Take A Bite On Sight!

Do you ever stop and think of how dumb some insults are? I'm sure you do or just end up getting insulted at your sand bar. Which is worse? A dumb insult curse? Or being so dumb you get insulted by dumb? Should that be a rule of thumb?

Did I call you dumb?
Cursing me and then some?
While bite me!
Do you see?

Bite me I say.
Quite the display.
If you bent and bit,
Actually doing it.

Hurt me more than you.
Unless on a bone you chew.
Then you may break a tooth.
Hurt you more in a dentist booth.

Or if a dirty person says it.
Then you may regret that bit.
Could catch the plague.
Rather the insult be vague?

Like a pretty finger,
That some let linger?
We've been there.
A finger. Wowweeee. Like I care.

And then there is F*** You!
That makes many stew.
Hmm wouldn't that be a good thing?
Unless you are snip snip at your wing.

Or the insult is from an unattractive mate.
Maybe the other side of the swinging gate?
But most times it would be a thrill.
And hey, may just fit the bill.

Or go F*** yourself.
Unless you are a good little elf,
Been there, done that.
More insulting to pelt scat.

Also we got dumb ass.
That insults in mass.
Who cares if your ass is dumb?
It sits on toilets and then some.

Not like it needs a brain for that.
Let your ass be a dingbat.
It can be as dumb as can be.
Now dumb brain should offend thee.

Dumb brain doesn't have the same ring though. Still, more insulting when you come down to it at your show. Get insulted by the dumb? Hope you don't suck your thumb. So even if the so called insult is crass it doesn't mean you've been insulted even by my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's it, the July tally of #1
      Finally total of 18 for the month


    2. Well over half indeed
      On a roll at my feed

  2. I've been insulted many times,
    But my brain is far from dumb.
    It may be Epiletic,
    And will will be til Kingdome come.

    To those who have unsulted me,
    It's the work of the devil.
    I take it on my shoulders,
    After all I don't have to come down to their level.

    Good read Pat.

  3. That's funny that we never do use 'brain' in an insult. But I have heard some lame insults like stupid head!

    1. haha yep, stupid head I've heard too
      Makes them sound like the stupid head for using it on you

  4. Take A Bite On Sight!
    And just play it right
    Insult is a 'poke'
    Take it as a joke
    Day will remain bright


    1. That it will
      Ignoring any ill will fits the bill

  5. Just what is a dingbat anyway? A bat with a bell?

    1. haha yeah, that makes no sense at all
      I've used it though at my hall
      Rhymes well
      So what the hell

    2. I guess you need to ask Archie Bunker..haha clever this morning Alex

    3. He could explain
      Used it many a time at his lane

  6. Who cares if your ass is dumb
    Definitely a plus for some
    A talking ass is soooo annoying
    You notice people go deploying

    1. They talk out of it
      Proving they are full of shit

  7. Alex made me giggle! I don't get insulted easily though!

    1. Yeah, insults tend to be dumb
      So just turn it around on the chum

  8. Alex, now that is one funny comment. Ding bat is one of my favorite sayings and just never thought about what it was. A bat with a bell sounds correct.

  9. Get insulted at times
    Doesn't bother me so much
    People who do it
    Are really out of touch.


  10. They are all dumb, really,
    and can't be taken literally.
    That would be bad
    and a little sad.

  11. Well at least being a dumb arse is better than being a fat arse.
    But I digress, I am still on yesterday's topic.
    If someone sends an email to a cat, aren't they a dumb arse thinking the cat will not ignore it. Eh, my Canadian matey.

    1. That is true
      No fat there at our zoo
      Well if it is one I can make fun of
      I may use the blog to show it some love

  12. Yes I was insulted sometimes but really nowvIm nit worry by these people. Many nuts here and there...

    1. Nuts sure are everywhere
      Just ignore them at ones lair

  13. On fb I've said, "The dumb is strong with this one." Because the dumb really does shine through.

    1. Facebook sure lets the dumb shine
      Along with some whine

  14. I enjoy occasionally mulling
    Why some words are considered insulting
    And why people think it appropros
    Over rudeness to be exulting.

    1. Yeah, it is weird indeed
      What some allow to take seed

  15. Got insulted? Get insight!
    What triggered the dumb tongue?
    something in ourselves,
    dingbats or elves...

  16. I've been told to take a pill.
    I would never take a pill unless I was ill.
    I've been told to go to hell.
    I just say, I'm there, I'm seeing your face..oh well
    It did the trick
    Made them snort, turn round and leave...what a prick!

    1. lol good retorts sure came due
      There from you

  17. Snip snip you say?
    Well, maybe not today

  18. Go to hell is always a funny one for me.
    Probably because I am the Halloween Nazi!

  19. Sometimes the insults
    Don't reach my tongue
    But stay in my head
    Unless I pop a lung


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