Not Writing As Fireworks Are Igniting!

The cat knows you use the holiday and those sparkly things as an excuse. Maybe even off drinking some cactus juice. Or sitting in the sun. All summer you use that one. But there are more important excuses to be had for why you aren't writing at your pad.

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Why don't you write?
Maybe too sunny and bright?
Maybe Youtube is on.
Cat videos are a con.

But that we know.
Sometimes you're on the go.
Time is surely a factor.
As is getting run over by a tractor.

Cat on the keyboard,
No writing is stored.
Jeeberish maybe.
Hey, don't blame me.

Don't pay the internet bill.
Bah, that one doesn't thrill.
You popped a pill.
Now you need your umm fill.

Spilled water from your cup.
Bah, that will be slurped up.
It can be done by kids or pups.
What stops writing is the hiccups.

Family in the way.
That happens any old day.
A peeping tom watching you.
Now that can make you stew.

Computer goes boom.
We've all had that doom.
But when your computer talks back,
That is when writing may lack.

Something on TV.
That can make writing flee.
But what is worse for thee,
Is when the TV runs free.

As in it falls and crushes you.
Then no writing will come due.
But then you'd have to get off the couch.
Maybe you find a pearl in a pouch.

Yipppeee, you're a millionaire.
No writing needed at your lair.
Fat chance on that.
Better odds of going splat.

Any other excuses I missed? Flattened by a TV would leave some pissed. If it were a small TV it may not be so bad for thee. Now you have many more than just a holiday and fireworks. Don't excuses have perks? I can just say I'll roll in the grass, have a bad case of gas or I'm off annoying Cass. All work for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Happy 4th of July.
    See fireworks in the sky
    Everyone is sleeping in today
    Early bird doesn't pay

    1. Sleeping in they did
      Away they hid
      Not fur us
      Up at 6, no muss, no fuss

  2. I don't think there's a good excuse for fireworks, yikes! Happy Independence Day!

    1. Yeah, probably not
      As those use them who suffer from brain rot

  3. I can't squeeze it in. Between work and home I'm exhausted and falling asleep by the time I pick up the computer. I recently had the (not so) bright idea to condense 10 things had to review into one. I had people saying, 'hurry up' and 'when will you be ready' and I forgot two numbers, lol. I'm def. not doing well w/time management. ;)

    1. lol damn, that is annoying as can be
      As the time runs away from thee
      But real life has to win
      Even if it does blogger in

  4. I loved fireworks as a kid. I still love them. But they do scare the pets which is not good. I live in a military town and some service members with ptsd don't do well with the sound either. Anyway, the food is better for Cinco de Mayo. lol

    1. haha the food sure will be better for many
      As with fireworks there need not be any

  5. Fireworks will be on display
    just as the sun goes down today

    Slept late that I surely did
    dreaming away behind my eyelid

    1. Dreaming away is grand
      Beats the 9-5 land

    2. saw the fireworks. what a display
      that was a spectacular way to end my day

      good night cat
      sleep well at your mat

    3. Glad it was grand
      There at your land

  6. Wow, now we have all kinds of excuses to choose from for not writing. Grin.

    1. haha easy as can be
      To avoid a writing spree

  7. Replies
    1. The dog itself would be one
      As it wants to go for a run

  8. Well, you are certainly someone who knows how to get writing accomplished no matter what, since I'm reading your 100th book! You're absolutely right; you have to make writing a priority and ignore the distractions. One of mine is "It's so hard to write when I'm traveling!" Although I've been known to type in a hotel bathroom or other odd perches. You always inspire me, Pat! Have a happy day where you're at. Me, I hope to see some fireworks in the distance. We're not going anywhere this 4th, and I'm happy just to be relaxing at home. Oh, there's another favorite excuse: "I have so much I have to do!" LOL Ridiculous excuse!
    Take care, my friend!

    1. lol so much to do
      As you relax at your zoo
      Well relaxing has to be done
      You sure do travel a ton
      Much harder to write then
      When away from your den
      100 sure has come due
      Got another 6 or so in progress too

  9. I think you covered all the excuses
    not only for those who don't want to write
    but for life in general with things we might not want to do
    and just laze away through the night


    1. Yep, we try and avoid at will
      Finding an excuse to fit the bill

  10. Have a happy holiday, cat.
    I've been writing today, what do you think of that?
    Staying inside out of the heat.
    Watching the ball game can't be beat.

    1. A good way to be
      Been writing too at my sea

  11. The fireworks have been going off for a week here. Good thing it doesn't bother the dog. He could care less.

    1. The cats could care less too
      They just sleep at our zoo

  12. Have a great day Pat.....and the cats.

  13. I'm not not writing away today
    But tomorrow - still, not not writing is the way
    To you and the cat, a happy not not writing day!

    1. Not not writing day
      Could be a thing in May

  14. Squirrel!!!

    That's my excuse
    Happy 4th

  15. Brother Bill's excuse, best one of all: my horse ate my homework. Then he handed his English book to the teacher. It had a big horse sized bite.

    1. Did the horse actually do it
      Or was he the one that faked it being bit?

  16. Ah, yes. Let me count the ways I can put off writing. I like to blame my family. Like today. I have to cook all kinds of stuff because it's a holiday and what else do you do on a holiday, but eat. . .lots!

    1. Eating and cooking are sure some
      As not doing it may make some glum

  17. Ah, yes. Let me count the ways I can put off writing. I like to blame my family. Like today. I have to cook all kinds of stuff because it's a holiday and what else do you do on a holiday, but eat. . .lots!

  18. One can always find a good excuse for not writing or doing anything else you don't feel like doing. Happy Fourth to you Pat.

    1. That they can do
      Excuses sure shine through

  19. Don't feel like writing?
    Well, that could be frightening.
    But, far worse, I fear....
    I'm all out of beer!

  20. Not Writing As Fireworks Are Igniting!
    On the road mode and just not lurking
    Perhaps a sore finger
    Excuse like any other
    Summer fireworks can be tantalizing


    1. Sore fingers can suck
      On the road too can pass the buck

  21. Problems writing? If not for the timing, I might have thought my own post influenced this. haha

    1. haha written a year ago
      So that would be a no

  22. Yes we make any excuse for anything we should do or even want to do but never would we ever say the truth......rather just sit and do something else

  23. You can whine with the excuses
    or just do it.
    If you really want to write,
    then just prove it!

    1. That is the way
      Dump the excuses in the bay

  24. Excuse does not help us all the time. Do the work.

    1. Work has to be done
      Or away the excuses shall run

  25. I write every single day
    Never run out of things to say
    But shot fireworks too
    Cuz I had to at my zoo

  26. I tend to write best
    When deadlines are nearby
    Otherwise too much rewriting
    Prefer it on the fly

  27. We host and attend too many gatherings for the holidays, writing just doesn't get done here. Wanted to put something up today, but I'm still recovering from all the celebrations.

    1. haha the life of a Holiday Nazi
      Out getting too much glee

  28. I didn't write with fireworks booming
    the dogs were scared and wouldn't let me!

    1. Dogs hate them everywhere
      At most any lair


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