Not A Way For Human Play!

The cat sees a few here and there. You humans try and pull it off a your lair. I just doesn't work. For humanity it isn't a perk. What is that? Why, it is why humans can't act like a cat.

Reason one is easy.
If you let things get breezy,
Going wherever you like.
You're ready for a slammer hike.

Reason two is simple.
From toe to pimple,
Licking yourself clean,
Is not something to be seen.

Reason three comes to be,
Because you can't go up a tree.
You need branches to climb.
You may as well be a mime.

Reason four is another,
That shall get an, "oh brother."
Watching you try and jump high,
And you can't do it on the first try.

Reason five gets messy,
No need to be dressy.
You can't knock everything on the floor,
And get away with it at your shore.

Reason six has its faults,
You do the cat waltz.
I.e. chase a little red dot.
Yeah, might not go over so hot.

Reason seven you do,
But may lead to a divorce or two.
Only give attention when it is good for you.
That may turn you black and blue.

Reason eight many take the bait.
Their ego rises at a huge rate.
If you think you rule all,
You may have a great fall.

Reason nine is here.
Humans may run in fear,
But if you do so from a vacuum cleaner,
You may be the next loony bin screener.

Reason ten is best.
It tops all the rest.
Sleeping anywhere and everywhere,
You just can't do at your lair.

And now you know why you aren't a cat. Even though many humans try such things where they are at. It doesn't quite work out the same way. No one is going to scoop your crap on display. Have you given any a try? May not want to admit it on the fly. And no, you can't be a singing bass. That would just hurt the ears of my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


    How's the soothing mat?
    Yep, the Blue Guy is back to play...
    Oh happy Sunday!
    Say... did Hank The Poetry Tank win
    Or am I stuck in a #2 bin?
    AsMy laptop
    Is a bit of a flop
    Slow as a turd
    I bet you heard...
    Is True on a roll?
    Did you reach that 1,000 books goal?
    Is Bora within reach?
    Am I still a poor ass teach?
    Many questions from The Goo
    And Scooby Doo.
    Hey, it's Sunday...
    Such a fun day!
    And may I say, 'Great Post!'
    From coast to coast
    While R's ass is still toast
    Not the kind you'd like
    I'd rather ride a bike
    Or take a hike
    Or polish my snore
    At the Blue Guy shore
    So off I go
    Enjoy the show
    Not a toe
    Or a chick
    On a stick
    Or a dog
    On a hog
    Or a toad
    On the road!

    1. R is toast
      Only at 104 at my coast
      They sure shall slow
      As broke-er ass-er I go
      Maybe if you free R
      We'll then go far
      Polish a snore
      Then go explore
      Find that treasure
      Be a pleasure
      Like a frog
      In a dog
      At a bog
      By a log
      On a hog
      With egg nog
      And a pog
      Playing with a Mog

    2. Is True on a roll
      as she takes a stroll
      walking is free, no toll
      seeking a wishing hole
      following dreams with heart & soul
      and perhaps, a bit of rock n' roll
      cat sleeping is a good goal
      find that hidden treasure scroll
      x marks the spot, cat dig a hole
      maybe, there is a big bankroll hahaha

    3. A bank roll for the ages
      Sure would fill life's needed wages

    4. I'd be happy with cash for life
      it sure would ease my strife..

    5. That it would
      At most any hood

    6. First I'll need to uncrash my frigging laptop... :(

    7. Stupid computer issues
      bring out the tissues

    8. Windows 10 is so great
      Why did I take the bait?

    9. lol you can keep it
      I ignored that shit

  2. Replies
    1. He only has one shoe
      the kangaroo took the other

    2. Still can sniff
      Get a good one shoe whiff

    3. Well, it beats sniffing a skunk
      Unless you're really drunk

  3. My boss thinks he can sleep anywhere.
    Now I know why I like my home best. Number one is not an issue there.

    1. haha number one can sure be done there
      I guess that's why he's the boss at your lair?

    2. Thought you went all WWE
      There at my sea

  4. Cats sure do have it going in their lives, or at least the ones that have homes. Sleep all day and eat whenever they feel like it. We just wish we could do that too.

    1. Yeah, that would be grand to do
      Although boring after a while at ones zoo

  5. Not A Way For Human Play!
    Matching nine lives any day
    Their 10 reasons
    Can cause concerns
    But not bullied without a say


    1. A concern that's gone
      As they trot across the lawn

  6. Thanks for the scoop, it's often needed here!

  7. Humans can't scamper up a tree
    Could get stung by a bee
    Fingernails slide down the bark
    Tried every tree in the park
    Scared of heights? Stay on the ground
    Perfect balance is most profound
    Fighting fires is a fireman's job
    Not rescuing a tree'd human slob

    1. haha yeah, stuck up there
      May be bare
      May be dirty
      Or may just want to get flirty

  8. No head-scratching with this one,
    just belly-laughing at the fun!

  9. My hubby wants to come back as a cat
    I shake my head and give him a pat
    On the head. He can sleep 12 hrs in a day.
    He likes to preen, what more can I say?

    1. Hey, nothing wrong with that
      Come back as a spoiled rotten cat

  10. I like to swim
    Cats do not
    I like to sleep
    But not a lot
    I do not own a fur coat
    Guess I will let cats gloat

    1. Cats can gloat
      And no need for a boat
      The cat does like water
      Can swim like an otter

  11. I can’t be a cat
    You’re right about that
    But I still like to play
    the human way.

    VR Barkowski

  12. Black and blue
    Is no fun, it's true.

  13. Licking myself?
    It sounds like fun action.
    Cat? It's easy.
    Me? End up in traction.

    1. But you may not curse
      If you find a naughty nurse

  14. Licking myself?
    It sounds like fun action.
    Cat? It's easy.
    Me? End up in traction.

  15. I really wish I could sleep anywhere and everywhere, and any time I want, not having to go to work!

    1. That would sure be nice
      But I wouldn't want to hunt mice

  16. I can't be a I has a sad.

    1. Sad at your zoo
      At least in litter you don't have to poo

  17. Wouldn't want to be a cat
    A bit too lazy for me
    Like a little mor activity!


    1. Humans sure need it
      Or health takes the hit

  18. Not to mention we'd get hot in your fur.
    That would make me cranky for sure!

    1. That would sure suck
      One would rather be a duck

  19. Ha, these reasons definitely make sense!!

  20. Not being, but having,
    not sleeping, but yawning
    all day long
    cat's meow song
    morning to evening

  21. If only cats could talk
    I'd wonder what they'd say.
    With the likes of me and you,
    Writing about them every day.


  22. one reason is as good as that
    if you are scared of a rat

  23. The critters in my yard feel the same way
    They can do as they please every day

  24. Sometimes I think it would be great to be a cat. Except for those occasional hairballs, it seems easy going for them.

    1. Yeah, that is pretty much it
      As they sleep, run and sit

  25. I've always said
    I want to come back as a cat
    Sleeping and eating
    Who can beat that?


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