A Little Brick Won't Do The Trick!

The cat has to clarify here and there because there seem to be nuts that aren't aware. They try what they see in a movie and think it grand. Idiot humans across the land.

Why are you so brain dead?
We're you hit square in the head? 
Did you enjoy that falling brick?
Nope, as it killed you some slick.

What about that car?
You bounced really far.
Or maybe you did not.
Either way, by getting hit you'll rot.

You won't get up and walk away,
Like it is just any other day.
So enjoy that speeding bus,
I'm sure no one will make a fuss.

Oh, and if you take up hacking,
You're skills may sure be lacking.
For many random key strokes hit,
Won't help you one little bit.

You'll need to learn to code.
Not go all actor mode,
And letting your fingers fly.
Hitting random buttons is a lie.

Oh, and jumping from a roof,
Will be a rather big goof.
You won't get up and walk away,
No matter what movies may say.

There will be a mighty fall,
You'll end up in a stall.
Or would that be a drawer?
Either way, you give the coroner a chore.

And a punch to the face,
May seem like a fun embrace.
But after one or three,
Or however many comes to thee,

You won't heal fast,
The pain will surely last.
May even knock out some teeth,
But hey, you'll get a fancy wreath.

It will say you're dead.
Like taking a brick to the head.
So unless that is your wish,
I'd recommend the real life dish.

There you go. The cat just saved humans everywhere today at his show. Do you ever try what you see on TV? I hope not at your sea. Unless it is one of those cooking show things or maybe how to tie knots in strings. Other than that you may want to take a pass. You can trust my non brick throwing little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. A Little Brick Won't Do The Trick!
    They do all sorts in a movie flick
    Kick in the face
    But not a trace
    Some do believe it is a real kick


    1. Some do believe indeed
      A wake up call they need

  2. I do wish I could cast spells on people like some of those TV witches.

  3. Most actors have stuntmen take the fall
    most aren't throwing punches in the brawl
    Unless you have 9 lives don't try it at your hall
    Off I go have a good day all!

  4. Like the idiot kids who laid in the middle of street because they saw it in a movie.

  5. Movies lead one far off base
    They're full of holes like a piece of lace

    1. Can pick them apart
      Easier than the junk bin at Wal-mart

  6. Throwing bricks is probably not a great idea. And also not a good idea to do what you see in movies.Could get you in a whole heap of trouble.

    1. That you very well could
      If you copy at your hood

  7. That is why I don't watch much TV
    Don't want to get any ideas of things to do
    Am crazy enough without it
    At my zoo


    1. I'm sure your smart enough to avoid it
      As in movies they do some dumb shit

  8. Most entertaining to read Pat.

  9. I'll decline the dish
    For one, I do not wish
    A paper plate will do.
    Toss me one or two.

  10. I wish I could ride as fast
    As Tour de France riders
    Even the one who comes in last

  11. Nope, I don't trust TV or the movies.

  12. You mean the Road Runner and Coyote scenes really can't be re-enacted in life? I must say I'm sorely disappointed. The next thing you'll tell me is a cat doesn't have 9 lives! :)

    1. haha I won't burst your bubble
      Watch out for coyote's rubble

  13. Sure I can fly or fall
    Run into a wall
    I saw it on the tube
    Yes I am rube

    Just kidding. Good rhyme

  14. No, I don't usually try things I see on tv.

  15. The movie computer hackers really get me. They crack into places quicker than I can get into my own email.

    1. haha can't waste time
      Only 1:45 to commit the crime

  16. People can really mess themselves up trying what they see on TV.

  17. It all goes back to people hear what they want to hear. You can tell them anything but it won't sink in if they don't want to hear it. Then it hits them like "a brick" one day.

    By the way, it might be almost 6 PM. I am first or 1 for this evening.

    1. Yep, that they surely do
      And then try it and the brick comes into view
      Not sure that quite works
      But you can pretend for perks

  18. I'm glad you've got a non-brick-throwing-rhyming ass! Some people need to get a life and realise TV is not really real!

  19. orlin N cassie.....R mindz due knot ree call de name oh de show but bak in da day ther waz sum crazed azz thing on de tee & vee wear peepulz did stoooooooooopid stunt $hit & stuff like that....

    we think it got cancelled coz oh two mannee peepulz bee in hurt...... big time....

    ya think ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥☺☺☺

    1. That wasn't the wisest show
      Bet they got sued up the you know

  20. I cannot watch TV
    you ask how can this be
    such shadows there I see
    I fear it's watching me

  21. Whenever it doubt, let the cat handle it!

  22. I know in the new Terminator Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor get hit by a car on the interstate and not only survive but act like someone hit them with a rubber walmart playball

    1. haha another flaw in that reboot thing
      All about the cha-ching

  23. Sometimes the cat gives good advice.
    And then he goes off chasing mice.

  24. If nuts do that shit
    Then he or she is just an idiot.

  25. Since I spend most of my time watching CNN, I think I'm going to pass on getting involved in politics;)

  26. I'm sure there are many dummies out there who try. That's why those Jackass shows always have to start off with a disclaimer not to try their stunts at home.

  27. You won't see me attempting ridiculous stunts.
    I try not to do dumb things, not even once.
    As a rule you find that I'm usually quite careful.
    I've never been one to be very dareful.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. A good way to stay safe and sound
      And well above ground

  28. This genuinely hurt a little bit to read (but not for your writing skills, I assure you)

  29. wow. im reading the comments and majority of them seem to understand your style or are replying in the form of a poem itself. I didn't get any hidden meaning but i like your fun way of writing.

    Thank you for your comment in my previous post :)

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  30. Don't attempt this at home.
    Good advise as you roam.

  31. Haha! Point well taken, Pat! The closest I've come to trying a stunt I saw on tv was at my eighth birthday party. I blew out all eight candles on my cake and fervently wished Superman would swoop down and take me for a fly-around. I actually left my party to go out on the back steps and watch the sky. I was sure he would come! Dagnabbit!

    Here's a link to the Trump photos I mentioned ~ warning, they are truly scary. LOL https://www.google.ca/search?q=naked+statue+of+Trump+in+new+york&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj_vqigx6PPAhUU0WMKHUiQD1YQsAQIIA&biw=1440&bih=705

    1. haha well Superman might have been busy that day
      So he couldn't come to play

      That is scary indeed
      Blah and blah again at my feed

  32. Those endless car chases
    Bore me to tears
    Total testosterone overload
    While chugging their beers

    1. Some are soooo dumb
      As they go on and on and then some

  33. Brain dead
    hit in the head
    that's the end of him
    they said!


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