books and no work zoo
      Be nice if true
      And really came due

  7. My best lie is that I'm 29--forever. Only I believe it. Ha!

  8. I won 50 million too!
    I not only bought a mansion but a Ferrari in blue.
    I travelled the world and gave some money away.
    Now I have huge property taxes and debt, what can I say?
    The money is blown
    And I now moan
    Since I now have sold that big ass home
    And the car..I should have known.
    I am back to where I have started
    And the money and I have parted.
    Nah, it didn't happen to me
    I lied but we all have seen this, haven't we?

    1. You probably more than most
      As you work away at your coast
      Dealing with those who blow it all
      On some fancy artwork for the wall
      Pffft is all I can say
      As I stash most of my 50 mil away

    2. Blue sounds great
      In a Ferrari you're never late

    3. Get there fast
      May crash and add to the dead cast

  9. I wish you would had won. Actually, I wish I would win. I'd spread it around a lot.

    1. I'd spread it too
      But yeah, pipe dream at any zoo

  10. I would say thanks a million if I won!

  11. My email tells me I've won lots of money
    but most of it is just too darn funny
    to believe that I am a winner
    those that send those things are definitely sinners :)


    1. That they are
      Barely fooling a drunk at a bar

  12. Wealth to me is not the be all and end all in life,
    Great poem though.

  13. My lying begging letter is on the way!

  14. It would be nice to have 50 million, indeed. And that is not a lie.

    1. Nope, sure not one
      As be nice to have a ton

  15. Haha! It's such fun to think about what I might do, if I had a big lotto win. Most people don't handle the sudden wealth very well. Sounds like the cat has a good plan in place if he ever wins for sure. Might I suggest a positive pressure arrangement for that underground compound to keep out bad germs which the cat doesn't like?

    I haven't bought a lotto ticket in quite a while. My biggest win ever was $48. But the real win with the lotto is that the profits go to Colorado to preserve open space and support parks and recreation. The legislature is always trying to change the law to funnel the money elsewhere; but in 25 years of trying, it hasn't managed to do that. The only way the state got the lotto in originally was to designate the money to open space, parks, and recreation. So far voters are standing firm behind that designation. I've seen a lot of positive things come from that money, so even if I don't win with my ticket, I still feel I win.

    Have fun in your room full of cat houses! LOL

    1. lol I'll keep the positive pressure arrangement in mind
      Would sure work for the ocd of my behind

      That is grand that it gives back
      And not to some greedy money grubbing hack
      I won $110 years ago
      Haven't bought one in months though

  16. rich in words...that about covers it

  17. Such a cushy life! And no grass to mow.

    1. Would be nice to not mow
      Just sit back and watch the show

  18. But you said you'd share with me!!!
    Another lie at your sea?

    1. But I sent an email with directions to you
      I may have accidentally signed it King Abubu

    2. lol one a roll
      Digging a hole

  19. To win the lottery would be be a dream come true. It wouldn't solve all of life's problems, but would sure make living a lot easier!

    1. Yep, living would be much much easier at ones pad
      But there would always be crap to be had

  20. Would you believe someone who said "Everything I say is a lie?"

    1. Nope, not one bit
      As they just proved they're full of it

  21. Or we could call it embellishing:)

    1. Way way out in left field embellishing though
      Just so you know

  22. orlin N cassie....were that it waz troo ~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥☺☺☺

    1. Will it to come to be
      Then I could get a gold box in which to pee

  23. Too bad it's not true. Would surely be nice.

  24. Sorry that you really didn't win the lottery- unless you are lying about the lying. :)

    1. haha now there is a thought
      Could be lying about the plot

  25. Hey, if you won, you better share it with us Pat so we can all take a break, ha!!!!

  26. I'm a famous rapper.

    You believe me, right?

    1. Vegas here you come
      Oh wait, you were already there to hum?

  27. Winning 50 million would be fun. But telling lies is not nice. Now you wouldn't do that, would you, cat?

    1. Nah, never ever
      Who needs the lying endeavor

  28. No, no millions for me.
    All the chocolate I'd buy with it
    gives me glee.

  29. millions of pennies....


    1. No pennies here any more
      So can't have that at our shore

  30. I wish I was a millionaire,
    I'd be bounding about without a single care,
    I guess that's easy to say when you have no clue,
    could be just the same as my current zoo.

  31. with 30 million still around
    you need not go round and round
    square pegs will do

  32. 50 million
    That's a lot of loot
    Blue could afford a new shoe
    Maybe a boot

    The Cat could have
    Treats galore
    Endless toys
    And perks at your door

    Don't know what I'd do
    With that kind of cash
    But love to try
    And give it a bash

    1. Think we'd all love to give it a go
      I wouldn't let myself run out is all I know

  33. If you won the lottery everyone will want to be your friend
    and relatives will turn up that you never knew you had!

    1. haha and I'd tell them where to go
      That many know


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