A What Off Say Of Crap Here Today!

The cat will give Manzi the floor today. She really wants her What Off say. It seems she had a change of tune. Boy, did she really become a loon.

Step on up.
Be a pup.
Or a sheep.
Join the heap.

Get your shot.
It works a lot.
A really, really lot.
Be a robot.

Worms? What's that?
Bah, talk to a cat.
Or use them for fishing.
Humans getting them is just wishing.

Eat and get fat.
Nothing wrong with that.
Sit on the couch.
Eat crap from a pouch.

Shove it in, shove it in.
It is not a sin.
Nothing wrong with being dumber.
You ate everything already? Bummer.

Don't forget your drink.
You need that Pepsi wink.
Or switch to Coke if you want.
Both are great at any haunt.

Lie on a trampoline.
That will keep you lean.
Yep, get one and lie there.
It's good for you, I swear.

Oh, and doctors are great.
Those GPs are first rate.
Trust everything they say.
They'd never ever lead you astray.

Age gracefully? Pfft to that.
You must be a dingbat.
Don't do anything at all.
Just sit and stare at the wall.

You'll be dead soon anyway.
So why bother to play?
Just watch the wall.
That is all.

Damn, she really went crazy. Follow her What Off advice and things may get hazy. May drop dead from a heart attack rather quick. Ready to be built like a umm brick? Manzi better never go all What Off at her sea or she may cause a death spree. Hey, could keep the population down in mass. Stopping the dumb people from breeding doesn't bother my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


    Who's number one at your mat?
    Who's number one today?
    Could it be Hank, anyway?
    Maybe it's True
    Or Scooby Doo...
    Maybe it's me
    In the place to be!

    Hey, it's Sunday...
    The only fun day at my bay
    Two more weeks to go
    Non-stop teaching at my show
    I know....
    Say it ain't so.

    1. 2 weeks will fly by
      As you snore upon high
      And teach too
      With no remakes in view
      Beat Hank too
      Today at my zoo

    2. Good Morning Blue
      It's Sunday how are you
      tell me, tell me true
      where is your missing shoe

    3. In a lake
      Doing the hippy shake?

    4. My shoe is on Bora
      Getting tanned at some Bora shora

    5. Dogs may eat it
      And then turn it too umm shit

  2. Hahahahahaha
    Cat knows me well
    The blog must tell
    Don't be namby-pamby lame
    You have to join the good health game
    The "shot" was funny, yes indeed
    Take all shots or go to seed
    The one that sent me full of mirth
    Lie on a trampoline, to slender give birth
    The what-off was fun, thanks a heap
    I'll go tend my sheep, like that ole gal, BoPeep

    1. haha lie there all day
      Come what may
      Nothing at all
      What off had a ball
      With a twist about
      Of what you'd spout haha

  3. A wonderful Sunday post Pat.Always a pleasure visitng here.

  4. I guess stepping on it is better than stepping in it!

  5. Doctors never lead you astray? Right...

    1. lol nope, never ever
      They are just sooo clever

  6. If it's the flu shot
    I'll pass on that lot
    the flu shot plot
    that I will boycott

    1. Boycott with ease
      Rather have fleas

    2. I think flu shots work

      but I don't sign up on my own will for needles

      I take my chances

    3. They also work at fucking people up too
      Not the many, but the few

    4. That they do, made me terrible ill
      to that I will never do again...

    5. Can stuff it I say
      Last years wasn't even right at their bay

  7. A What Off Say Of Crap Here Today!
    Doctors make good money I would say
    Follow their advice
    No thinking twice
    Yes, they would not lead you astray


  8. watching Olympics counts as exercise
    order a pizza or eat a chip
    don't let anyone give you
    any lip

    happy sunday

    1. There you go
      Watch at your too hot to do anything show

  9. "You'll be dead soon anyway.
    So why bother to play?"
    you couldn't have said better
    why does anything matter

  10. Don't care much for doctors
    Though I listen to them all workday
    Eating healthy and exercising daily
    Is the best way.


    1. That is the best way
      Screw what they have to say

  11. If you add a fart
    Then you have the people from Wal mart
    Fat, lazy,
    They dress...crazy
    Usually their butt cracks show
    Even if they don't bend down low.

    1. Thankfully it isn't like that here
      Our Walmarts don't have super fear

    2. Now No Frills
      That fits the super scary bills

  12. Health advice or should I say health attitude from a cat, maybe that's why the pounds are still here.

  13. Drat that darn cat
    Sat on wife's hat
    Laughing at that
    Shopping she's at

  14. The Staff's GP is so fat
    He needs a turn on the mat!
    Watch out for the cat!
    Don't make him flat!!
    Oh drat!

    1. Ouch to that
      Flatten a cat
      Of cut away
      Let him roll all day

  15. Manzi did an identity switch?
    To Belva without a twitch?
    I didn't even recognize
    her photo! What a surprise!

  16. I went 5 years without seeing a doctor. I can surely do without them.

  17. Comment a rhyme.
    Thought I'd take a shot.
    Aw, screw it.
    Too damn hot.

  18. Shots? Absolutely not. No way. Hate needles. Bet the cats feel the same way.

  19. I just can't see Manzi or Terry ever eating crap out of a bag. I think worms take one look at them and cower in fear because they know they are about to go POOF!

  20. Hard to say if we should take advice from a cat. They can be tricky. ;)

  21. I'm getting such a kick
    out of your What Off shtick!
    Don't want a death spree at my sea!
    Running from Manzi's What Offs with glee!

  22. Eat and get fat?
    What's wrong with that!

  23. Going through
    A lot of health crap now
    Wish it would vanish
    With a Zap! Zing! Pow!

    1. Yep, it sure does suck
      Sticks and costs a mighty fine buck


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