A What Off Tweet Ever So Neat!

Humbird goes all What Off today and gives up her humming way. She is Tweetbird now. Doesn't that just wow? Beats a cow. Moocow would raise an eyebrow.

140 characters or less.
That is a mess.
Life is a mess.
That I confess.

See what I did?
Did I do rid?
Rid the did?
Flip your lid?

See my food?
Food isn't rude.
Ate lunch today.
Love the display.

Bored at work.
Work isn't a perk.
Working to work.
Work working jerk.

Flip and flop.
You can't stop.
Flop to flip.
Take a dip.

The best, insert whatever here.
The best gets a cheer.
Besting the best.
Best beat the rest.

I'm raring to go.
Beats stop, you know.
Go to stop.
Go's a flop.

My baby sleeps through the night.
Sleeping is a fright.
Fright in the night.
Nightmares aren't right.

Enjoy my cool jazz.
Don't be a spaz.
Spaz to jazz.
Jazz of the spaz.

Not a word.
Word to absurd.
Absurd life's word.
So says the Tweetbird.

I guess those prompts went out the window. Tweetbird uses Twitter tweets to prompt her show. That could lose a brain cell or two. Maybe she better stick to humming at her zoo. Do you hum or tweet to the Twitter beat? Hum means avoid that sass. No need to be a tweeting little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. A What Off Tweet Ever So Neat!
    And Humbird with a lovely treat
    Micro Fiction
    Set to burn
    Fast with the gun a poem so quick


  2. Twitter tweets, my, what a treat
    Can't compare, can't be beat
    By what you ask, you silly goose
    By rhyming nuts, with one screw loose

  3. Twitter pretty much is the less said the better with 140!

  4. Just recently created an account. Heard of Trump's hilarious conflicts in Twitter and kinda felt obligated.
    Hummingbirds, love them. Thanks to Pocahontas.

    1. Trump made you join you say
      That can be scary at one's bay lol

  5. No time for Twitter
    And all those tweets
    Rather do something else
    A little more sweet.


  6. Tried twitter
    Made me titter
    What was the point
    Too many folks out of joint

    I got out quick. Did not see how Twitter improved the world. Strictly my opinion

    1. Yeah, it doesn't improve it one bit
      Just brings for more umm spit

  7. Humbird likes to tweet
    writing poetry so sweet
    visit her blog for a treat!

  8. I like Twitter. I use it all the time.

    1. I check it at my sea
      But have a lot on auto in the place to be

  9. Besting the best
    Check out the hair on my chest
    Wait there is no hair
    So don't you stare
    Don't tweet either or
    I will show you the door
    When folks are not really there
    Tweeting to others pretending they care
    Present but not really, you know
    You would never do that at your show
    Hey, it's Saturday...
    Feeling crappy at my bay
    But still it's great fun
    Check out my non-working bun
    I mean you know what I mean
    I'm too tired to think at my scene
    But hey, it's Satrday....
    Such a fun day!

    That's more like it, Cat
    Now, how's the mat?

    1. Look at you go
      There with the flow
      Bare chested and buns abound
      The cat doesn't want them to be found
      Leave Mongo that story
      So he can tweet the glory
      Is your door neat to see?
      Is that why it is shown by thee?
      Hopefully some pep in your step
      Come with umm pep?

    2. Mongo might flee
      With Scooby Dooweee!

    3. Head for the bride
      That you gave a ride

  10. I don't tweet.
    I don't find it neat.
    I don't care if that doesn't sound sweet.
    Blogging is where I like to meet and greet.

  11. I thought about starting Twitter but haven't done so. Probably will, probably won't. Will see :-)

  12. Every day or two I tweet.
    If I knew what I was doing it would be neat.

  13. I tried Twitter a few years back,
    Couldn't get the hang of it.
    The knowledge I did lack.

    Great verse Pat.

  14. Twitter, all I have done is work on followers. I have of yet to get the hang of all the clutter. You do come across facts and sights you would never have had an idea existed.

    1. Yeah, there is a few things there
      But lots of crap to spare

  15. Humbird to Tweetbird you say?
    Better than Birdbrain at her bay. hahaha.
    And yes, life is a mess.
    To that I will confess.

    1. A mess it is
      Life's biz
      Beats Big Bird too
      Any any zoo

  16. No not a word
    That may be absurd
    Or even a bird
    Receiving a turd
    From tree hidding nerd

  17. Sometime twitter goes down the shitter

  18. I get a kick out of Twitter sometimes. Meet some cool people here and there. Mostly use it for blogging though.

    1. Every once in a while you do
      Mostly use it for blogging too

  19. I don't tweet
    I sometimes hum
    In case I forget words
    Dum-dee-dum Dum

    1. Easy way to do it
      If you can't remember a bit

  20. Haha! When twitter first appeared, I would say "Tweeting is for twits." I still don't get it! So obviously, I don't tweet. Call me a fossil! At least I'm not Anthony Weiner!

    1. haha that is true
      Anything beats him at ones zoo


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