Cassie Cat And Orlin Kitty Take One Walk Through The City!

Ever have something pop into your head and it wanted to be said? Not sure why this popped in. It popped in when Pat was sitting on the loo at our bin. TMI for you? Bah, no such thing at our zoo.

Cassie Cat and Orlin Kitty
They both live in a great big city.
It's not so great and not so big,
But they can still dance a jig.

It is as easy as can be.
Even when bored out of your tree.
Not sure why you'd live in a tree.
That's not something you have to share with me.

Back to jig dancing here and there.
Why is that easy at our city lair?
A bar in every corner just for you.
They even have attractions to view.

Like the Hulk at the door,
Hulking out forever more.
The pee filled and dripping over loo.
I hear that is abstract art to a few.

And when that is over and done.
Prepare yourself for such fun.
You can go for a good long walk.
You may trip and fall if you gawk.

Or if you did one before two.
Outdoors is a much better loo.
So I guess one before two has a perk.
Not sure drunks walking can really work.

Get a mutt to guide you along.
Maybe whistle a cheery song.
Suck in those car fumes as you walk.
Maybe you'll get a tye dye Mohawk.

Last but not least comes fun.
It must surely be done.
You walk and drink.
My, that ought to tickle you pink.

Can a drink tickle and turn one pink?
Maybe Bigfoot is the missing link.
I don't know about any of that.
I'll just hideaway where I'm at.

Orlin Kitty and Cassie Cat.
Both stay where they are at.
It's not so big and not so great,
But it beats overflowing loos at any rate.

The cat just saw a few and it popped in at our zoo. Not sure why it did on the loo. Anything in your place more to do? Drink and walk. My, maybe throw in gawk. Seen one tree, you've seen them all. Unless your a dog at your hall. Then you have to mark each one you pass. That would be far too much work for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. ;b:NUMBER 2!;-b:
    Overflowing loos can be a bitch
    Walk in that stuff and feel the itch

    1. anything beats an over flowing loo
      Even a crummy laptop at ones zoo

    2. You may have a point
      At your joint

    3. And I'll raise you a Scooby Doo!

    4. With a great post
      From coast to coast

    5. Don't mean to boast
      Let's have some toast
      Not a chick on a stick...

    6. Or a frog on a dog
      With a hog in a bog

  2. My laptop was mended yesterday, but it is still getting over heated.
    Great as always to read Pat.

  3. Cassie And Kitty Walk Through The City!
    Taking it light and easy for all to see
    Avoiding the loo
    Keeping clean too
    Gallivanting freely without any worry


  4. Dogs certainly do have a job
    To mark each tree as they hobnob
    A sandbox would be far less work
    Relieve at ease without a quirk

    1. Go and bury it
      A lot easier to take the hit

  5. tickled pink, i've tinkled green after crashing the st patties scene, and i almost tye dyed the hawk - if just another few had passed the SOL for my class...

    1. haha now that would have been a sight to see
      A green mohawk sporting thee

  6. there are lots of 'abstract'
    at our parks and tracts
    to avoid one need to fly
    everywhere to comply
    with time line.

    1. Complying can be fun
      But so can the opposite way run

  7. Dogs are good at sending PeeMail!

  8. "Get a mutt to guide you along.
    Maybe whistle a cheery song."

    First time I read that I thought of the "mutt" being the one to cheerfully whistle. Interesting image, that.

    1. Could make a fun book
      A whistling mutt for all to give a look

  9. Dogs do like to stop and sniff
    At every tree they walk by
    Can be a little frustrating waiting for them
    That I will not lie


    1. Yep, can be a pain
      As they sniff every tree on the lane

  10. I've never had a pet. Maybe that's why I'm confused on this one!

  11. sounds like New Orleans
    gawk and drink
    and it's a zoo
    messy stuff
    that loo

  12. Hmmm, Pat, sounds like book fodder........

  13. Not interested in seeing that toilet with pee
    I have too many dreams like that, you see.
    My dreams are wonky to say the least
    I dream of dogs often, my favourite beast.

    1. Dreams that are wonky are fun
      As they pop in and give a run

  14. My male boxer will only pee on tiny little gravel rocks. Not on a tree or a patch of grass. He'll hold it forever until he finds some gravel to go on lol.

    1. lol well that is strange
      Hopefully there is some gravel in range

  15. Whistle a silly song you say?
    It's more fun to sing in a spoon any day!

    1. And dance like a loon
      Making your own cartoon?

  16. Hate the car fumes
    And the noise
    Need to flee
    With artful poise


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