A What Off Idiot Spree At My Sea!

Over at Brian the cat's sea he does an opt to adopt spree. But this What Off gets turned around. Nope, not from cat to hound. He is much nicer than me so this What Off let's it fly free. Idiots galore from shore to shore.

I'm so great.
I'm so grand.
I got a new mate,
Here in my land.

Whoopsy, they don't like cats.
Time to send them away.
Even dogs, fish and rats,
Can't have them on display.

I broke up.
They are gone.
I'll get a new pup.
They were a con.

A new love of my life.
Oopsy, goodbye to the pup.
They may be my husband/wife,
Can't have a pup to create a hiccup.

Broke up once more.
Time for a new cat.
And so goes the encore,
With such a rotten ass dingbat.

Then comes a sniffle.
Oh, it is oh so bad.
With a little whiffle,
Cat/dog/etc. time has been had.

Got a new child.
It is so great.
But the cat/dog/etc. runs wild.
Goodbye is their fate.

Idiots galore.
Opt to adopt?
Toss them off shore,
A philosophy to adopt.

Watch as they drown,
In fish crap all over.
Please any cat in town,
As well as any rover.

Opt to adopt them all?
The fishes say, Hell no!
Let them have a great fall,
Drowning in fish shit below.

There was quite the spin on opt to adopt. Stupid humans should be forced to adopt that opt. Care to opt to adopt that one and toss them in a lake? Hmm make a horse kick them in so you won't get a law breaking mistake. Seen a few who gave pets up time and time again due to relationships at their den. Idiots they are in mass. Such people aren't even good enough to kiss my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. A What Off Idiot Spree At My Sea!
    A good deed where possible to be
    A cat for adoption
    That's a good option
    Home and care they'll take gleefully


  2. Opt for adoption
    A mighty weighty option
    Hip hip a big hurray
    Someone saved the day

    1. Tossed the stupid humans in the bay
      And all had a nice day

  3. There are so many pets left alone
    good-bye to all they've known
    as they await a new loving home
    where they can freely roam

    1. The humans that do
      Need to be tossed in a pile of poo

  4. Not adopting or having my own. (Wait, kids or cats?)

    1. haha I think the later would be a struggle to do
      As you can't "have" them at your zoo

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Deleted my comment from before
    Filled with typos galore.

    Adoption is great
    Whether kids or cats
    Adopted 2 kids
    And that is about that.


    1. That it is
      The adoption biz
      Adopting dogs too
      At many a zoo

  7. Great rhyming banter going on here. Far too clever for me :) Really enjoyed your post!

    1. Glad it was grand
      As the rhymes take the stand

  8. Cats keep adopting me.
    And that's fine at my sea.
    I love them dearly.
    They're the bosses clearly.

  9. No opting to adopt for me
    Means no tossing them back
    I let them be.

  10. Oh yea, I have issued my share of Idiot Alerts over the years! I enjoyed the Opt to Adopt shout out!

    1. Idiot alerts seem to be everywhere
      Trap them all in their own little hole lair

  11. This speaks directly to my heart,
    I can NEVER imagine getting a pet just to part,
    Pets are family and deserve such a role,
    teach them well and they'll work to appease your soul.

    1. Look at this :) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3137995/Purebred-stays-night-yapping-not-totally-trained-Dog-owner-s-hilarious-bid-home-GIRLFRIEND-tells-choose-pet-her.html

    2. Yep, just as much one
      As any family member under the sun
      And there they stay
      To run and play

      lmao that is what I'd do
      Already dumped a few for the cats at my zoo

  12. Not an option for me
    I am too selfish in my sea

    1. A selfish one are you
      At least no poop to scoop at your zoo

  13. Lot's of adoption at my bay. I think I've had enough, though. Food bills are way too much!

    1. Yep, they sure run high
      Right through the sky

  14. def. people should think before getting a dog or cat - and adopting one is surely an option

  15. orlin N cassie....well, we getted thiz post in R reeder.....ELEVEN HOURZ LATE......... we iz glad thiz iz knot an

    emergencee post..........faaaaaaaaaaaa...

    what gives blogger ~~~~~~~~

    1. lol figure it is still crap
      With blogger taking a nap

  16. I'm thinking of adopting a cat soon, but I'm still debating with myself about it.

  17. Lots of people adopt it's true,
    If you go to Bora Bora, you have to adopt Blue :)

    1. haha the cat will pretend too
      Here at his zoo

  18. Thank goodness I'm married to someone who appreciates animals, because it wouldn't be the cats that went at my house.

  19. I think maybe you need adopt other cat :)
    You love cats more than dogs!!

    1. The cat would hate that
      As he hates any other cat

  20. I've been adopted a few times!
    I'd take them over humans anytime. haha.

  21. If met a man at my sea
    And he didn't like my doggie
    Out would go the man in a heartbeat
    His ass would find the door by way of my feet.

    1. haha been there done that
      Except it was a woman where we are at

  22. That's quite an idiot spree! I'd dump my husband if he were one of those. Glad he is not :-) Kitties are always my # 1 no matter what!

  23. It makes me so mad when people think pets are disposable. We think long and hard before deciding on a new pet, and only once did we have to send one back to the shelter. As soon as we brought him home, he bit me and snapped at my girls. With all the kids that are in and out of my house, he was a liability with the biting. We immediately took him back. He didn't even spend the night so he never got used to living here. I felt guilty taking him back, but I heard he got adopted by an older lady later, so it worked out.

    1. Yeah, in that case it had to be done
      As biting and snapping at everyone
      Good he found a home too
      A perfect one for him at her zoo

  24. This makes me genuinely upset. I spent a large time in my life adopting as many strays and abandoned pets as I could. I can't do much right now, but my wife knows that when we do get more pets, we have to get older ones...not puppies and kitties...for this exact reason.

    1. The way to be
      Yep, plenty of idiots out there at any sea

  25. Just like Betty, I adopted two
    Them and the pets... my house was a zoo!

  26. That's really sad. I'm not a pet person, but I can't imagine giving one up due to a relationship. Maybe if the significant other had a severe allergy, but I think there would have to be a ring involved!

    1. haha yeah the ring would need to come due
      I'd toss the other person before the cat at my zoo

  27. Pets have lives too
    Tell them to shoo
    Easy to do
    Next time it's you
    Fate becomes true

    1. Fate tossed aside
      Sending dumb humans for a ride

  28. Makes my blood boil
    When pets are disposable
    The owners should be sprayed
    With a big poop hose-able

  29. I don't believe in disposable pets. If you bring one into your life, you need to treat it well throughout its life.


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