A What Off Quack On The Attack!

Sherry sure had her duck bill going. She came up with quite the What Off showing. Or maybe it was an admission of guilt that she tried to quilt? Beats little old me here at my sea.

Mama Diaries at play,
Almost every day.
I get the stories.
Tell the glories.

Tell the weird.
Can get cheered.
What was that?
I'm a duck not a cat?

Ducks paddle fast?
Ducks have a blast.
Ducks need to duck.
Back up the truck.

My son said this...
Whoops, it was a miss.
My daughter did it.
Nope, not that bit.

It was the pup.
Schultz licked it up.
Or was it the cat?
Oh, this is going splat.

Too many identities at my sea.
I'm turning into Old One Eye and her spree.
I can't have that.
A cyclops duck is not where it's at.

It was all me.
All stories I did with glee.
Yep, I did every bit.
It feels good to admit.

How long is a day?
Gave that a play.
Scaredy Cat.
Really me where I'm at.

Cat conversations.
Tuned to the same stations.
The aging machine.
All me at my scene.

Doggy Spa.
All I can say is aww.
The cookie caper.
I made the paper.

Hmmm was that really a What Off display? More like Sherry had guilt at her bay. She wanted to confess to it all and used the cat's wall. How dare she fool everyone. Her kids are busy out having fun. So she made things up that she did. Maybe she needs to be turned into a squid? Nah, the cat didn't confess for her. I haven't got a lying bone under my fur. Can you believe she was such a tricky lass? She sure fooled my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Quilt guilt... I have that at my bay
    Gives me plenty of fabric play

  2. Weird can sometimes be fun, and kids always leave you with funny antics to share ;)

  3. The aging machine
    does not sound serene.
    Looking for the fountain of youth
    here at my booth.

    1. Still not found?
      Maybe you have to dig deeper into the ground

  4. August wind and August moon
    Listen to that far-off loon
    Let the breezes take your guilt
    You don't need it as a quilt

    1. Won't keep you warm
      As it brings forth a storm

  5. A What Off Quack On The Attack!
    Duck thing and nothing that lacks
    Not even spurts
    Of those guilts
    Of one-eyed elements out to hijack


    1. A hijacking they may go
      Have to watch what happens below

  6. What ever floats your boat. Aging is not a good subject in this house. You have a great day Pat.

  7. and when she's not commenting on kids, she works in her garden and comes up with Ten Zany Birds. Plus a music career. Busy Sherry What Off on everything

  8. Stories about kids can be fun
    as long as the kids don't mind
    but if they do
    then its not a good find


  9. The cat is a duck?
    What crazy luck.

  10. We do have a quacker factory at our lake!

  11. Being a follower of Sherry's I really enjoy her post,
    Wonderful write hope she appreciates it.

  12. I LOVE Sherry's blog posts. They always make me laugh and lighten my mood. I was thrilled to see her featured in one of your rhymes. :)

    1. Yeah, they are always fun
      As she gives a story a run

  13. A poem about a duck? Mighty tempting.
    On this one maybe me I'll be exempting.
    A poem about Sherry makes me want to sing--
    Or play a violin, viola or something.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Well you know what goes with duck
      Can avoid it at any luck
      But easy to fit
      Stick with violin for a bit

  14. Sherry's blog is always a pleasure to read, and I'm sure she'll get a kick out of your tribute. All it needed was a little background music... a string quartet, of course.

    1. The cat would hurt the ears
      Background music to cause fears

  15. Did you really say a cyclops duck?
    rhyming with that is my tough luck!
    (I'm sure you know, Mr. Pat ~
    You and that sassy cat!)

  16. I love Sherry's blog. :)

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  18. What fun
    In sun
    Cats run
    Quacks spun
    Kids stun
    Frowns none

  19. Beautiful writing! Happy Friday ♥


  20. orlin N cassie...uh, iz it just uz... ore is de B werd used a lot in thiz post ~~~~~


    heerz two a barbel~~less catfish kinda week oh end guyz ♥♥♥

  21. Sherry's cool
    Her violin makes me drool

  22. You're post made me go check Sherry's out!
    Thanks for giving her a funny shout!

  23. Kids and pets sure can make your head spin. But never confess under any circumstances!

    1. haha hide that you say
      I'll remember at my bay

  24. No matter about a duck
    I will go check out Sherry's blog or I am a schmuck

  25. A cyclops duck
    What an odd thing
    I bet he's unhappy
    A monocle I'll bring

  26. I'm so glad one of my visitors told me about this post. Thanks for the shout-out, Pat! Yeah, I'm on a real guilt trip! ;)

    1. haha was fun to do
      As the duck bill rang true


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