A Little Cuss With The Bus!

So long ago when Pat didn't have four wheels, he had to make devil deals. That is ride the stinkin bus. That place is enough to make any cuss. I went and looked at this huge feature, there is many a mighty scary human creature.

Come ride the bus,
Don't make a fuss.
Just ride the bus.
Go round and round with us.

You have the fat guy.
He isn't very spry.
Takes up two seats if he does sit.
If standing, you have a face full of umm shit.

The really stinky ones.
Did they have the runs?
Wearing yesterday's clothes.
Need a plug for your nose.

The prim and proper.
They think they are a show stopper.
But then they are on the bus.
Hmmm doesn't impress us.

The poor lad or lass,
Those are in mass.
Been there, done that.
Pat, not the cat.

The fun every day rider.
Stuck on that bus like a spider.
Forward and back.
You can watch as they have a snack.

The rider for joy.
Nope, it isn't a ploy.
They ride the bus for fun.
Insane, each and every one.

The happy drunk.
Smells like a skunk.
Sensing a pattern here?
Many smell like a rear

And the worst of all.
The one you'd like to push into a wall.
But then they'd whine about the wall,
While going on and on about nature's call.

Yep, the hippy dippy tree hugger.
Uses the bus as a grocery lugger,
And everything else under the sun,
While yapping how the bus should be used by everyone.

Don't you love taking the bus? Does the bus make you fuss? Do you have to take the thing? I hope you don't have a bus fling. That would just suck. When the cold hits who wants to save a tree or buck? Yeah, the cat will take a pass. I'll avoid those stinky things with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 3 in a row
      Still a minute slow!


    2. Good Morning Hank
      Good Morning Blue
      Good Morning Pat
      Good Morning Cat

    3. Blue is snoring
      Terminator loring

      On a streak
      At my creek

    4. I told you so
      At the I'll Be Back Show

  2. A Little Cuss With The Bus!
    Riding but don't make a fuss
    A mixed crowd
    One would avoid
    Happy but pretending to be just


    1. Pretending to be
      With the bus spree
      Run far away
      At the end of the day

  3. Oh my... a stinking bus
    Makes me cuss
    Takes too long
    I'd rather sing a song
    Sweaty people make me ill
    Sometimes I'm ready to kill
    Well, maybe smack 'm real hard
    Especially when we're talking smelly lard
    Some folks like to talk a lot
    Sending smart phone messages like it's all they've got
    Stress PHONE not SMART
    Some talk about their latest fart
    Or how this boy and that boy is great
    I'd rather walk a mile and be late
    Than listen to that crap
    Making me snap
    I'd rather wear a flap
    Or take a nap
    Poverty stinks even more
    At anyone's shore
    My car breaks down but it beats the bus
    And my name ain't Gus!

    1. haha phone and smart
      Sure aren't in the same cart
      With the idiots on the bus
      One sure would cuss
      Walking we'd rather go
      A heigh ho, heigh ho
      That poverty does
      Smelly just because

  4. I haven't take a bus in a while
    and to that I can surely smile
    I do fly occasionally on an air bus
    that's another topic to discuss
    don't forget the subway train
    that will certainly entertain

    1. All forms sure have a way
      Or entertaining at ones bay
      Best to avoid though
      Unless one wants a scary show

  5. Ah the great unwashed, folks can be a grand. I know you enjoy your car.

  6. Think I will just stay home rather than ride the bus.

  7. Who would ride the bus for fun?
    When I get stuck behind one in traffic, I have another word for stinking buses...

  8. My kids travel in bus everyday
    going and coming back from school all the way

    1. That is a different kind
      No big fat stinky people you will find

    2. Ehhhhhhh I wouldn't jump to conclusions.
      On the school bus there's always that one chubby kid who showers once a week.

    3. hahaha well that is true indeed
      Don't recall any though at my feed

  9. This is literally on spot.
    People watching is always fun.
    On the contrary, I wonder what others think of me.
    Imagine a ginger coming onto the bus with a hula hoop...

    I rode the school bus. City bus occasionally.
    No matter where you're located, it's always included with whack people free of charge! Junkies, others who haven't discovered proper hygiene, and elders with groceries...which breaks my heart.

    1. people watching can be fun
      Except when they scare a ton
      Then you just want to run
      A hula hoop may get you stares from everyone

      Yep, no matter where
      There are some to spare

    2. Cat, how come you were literally on spot?

      Hello Harlynn

    3. Hmmm maybe the mutt wanted to give me a ride
      Mutts are named that with pride

  10. I have to admit I've never been on a bus
    but I can certainly understand your fuss.
    And your blog isn't updating on my roll
    I guess you and I are taking the same stroll. ha.

    1. Good place never to go
      Hate them at my show
      Uggg stupid blogger is doing it all around
      Must be run my a brain dead hound

  11. Took the bus a lot in my youth
    Don't remember the smell
    But time has a way of fading memories
    This I can tell.


  12. Back before I had wheels
    I had to make the same deals
    and ride the bus all day
    I hated to give the driver my pay
    and it was always running late
    never knew about my own fate!

    1. Yep, always ran late
      Right out of the gate
      And have to be on their schedule too
      At them I'd like to throw cat poo

  13. A bus is just one way to go
    You get there but it's rather slow
    They stop, pick up and some get out
    An empty seat, you hear a shout
    I do believe I'd rather hike
    Or pedal the distance on my bike
    Buses can be so annoying
    And the air is putrid cloying

    1. Rather hike indeed
      Than have that annoyance take seed
      As the air does stink
      Bringing one to the brink

  14. When I was in college I rode the bus.
    It was a time to study so no big fuss.
    My ride took an hour and the bus wasn't crowded,
    So it was not too bad if my memory's not clouded.
    I'm not going to say it was a whole lot of fun,
    But it was necessity so that's how it was done.
    I haven't ridden a bus in many many years--
    I'm fine with that and I'm shedding no tears.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. That's when i had to ride
      Took it in stride
      If I wanted to eat
      Had to take it down the street
      Actually rather far
      So glad I have a car

  15. I had a rhyme in my head, ready to go. Then I opened the pears in my lunch which are now all over my lap so off to the restroom. I go instead. So much for a lunch break. ;)

    1. haha well you broke your lunch
      Sounds like a whole bunch

    2. I guess I was so disconcerted by my pears that I wrote, 'boo to the bus' twice. No worries though, I got caught in the rain after work and that washed away any remaining pear juice and ruined my shoes, lolol And still it was NOT a bad day. I did miss my pears though. :)

    3. haha well good that it wasn't a bad day
      Even with pear and rain causing dismay

  16. Daily buses can be nasty
    But they do roll on
    Tourist buses can be fun
    Smuggle on your rum

    1. Have a little drink
      And you won't be brought to the brink

  17. Back when I was working in an office, I knew a guy who took the bus to get to work. He lived about 5 minutes away from where I did, yet it took me 15 minutes to get to work, and it took him 1 hour because of all of the stops. Umm, yeah, be by myself for 15 minutes, or deal with the people you mentioned above for 1 hour. Decisions, decisions.

    1. With such decisions each day
      It's a wonder you no longer work the 9-5 at your bay

  18. A ride with no wheels is a big deal!

  19. ha, I ride the bus to work every day,
    "please be clean and tidy" is my daily pray,
    It has resulted in a lot of good stories,
    Of messes and encounters and all kinds of glories.

    1. Could have its very own blog
      As you keep a log

  20. orlin N cassie...thiz getz better each day...two day we had two view R blog... N clik on yur commint.... two get TWO yur blog.....better still... N even WE iz knot thiz stupid in math.....we haz had ELEVEN viewz...but...get thiz THIRTEEN commintz......uh.......R we in de twi lite zone ~~~~


    1. lol must very well be
      As blogger is fecking up at many a sea

  21. I take the train, not the bus but there's lot of stinky people during summer, ha!

  22. 2016 the year most of the presidential candidates came straight off the short bus

  23. I haven't rode the bus in years. 'Back in the day....' the city bus wasn't too bad.

  24. From a few days I have been taking the bus. Still not too good with the routes and everything so twice I have ended up in unintended places. Slight irritation but lots of fun in a new city!

    1. Yeah, the wrong spot can suck
      But find your way with any luck

  25. I seriously hate the bus and all public transportation. Being stuck so close to icky people for any amount of time is enough to make me squirm!

  26. It's been quite a few years
    Since on a bus I did go.
    Can't say Iv'e missed much.
    Cause the dam things go too slow.

    Loved the verse Pat.

  27. I had no clue
    You'd been on a bus, too
    Think of the stories we could tell
    Now if only they would sell...

    1. Yeah, if only they would
      Then I wouldn't hate it so much at my hood

  28. I rarely go on the bus
    not much of a service round us!

    1. Not much where I am now
      Could probably ride a cow

  29. I had a boss once who told me I was a snob because I wouldn't ride a city bus. Lol....ok, well then I guess I am!

  30. With mobility issues
    Public transit is yucky
    But the buses that "bow"
    Make things rather ducky

    1. Ducky with stink
      Might bring one to the brink

  31. I AM a fan of the bus
    you can take it without a fuss
    it gets you where you want to go
    and is not exactly slow.

  32. Once my car went kerplunk.
    That really stunk.
    I had to take the bus
    Boy did I cuss.
    I meant to go to the mall
    Oh boy it was not a ball
    As I went to another town
    A long bus ride with a large frown.

    1. haha that sure would suck
      Better off renting a truck

  33. I think riding the bus is great!
    That's how I met my super mate!

    If you want to see really scary buses,
    go south of our border ~ you'll be filled with cusses!

    1. haha I'll take your word for that
      Stay home and avoid such strat


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