Sure I'm Right At My Site!

There are many out there and I have done one or two at my lair. But this one you should know. The cat may get shot at his show. So if I go down in a blaze of glory go and tell my story.

Some are dumb.
Some are eerie.
The rule of thumb,
To the conspiracy theory.

This one is true.
Trust little old me.
I wouldn't lie to you,
With any old spree.

It's going around.
It has been scene.
It can be found,
And isn't serene.

You will know,
You will see.
When done with my flow,
I'll have enlightened thee.

But it could bring danger.
It could get you killed.
So don't trust a stranger,
Or you may get land filled.

What is it?
What have I learned?
It may cause a fit.
Some could get spurned.

It is not complex.
It is not easy to say.
But there is no need to flex.
Hold on at your bay.

Here is my findings.
Here is my notes.
Read the inside bindings,
Don't trust the goats.

That is right.
They sit and stare.
Day and night,
They are aware.

Goats report back to the man.
They tell everything you do.
That is their evil plan.
Goats are ratting on you.

Don't go near a goat ever again. They are spying on your den. Pull the shades and hide away. Goats will get you best in the light of day. Did you know this about goats? They watch you and take mental notes. Then the man takes those notes out of their head. They get everything you have said. My tin foil hat is on straight with this pass. You can trust my goat outing little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Some evil goats. I was aware of the gansta cows, but not the squealer goats.

  2. A goat is watching via remote
    tell me does he travel in a boat
    would he cross a castle moat
    does he wear a grey coat
    would he bite someone'a throat
    does he have an antidote
    tell me cat, I'm taking notes
    give me a clever rhyming quote
    or is this spy a scapegoat

    I came and had my say
    now, I must start my day
    come what may...

    1. This is my second time trying to post, the first one was gobbled up by a blogster thug...he stole
      my words..haha..or would that be those spying time I will leave a nasty note for them to chew on...

    2. lol the blogger thug
      Pulled out the rug
      The goat then ate it
      Ain't that some shit

      A clever quote
      Something of note
      All mine may be crass
      Umm Goats poop grass?
      Was that clever
      Whoops, pulled the wrong lever
      If life were easy we'd all shit pots of gold
      Isn't that a better one to take hold?

    3. That one is clever
      with a pot of gold endevour

    4. A clever cat
      How about that

  3. Goats are hilarious, if you ask me.

  4. They do have big eyes, like they're watching everything you do. I saw a cute goat on a boat though, here at your zoo. :)

  5. And they are kinda stinky too.

    1. At least not as bad as cows
      Their stink can burn your eyebrows

  6. The last goat I saw
    bit my son's leg raw
    and made him scream
    like it was a terrible dream
    but it was all too real
    as his leg bled and peeled
    won't go near them any day
    soon here at our little bay

    1. A good way to be
      Avoid a biting spree
      They are just mean
      And oh so obscene

  7. We seem to be overrun with dumb these days!

    1. Dumb all around
      Sure isn't hard to be found

  8. My poodle talked pretty dirty to a goat and it did not forget it. I would deliver some food for animals that a grocery would donate to a refuge and the goat was there everytime. Not for food, he wanted to hassle the 9 pound poo boy who was more than ready to tell him off again.

    1. haha wanted to get pay back
      Telling the poodle off with a whack

  9. Goats do like to be in charge. And they will take on a dog and chase cats too.. We used to have three of them.

    1. Wow, you had a whole farm
      They sure can raise an alarm

  10. Not many goats here
    that I have seen
    so I think I might be safe
    at least at my scene


    1. Safe from a prying eye
      As on the neighbors you spy

  11. I love the taste of goat meat! I used to buy it at a little Spanish restaurant.

    1. Never tried it at my sea
      From you goats may flee lol

  12. Sure I'm Right At My Site!
    Goaded by the Goat's plight
    They take charge
    For by and large
    Pack a wallop with all their might


  13. Goats are super creatures
    Some are even preachers
    They teach the earth wisdom wise
    Always filled with some surprise

    1. Surprise like a whack to the ass
      Then off to chew some grass

  14. Haha! Now I've heard everything when it comes to conspiracy theories. Kids are so cute, but adult goats are scary! Be wary!

    1. They can ram and bite
      They sure like to fight

  15. Okay, so goats are a little bit "pushy," I must admit, but hey! They'll eat your grass! Beats having to push a lawnmower around. Then again, they'll also eat your flowers, your bushes, your shoes, tin cans...

    1. Maybe the lawnmower is a cheaper bet
      Than having one as a pet

  16. There are so many conspiracy theories but the goats, now that's a new one for me.

  17. ha, even if goats are ratting me out- don't even care. They are so funny and I'm obsessed with them. And for the rest of these, I love giving me a reality check before reason gets away from me!

    1. A reality check is a good thing to do
      Before the conspiracy is upon you

  18. Sneaky little goats! Spying on all we do!
    And I thought they just wanted to head butt you!

  19. orlin N cassie...18 cents anda sack oh friez say de bass terd deer who tried ta steel R car started sum kinda mess with goatz...ewe noe how it iz when animalz talk with one we iz now......oooopz ...due we knead ta go inta sekrit code mode ~~~~


    heerz two a yellowtail catfish kinda week oh end ~~~~ ♥♥♥♥

    1. Yeah, those deer are probably in on it too
      As they spread about words untrue

  20. What? You're telling me we can't trust even a goat?
    That is the saddest thing I ever wrote.

    1. haha nope, can't trust them one bit
      They are all in on it

  21. And never put a goat in a boat or it may not float!

  22. Glad you're right at your site.Great verse as always.

  23. First these beasts are compared to the devil
    They never seem to be on the level.
    Now the goat is a fink
    Is any animal safe? What about the mink?

    1. The mink may need to run
      As some humans find mink coats fun

  24. Mental notes of someone who peek in the hole.. -
    not my or your business at all!

  25. laughed out loud...
    won't trust a goat crowd!

  26. I knew those goats
    Were up to no good
    Sneaky little beasts
    In the billy 'hood

    1. Have to watch them all
      As they give the hairy eye ball


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