The Best Way Here Today!

Humans need advice by the ton and the simplest answer is usually the right one. So the cat will help you out today. At least I'll pretend to anyway.

The best way,
Comes to play.
In many a way,
The best shall play.

The best way to,
Here are a few.
A few you know.
But you need tell and show.

The best way to write a book?
You need to write at your nook.
Woweeeee, wasn't that grand?
You now know and can take a stand.

The best way to find if your product will sell?
Well, try and sell it where you dwell.
Woweeee, another grand one from me.
And I'm doing this all for free.

The best way to become a teacher?
Teach and don't become a preacher.
Woweeee, look at me go.
That is three in a row.

The best way to learn?
Read and do at every turn.
Woweeee, I'm on a roll.
Glad I can help humans get out of a hole.

The best way to know if a date will be good?
Is to go on the date at your hood.
Woweeee, this is getting scary.
I hope your dates aren't really hairy.

The best way to get some rest?
Is to go rest to get back your zest.
Woweee, who knew you'd just need sleep?
Oh right, I did at my keep. 

The best way,
Came to play.
Had its say,
And went away.

Did it sink in?
Is your head in a spin?
Woweee, that is cool.
When your head spins, don't drool.

The cat will now go take a rest. He is tired after telling you each ways best. Did some you know? Did some make a light bulb glow? Hopefully not the later is the case. That would be a rather bad embrace. The best way for me to give sass? That is to be a little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. My rest is done
      I get up with the sun

    2. Number one you are
      Like a bright blue star

    3. Good morning Truedessa
      Congrats for being the star!
      Being No.#1
      It is fun!
      Worth being up early by far


    4. Got on in
      For the win
      Blue still snoring
      Hank off exporing

    5. I like blue stars
      twinkling from afar

    6. A blue star stare
      May bring a car blare
      Take care
      Be aware when you stare

    7. A Bora star
      Is like candy in a jar

    8. Rot your teeth?
      Hide beneath

  2. You could have charged 300 bucks a line for all of that sound advice!

    1. Damn, saying I'd be rich?
      Ain't that a bitch

  3. The best way to become a teach, you say?
    Well, I just whip their butts at my bay
    No phones or wise asses too
    Or I let them sniff my one blue shoe
    It's easy and so it should be
    And I'll raise you a Scooby Dooweeeeeh!
    Not a car on a star
    Or a train in the rain
    Or a phone on a bone
    Or a house up a mouse

    1. Whip them into shape
      Do you wear a cape?
      Cu through the red tape
      Or would that be blue like a scary ape?
      A phone on a bone
      Now there is a gutter tone

    2. My suit is my costume, Cat
      Black or dark blue but still no hat
      It scares colleagues and lazy students too
      It's fun to watch at my blue guy shoe

    3. haha scaring them all
      By dressing to the hilt at your hall

  4. Look at you, cat!! Giving valuable advice to all of us readers. Now to go home and get that rest you speak of. Lol

  5. One can learn much from a cat,
    As you may well know.
    Right now i'm hoping for cooler weather,
    For example a downfall of snow.

    Just to get a cool nights rest,
    Would of course be great.
    I hope your cats are keeping cool.
    It was 95 degrees...something I hate.

    1. Yeah, it sucks a ton
      When the run does run
      Inside you sweat
      Blah says this pet

  6. The Best Way Here Today!
    Free advice did you say?
    Just do it
    The best fit
    Leave them all in dismay


  7. That is the answer, just try what ever. Plus it is such a good idea to take lessons from the cat.

  8. He is so wise for being a cat
    Would he give the same advice to a rat?.


  9. Nike needs you
    there's a slogan tucked in the rhyme
    if you don't try, you will rue
    so get out there and do

    IT (in your hood)

    1. Do it
      Some fit
      But bit by bit
      Can be the shit

  10. Good Morning Blue
    always stay True
    Good Morning Hank
    and thanks
    Good Morning Cat
    and your friend Pat

  11. That sleep one doesn't always work for me
    The Cat will have to polish that to earn a fee!

    1. May have to polish it up
      No coffee in a cup

  12. Best way is subjective

    worst ways are more true

  13. Squeak up, are you man or mouse
    Or just another lousey louse
    There comes a time to have your say
    Ignore the others in your way

    1. And push them in a ditch
      Ain't that a bitch?

  14. Now where is my comment. Ruh-roh, wrong day mate.

  15. The best ever advices
    don't trade on ice-s
    just leave a comment below
    and keep on the go!

  16. Oh yea, most humans I know are really simple!

    1. Simple in many a way
      Lucky if they can get out of bed at the start of the day

  17. orlin N cassie.....inn deed thiz bee time we tried ta sell sand seered salmon...nada...noe ree questz...noe customerz...nothin...then we eated de sand seered salmon R self..... N it tasted like...soundz like sew much for $#hittee sand seered salmon !!!!!!!


    heerz two a crocodile icefish kinda week oh end ..we bee off line fora few ♥♥♥

    1. That sounds rather sandy
      Not something to keep handy

  18. The best way
    Is my way, of course
    I'm always right
    An intractable force. :-)

    1. And if one were to neglect
      Would you be the immovable object?

    2. Ha! Yes
      How did you guess?

  19. Everyone has a better idea. Until you take their advice and it leads to a screw up. Then it's all your fault, and your fault alone. Learned that lesson a long time ago. :)

    1. haha yep, avoid advice
      As it comes with a price

  20. I will take your advice and get some rest to give me some zest, smiles!

  21. I don't give advice. I'd rather someone fail on their own than have them blame me for their failures.

    1. haha yeah, that is true
      As the blame would sure shine through

  22. The phrase "Just Do It." came to mind
    I guess that is what one needs to find

  23. You're a wealth of knowledge, Cat.
    Should be your next book with all of that!

    1. lol non fiction you say
      Haven't gone into that foray


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