Bushes For Tushes!

The cat read a new study as it popped up and it basically says you'd be better off going outside with your pup. Over using a public loo that is. The cat shall share the learned biz.

They are as nasty as you'd guess.
Unless you guess less.
Nope, bacteria packed to the brim.
But that is known unless one is dim.

Makes you think though.
As cellphones have more bacteria on the go.
Yep, more than a public toilet seat.
Enjoy the bacteria meet and greet.

Anyway, on with it.
This is sure some shit.
Need a hazmat suit.
Chuck everything in a garbage chute?

Human bacteria can be cleaned,
But an hour later it was screened.
It can recolonize that fast.
So clean is a thing of the past.

It can last for hours too,
And not just on the loo.
Nope, on the floor and wall.
Even the side of the stall.

Toilets seats are loaded.
Your germ fetish may be coded.
Gut and vaginal bacteria galore.
Now you know what's in store.

And if you live in a dorm,
Or some place where shared bathrooms are the norm,
Keep your toothbrush far far away.
Trust me at my bay.

For it has been found,
The fecal bacteria can surround.
It can fly up when you flush,
Landing on your nice white toothbrush.

Yummy to that.
Brushing your teeth with fecal bacteria scat.
Oh, and those hot air hand dryers?
They are also bacteria flyers.

If you suck at hand washing,
Germs you aren't squashing.
They will be blown around the loo,
All thanks to crappy hand washing you.

Ready to go in a bush like a mutt? Much safer for your butt. Unless poison ivy is there. Then you may itch for a while at your lair. Most of it was known but I figured I'd give it a rhyme tone. Now you are all wise as the fecal bacteria flies. I'll stick to the grass should I ever need to go from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. What how can this be
      number one at your sea
      as you are on a germ spree

    2. Good Morning Hank
      Good Morning Pat
      Good Morning Blue
      where are you?

    3. They must've slept in!
      Yes, yuck. That's why I wait until I get home. At least there it's my own germs.

    4. Good Morning Alex
      it's just you and I
      have a good day as
      now I must say good-bye

    5. Good Morning True
      Congrats to you!


    6. All morning in
      For a spin
      Going at home
      Better than when you roam

    7. Hello Trye
      I was snoring like Scooby Doo

    8. A new name
      Trye is the claim?

  2. A good yucky verse.
    Perhaps living alone has it's adventages after all.

    1. There is always an advantage or two
      To it at ones zoo

  3. I'm going to go wash my hands now

    1. haha the cat got a win
      A washing away germs at your bin

  4. This is why I always shut the lid before flushing.

  5. Nasty as can be.
    Especially if you have OCD.
    Those who are ignorant don't know
    so they just happily go! haha.

    1. haha ignorance can be bliss
      Until they get sick and hiss

  6. That is an icky subject. I think I will go wash my hands too.

  7. Bushes For Tushes!
    Rushing in marshes
    Even in places poshest


    1. All around
      It is found
      Run away
      Have a bushier day

  8. Into the bushes like a dog
    With the dewy morning fog
    Do your business in open air
    Green toilet paper's everywhere

    1. That may scratch
      If you grab an old leafy batch

  9. That's what my grandmother taught me
    Ever since I was extremely wee

    1. Avoid the public loo
      As it is just eww
      Good lesson to know
      At every show

  10. Now I don't really want to venture out
    in case I find myself having to go
    Don't want to put up with all those germs
    That is quite a show!


  11. Thanks for the great start to my day, Pat!
    Surrounded by yuckies wherever I'm at!

    Reminds me of the cleaners that hit my classroom when so many students and staff were sick. They scrubbed down all the desks, chairs, and counters in my room. I thought at the time, "Well, thanks, but that's going to work for about five nanoseconds!" Yeah, I got it too, down with the swine flu. I often had to get on the kiddos for laying their snacks on their desks (like fruit slices or pieces of cheese). I would tell them that they might as well go down to the bathroom and lick one of the toilet seats!
    Aahh, memories! LOL

    1. lmao school sure is germ central anywhere
      I stay far away from there
      My grandmother lies things on the table too
      Then eats them, just ewww

  12. Using a public bathroom makes me squirm. I don't like to do it, but I won't be going to the bathroom outside!

  13. I think these studies are made to torture germphobes. lol Exposure to some bacteria allows you more resistance than never having any exposure.
    That said, I avoid public restrooms and know the cleaner ones when in town. That said is my pet peeve of people not flushing the toilet or leaving paper towels on the floor or the counter because they are avoiding germs themselves. But it is somehow OK to share their filth.

    1. Yeah, some is good as it helps out
      But blah to what's in there about
      haha yeah those people are idiots too
      Can always use your foot to flush the loo

  14. Seriously, cell phones can be gross. I had someone hand me their's recently to say hello to who it was they were talking to on the phone. They had sweat marks on the screen from their face, ew. I put it on speaker and had a very cheery voice to try and deflect from the reason why. :)

    1. lmao yep, they can sure be nasty as can be
      Sweat stains won't get near the ear of me

  15. I was familiar with that info, but I suppose it's always nice to have it rubbed in your face... so to speak...

  16. Such a pleasant thing to think about! Sometimes when you're travelling though, the public loo is unavoidable. Blagh!

    1. Yep, that it can be
      But at least outdoors I can pee lol

  17. orlin N cassie...if mor peepulz used litter boxes like uz catz... then de shitz couldna fly...ore hit de fan...

    well, it could we guess... dee pendin on how much "cover" kick ya haz ~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

    1. haha it may kick against the wall
      Nasty looking to all

  18. Shit can fly kid
    So always close the lid.
    Don't take any helping of those loose mints
    Full of peas well, ick I say to those pale coloured tints.
    I never use my hand to open the door
    Unless I have a glove on, you never know what's in store.

    1. I use my foot to kick it
      If it can take the hit
      Otherwise shirt or wait for the next guy
      Then no germs shall fly

  19. Eeww! You paint a stinky picture.
    Thanks for the warning for sure.

    1. No problem at all
      Stinking things up at my hall

  20. I'm glad germs don't bother me much

  21. 1, 2, 3...wiped computer screen
    with your words on
    and my fingers typed NO.
    do it often though.

  22. Keep that bush away from me
    In the place to be...

  23. I think one can go crazy thinking of all the places bacteria lurks. I say take the usual precautions & don't stress about the rest!

    1. I precaution a bit more
      Then go on my way at my shore

  24. I get so grossed out when I see people who leave their toothbrushes out on bathroom counters. We keep ours securely hidden behind a tightly shut medicine cabinet.

    And I get even more grossed out when I see someone walk out of a public bathroom without washing their hands!

    1. Both are as nasty as can be
      Sure not done by me

  25. Everything has germs and I mean everything. Think it's clean? It probably isn't. I don't mind going to the bathroom outside, I've done it while camping but at least in the bathroom I don't have to watch out for flying insects trying to bite my ass. lol

    1. lmao depends on the bathroom though
      I've seen a few were insects did show

  26. Meh... doesn't bother me
    Thankfully I don't have OCD
    One can only do so much
    Then carry on with a careful touch


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