A What Off Review At My Zoo!

So today you'll get a great review. Heck, you may even get two. Yep, Mary Kirkland is here to What Off review. She does a few at her zoo.

I got this book to review,
It has pretty pictures to view.
It has quite a few.
I give it a 2.

That is 2 out of 5.
The pics were alive.
But it was missing something.
It was missing a fling.

There was no love.
Below or above.
No steamy scenes.
Just lots of blues and greens.

Reds and pinks too.
Some brown came due.
A purple pic here and there.
Orange was rather rare.

I need sex though.
There was none in tow.
Nothing happened like that.
Nothing steamy, just a cat.

Yeah, a cat rhymed.
It was well timed.
But all it did was rhyme.
That is just a crime.

The cat was fixed.
Love was nixed.
Not that I wanted to see that.
Why am I reading about a cat?

He may be wild,
But this book is so mild.
Where's the sex and lovin?
In and out things should be shovin.

So that's why it gets a 2.
The pics were great to view.
The rhyme was well timed.
But no love was even mimed.

Hope you liked my review.
It was fun to come due.
Until the next kids book I review.
Hopefully more sex will come through.

Hmmmm I don't think her What Off reviews would work. Going from sex filled books to kids books may not be a perk. She may scare the kiddies away or get targeted by the PTA. Then again could be a new kids book review spin and bring some sales in. No sex is a good thing in those to come to pass. The perk of being a snip snipped little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


    How's the kitty mat?
    It's Saturday....
    Such a fun day!
    When I'm not on the road
    Stuck like a blue toad

    1. Just snoring away
      There at your bay
      No road
      Or a toad

    2. Hi Blue
      How are you?
      Good Morning Cat
      there at your mat
      with your friend Pat

    3. It was afternoon
      When you morning-ed my sand dune lol

    4. Or just the time zones
      Changing at the tones

    5. I'm fine, working on Sunday
      Little time to play

    6. Blah to that
      Need to retire at your mat

  2. A grand tour of your zoo,
    I enjoyed it through and through.
    It's sweltering hot where I reside.
    Been out shopping, think I'll remain inside.

  3. Replies
    1. Seems over used
      So may leave some no more than amused

    2. ask any area with red lights

      or the internet

    3. Viruses galore
      At either shore

  4. Picture books for kids are swell
    A grand story they do tell
    Sex in books is always boring
    Prevents the mind from lofty soaring

    1. The mind can go every which
      Without the words on display

  5. Yikes! My ears are turning red!

  6. A 2 is second place, right? Silver medalist. Not as sexy as gold. Oh well

    Funny Sat what off. Stay cool at your zoo

  7. Sex in a book
    is it time for a second look?

    provided of course one is of the appropriate age
    otherwise that could cause some to rage


  8. That was an interesting what off
    she wanted romance to turn it on..haha

  9. I don't think I want to read about sex if it involves a cat...

    1. No humping for a kitty
      Kitty could be taken another way in the city

  10. If sex involves the cat
    My eyes would bug out and I would say " Jumping Johosephat"
    If that word is spelled wrong
    Oh well, pardon my sarong.

  11. A cat wanting a bodice ripper. I'm glad it's Pat's cat. My cat is demanding enough.

  12. Sex......
    A cat......
    What's with that?

    1. Hi Pat --- I was out of country for about two weeks, so I missed a lot of your posts...sorry.

    2. I hope you were lucky enough to go somewhere splenderiffic!!

      And Pat's got no worries about the cat roaming, methinks, because he got him fixed, hahahahaha

    3. Figured you were away
      Hope you had fun at some overseas bay

      Fixed that cat is
      No horny biz
      So he can run
      Having no humping fun

  13. I've got a cat that agrees with Mary and he's been fixed for twelve years:)

    1. Fixed is easier indeed
      No always thinking of doing the deed

  14. Poor Mary
    making the What Off hairy. lol....

  15. If the PTA
    Is on her case
    She may have to run
    The Amazing Race

  16. I'm sure it would have gotten a 5 if it were a pop-up book :)


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