A Flip Of The Gate With Halloween Hate!

What if the Halloween Nazi was not one at all? What if she gave it a hateful call? That would sure be a flip. All the kiddies would jump ship. They'd never go there as they may get poisoned at her lair.

Halloween? That day?
Who needs that shit?
Just there to take pay,
And make kids unfit.

Dressing up they try.
But they are already scary.
So away they can fly.
Whether something dead, sparkly or hairy.

You'll get nothing here.
No decorations at all.
Go and shed a tear.
Give 911 a call.

I won't change.
Halloween is dumb.
Who needs the crap people rearrange?
Just work for me and then some.

Abolish the day.
Wipe it off the map.
There has to be a way.
Don't fall for its trap.

What? This candy?
It is all mine.
It may be handy,
But I'd rather give it to a feline.

Trick or treat?
I'll show you a trick.
Here, take this, eat!
Now I've made you sick.

Cackle, cackle, cackle.
I so hate this day.
Cackle, cackle, cackle.
But I'll play my way.

What? I'm a witch?
Didn't you hear me?
Go play in the ditch.
Halloween gives me no glee.

Erase the day.
Get out of my way.
But if you play,
I'll make you pay.

Hmmm, Theresa may still be a Halloween nut. She would just be the opposite with my What Off rut. Or she could be a witch at her zoo. Scared she may poison you? Better watch out for the Halloween Nazi either way. She may make you turn old and gray. Or her treats may just give you a bad case of gas. I just think I'll avoid her with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. A Flip Of The Gate With Halloween Hate!
    Dangerous these days don't tempt fate
    Thinking it is all fun
    Until someone pulls a gun
    It may well help if one is to play dead


    1. Playing dead may sure win
      AS many try to do everyone in

  2. Theresa likes Halloween
    as she puts it on display
    with the what off would pumpkins be green
    would ghosts and goblins come on a sleigh

    Now, I must go have a good day!

  3. Lol.....I'm already seeing the crap in the stores!

    1. Yep, they bring it out
      End of the month Christmas will be about

  4. Halloween is a fun filled day
    I'd never vote to take it away
    I love to see the kids dressed up so cute
    just as long as they aren't 22 and mute
    when they get to my door
    they need to say a bit more
    then just look at me and stare
    or no candy is given at my lair

    1. But maybe they are staring
      And of candy not caring
      Because your one eye has grasped their sight
      And they are frozen with fright lol

    2. Or they are amazed by my beauty
      and think, "Wow! What a cutie!"
      Then they ask if I'm a princess
      but then I have to confess
      that I am just Elsie Amata
      a pretty, littler Long Islander (when I say it, it rhymes)

    3. lol must say it weird
      That rhyme is to be feared
      And how mean of you
      Giving them your pen name at your zoo

  5. I love Halloween
    I even went out til I was seventeen.
    Ghosts and goblins around my lair
    Scaring the kiddies, I think, is fair.

  6. Hershey would panic if that day was gone.

    1. Lose millions upon millions then
      Create their own day at their den

  7. Halloween in August sounds great Pat.

  8. Halloween queen for a day
    What more can anyone say
    Dress up like your favorite spook
    Eat candy like a real nutty kook
    Candida will then reign supreme
    My what an adorable scheme

    1. haha a scheme to suck you in
      Around the candy loony bin

  9. More money spent on that day
    Than on the Christmas holiday
    Can't see it going away
    Ever it will stay.


  10. OMG what would I do with all of my tacky Halloween d├ęcor?

    1. Do the best redneck thing
      Mix and match with other holidays at your wing

  11. Heh. Much better to be a Grammar Nazi.

  12. I have to agree, Halloween is here to stay. Too many people love to scare other people.

    1. That they surely do
      Won't be gone anytime from view

  13. That is a lot of hate. Did you get a rock in your bag like Charlie Brown? Serious issues dude.
    Happy Friday- not the 13th

  14. You gave me a fright!
    I thought it was October already!

  15. We too love Halloween
    And all the munchkin goblins we have seen!

  16. My father was the original Halloween Nazi when I was a kid. All the kids in the neighborhood knew not to waste their time knocking on HIS door. (Usually, he just turned off the lights and went upstairs to watch TV in bed... Bah! Humbug!) But when he got to be an old man? Whole different story. He and my mother decorated the heck out of the house, and gave out the best of candy. Even acted like they LIKED the kids. Talk about a transformation. (I don't know who that man was... just an old dude trying to get into heaven...?)

    1. lol maybe that was the case
      With his turn about Halloween embrace

  17. Yikes! Halloween is scary when those aliens show up at my door!

  18. I went to store the other day and they are selling Halloween stuff already!
    We don't do anything special for the day.. No candy or no costume in our house :-)

    1. Yeah, we do nothing here
      As they sell it already far and near

  19. I love Halloween. I'm all about the horror movies, Halloween candy and spooky decorations.

    1. I never would have guessed that
      lol nope, not this cat

  20. Get out of way
    Ready to play
    I'll win today
    Then this display
    Its great array
    Set me to bray

    1. Win and scare
      By the pair
      At your lair
      Cheat or fair

  21. orlin N cassie....howl o ween iz like de best day az far az peepulz dayz goes; plus octoburrs a total lee kewl month; unlike de one that followz N payz homage ta bass terd turkee burd !!!

    heerz two a sand knifefish kinda week oh end !! ☺☺☺ ♥♥♥

    1. We have the turkey bird here first
      So we have to deal with it before the Halloween burst

  22. No Halloween hate will ever come my way. I am already scoping out the stores wondering why they don't have their decorations out yet. I did make my first purchase of the year 2 weeks ago, but dang it, I am ready for more!

    1. haha some here have a lot out
      Maybe you just need to look further about

  23. OMG it is too early for Halloween!!
    We haven't had back to school yet.

    1. It's in the stores
      Ready for the candy chores

  24. She's a Halloween party pooper?
    Something make her sweet tooth go drooper? lol....

    1. Actually reverse of that
      Crazy for it where she's at

  25. how did you erase the day
    let us know the way

  26. I'll take a Halloween Nazi please.
    Halloween haters are just sneeze.
    I miss those Halloween school days
    running around in a sugared haze!

  27. Love Hallowe'en too
    Lots of chances to show
    How kooky and ghoul-y
    One is willing to go


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