The Crazy Plot Of Cheap Or Not!

The cat is as cheap as can be. No need for big fancy toys for me. Just give me the box that it was in and I'm quite happy at my bin. Get where this is going? On with my flowing.

Cheap it is.
A nasty biz.
You can't buy cheap.
Not in any heap.

It will be no fun.
Not worth a run.
Hell, not worth a thing.
Not even a fling.

Spend that dough.
High not low.
Spend it all.
Get art for the wall.

Spare no expense.
Don't be dense.
Get the very best.
It always passes the test.

Cheap won't thrill.
Your wallet may fill,
But that will be it.
Don't buy cheap shit.

Screw the wallet.
Go and call it.
Call the expensive place.
Let go of your cheap embrace.

Purse is that same.
Filling it is lame.
Don't go buying cheap.
Dig down nice and deep.

Whip out that card.
It isn't so hard.
Buy the best around.
Did you hear that sound?

The sound of the best.
You ignored the rest.
You bought the top dog.
Whoops, still eats a brown log.

But it was tops.
Who cares if it flops.
Top of the pile.
The best by a mile.

The cat knows a nut that always needs the best. He's in debt worse than the rest. Yeah, that is sure the way to be for things like TP. You can't go cheap there. Can hurt the butt crack at ones lair. Always the expensive one are you for everything at your zoo? Give the cat a box and some grass and I'm a happy little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. The Crazy Plot Of Cheap Or Not!
    Cheap doesn't last, quality sought
    Kind to the wallet
    But getting trinkets
    Only realized after being bought


    1. Yep, learn the hard way
      After spending your pay

  2. My husband is really cheap, but I too draw the line at TP and paper towels.

    1. haha yep, those need to be good
      To be used at ones hood

  3. The saying "Cheap is Nasty" is not always true, If I can find a cheap bargain I'll get it.

  4. I usually go for the mid-price deal!

    1. Some good things can be found
      In the middle ground

  5. I try to be cheap on most things
    But some just has to be the best
    Like certain types of food
    Are better than the rest.


    1. That they surely are
      As knock offs belong on the floor of a bar

  6. Oreos are Oreos, never cheap out on cookies
    or Glad Wrap cling
    if you go cheap
    you will sing


    1. Sing what the umm fluck
      As you press your luck

  7. We should all be as easy to please as a cat.
    They're happy with good food, tasty treats, and chasing a rat.
    No credit cards to put them in debt.
    Just an occasional trip to the vet.

    1. Although the vet can put a human in debt
      As the bill is set

  8. We are not always fans of cheap but sometimes it happens!

  9. I so remember the day
    When boxes were way
    For my cats to play
    And even the kids at my bay

  10. Depression babies are always cheap
    The mighty "hoard" without a peep
    They like to store their stuff away
    And save it for a rainy day

    1. But what if it never rains?
      Flush the stuff down drains?

  11. I see so many people on Facebook posting about the brand new car they got, or the hot tub they got, or some other ridiculous, expensive thing, while making less than even I do, and I laugh, knowing that they'll be in debt for the rest of their lives... And then I cry, knowing that despite me being incredibly cheap, I'm right there with them. With luck, maybe I'll have these school loans paid off just before I die!

    1. haha yeah, I see all that crap too
      And with their bills they will stew
      No more school loan for me
      To that I say yippeeee

  12. i def dont get caught up in having to have and i guess that makes me cheap, but reap-ing the benefits of all the fancy new glitz is a load of shlitz. if it works, dont replace it, reuse what you can - and repurpose the old to save a bit of the land.

    1. Reuse away and save pay
      Can save some land to play
      And avoid the debt
      Coming in from the Jonses' set

  13. If this person you know would like some help, there is a Credit Counselling service that he can talk to that is non-profit. We are part of Credit Counselling Canada. The web site is Your friend can look this up. Sorry that my work hat came on but this is nothing new to me as I see this every day

    1. I've told them they should look into things like that
      But nope, would rather be a dingbat

  14. Buy lots of crap and save a ton.
    Spend more and more.
    Fun, fun, fun.

    1. Fun in the sun
      Or in the dark
      For with a ton
      In your horde you'll park

  15. You should never buy cheap TP. It's not worth the few pennies you save!

    1. Nope, not one bit
      Have to have the good stuff to get rid of the shit

  16. You know what, kids are the same way. Toddlers would rather play with the box, ribbons and wrapping paper than the actual present. I don't buy the best, the store brands are just as good.

    1. Yep, thy have way more fun
      With what's been undone

  17. No, no, no, I'm not cheap! I prefer to think of it as... thrifty. And sensible. For example, my car is a 1999 model, but it still looks great and runs great, so why in the world would I want a NEW one? (My hubby keeps trying to convince me I do, but... I don't!) We don't "need" the top of the line or the best of the best. "Good enough" is good enough for me. Except for food and toilet paper. Going is and, um, coming out, I prefer quality. :)

    1. haha quality needs to be had
      For both those at your pad
      And yeah, if it still runs
      Why spend tons

  18. you get what you pay for


  19. buying what's important,
    the rest is minimalist' quest.

  20. Never go cheap on the toilet paper or deodorant. For everything else, I'll take the least expensive item I can find.

  21. Depends on what I am buying, whether it will be cheap or not. I don't overspend, I was never into the newest greatest thing, if mine is still working why buy another?

    1. That is the way to be
      Screw the other at ones sea

  22. Certain things
    I'll pay full price
    But for most I bargain
    Still just as nice

    1. A bargain shines through
      saving money at ones zoo

  23. I do a lot of shopping at the dollar stores, but I've learned that, while some items are just as good when found there, there are some you should avoid. Never buy a $1.00 can opener, for example. A drop of water will rust it like nobody's business!

    1. Guess they are one and done
      As they rust after the first run

  24. I rarely shop
    I'm what you'd call a shopping flop
    Except when Angie sees a suit
    She's somewhat of a brute
    Forcing me to buy at least two
    So no food for Scooby Blue
    Good thing that's only once a year
    70% off too making me cheer
    But still I'm a shopping flop
    Good thing I don't want to shop

    1. Not wanting to shop
      Isn't a flop
      Saving some dough
      Works at any show

  25. I totally agree.
    People's spending is crazy.


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