A Popular Trait Takes The Bait!

Have you ever thought about the popular crap? That's just what it may be across the map. I'd go and use shit though. It has more oomph you know. Confused at my lair? Bah, you'll get there.

Popular as can be.
This and that from sea to sea.
But not that and this.
Wait, sea to sea is a miss.

What's popular here,
Over there strikes fear.
What's popular now,
Goes away somehow.

At least one can hope.
Who wants to see a dope?
Seems many surely do.
Many nuts popular with a loose screw.

The moral is,
If I go all moral biz,
If even the more counts,
Good doesn't = amounts.

Oh praise be.
Best thing ever to see.
1,000,000 sheep this so.
But it's the equivalent of, you know.

Wait! 1,000,000 people can't be wrong.
They are all singing the same song.
Pffft go join the sheep.
There "great" runs no so deep.

Have to fit in.
So give the popular thing a spin.
Baa baa black sheep.
Follow Little Bo Peep.

Whoopsy, I stepped on popularity there.
The PC nuts may come and swear.
Because that nursery rhyme is as racist as can be.
Popular to find shit where it isn't there with glee.

A douchebag says it's okay.
So come and play.
They beat Little Bo Peep.
After all, they are an elected creep.

They can't lie.
And I'm really that Elvis guy.
That is a popular comparison too.
I guess I do go popular once in a while at my zoo.

What about you? Follow the trend at your zoo? Do you baa like a sheep? Believe in some egotistic creep? Tell the cat so he can make fun. Maybe a new What Off can be spun. Pffft to thinking something is popular or cool because it is said by some creep, brain dead turd, paid endorser, or fool. Maybe I should pass some popular gas? Then all would be in a fog and send riches to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. A Popular Trait Takes The Bait!
    To wake up worrying brain dead
    Pull a fast one
    To see some fun
    Pick up a popular trend to trade


    1. A simple flick of the wrist
      So the trend isn't missed

  2. ;b:Number.... two!;-b:
    With Scooby Blue

  3. I think we can all be sheep
    Some of us are not so smart
    We follow each other around
    Even when we fart


  4. Follow the trend
    Don't bend
    Eat grass
    Give sass
    As long as you're "in"
    It ain't no sin

    1. Not one bit
      Don't give a shit
      Just stay in
      For the win

  5. Following the sheep is good but someone has to go off on their own so that we all have a new trend to follow and I also just like to be independent at times.. Have a great week end Pat.

    1. Yep, independent is good
      Hope a great weekend is had at your hood

  6. To thine own self be true.

    It is hard to turn off the media trends; but, a good thing to do for sure.

  7. I am happy to say I won't be following all the sheep, I would be the stray one that decided to take a different path. Hey, look at by blog about 91 or 92 followers. It is not about the quantity it is about the quality of friends. I may have a few, but they are wonderful and I know they care.

    Hey, but I am odd anyway...lol..come'on ya know its' true..

    Have a good day!

    1. Odd is a fine way to be
      At any old sea
      Different paths are more fun
      Plus not crowded by everyone

    2. "my blog" as you see my words and mind are not in sync..lol..

    3. I got the jest of it
      Even if off a bit

  8. Where in the hell did this literature come from? Because this shit is for real dude. My sibling would yell "You're all fucking sheeeeeeep!" In road rage. Because all the horrible drivers follow the herd.
    Right after reading the "baa baa black sheep follow little bo peep" my *some dumb ass will find this offensive*
    Then you nailed that shit real quick!

    1. Typo fix: *then my somebody will find this offensive ***radar went off***

    2. haha the sheep sure go
      A baaaing with the heard to and fro
      Nailed it as I read about PC nuts who are offended by it
      People read waaaay to much into shit

  9. Meh, I'm not a follower
    Don't care about what's hot
    Make my own decisions
    Decide on the spot

  10. I find it people are usually ga ga over something, I find it to be crap. Except Harry Potter. I did love me some Harry Potter back in the day.

  11. I've gone trendy for some things. Grease (still love it) was one. I know there are otehrs. :)

  12. Religion is a very big thing there when it comes to this. Heck even Christians think themselves as sheep and the Lord is their shepherd.

    I'd rather be a wolf, and they don't care for the opinion of sheep. And wolves only see a shepherd as he is, a man with an ego.

    1. That it surely is
      With the religious biz
      They need the masses
      To teach their classes
      ego is right
      As it reaches a big height

  13. I am not much a fan of things that are popular. I prefer things that stand the test of time!

  14. As the dog does say
    At her bay
    By pupular demand
    She rules the land
    A wolf in sheep's clothing
    The clothing decomposing.

    Gary, Gary, nary contrary...

  15. We don't baa at our house. We meow:)

  16. I DO like trends, mostly. Kind of exciting and fit my attention span. Here today, gone tomorrow.

  17. "We are all individuals....I'm not" that about sums it up. I hate trends and what's hot and what's not. If I like it, good and if I don't, ...good.

  18. well, I certainly think often
    that how you can rhyme and write daily!

    I mean pls tutor me!!!! :)

    1. lol easy as can be
      Especially when 376 posts ahead at my sea

  19. Especially true with technology. People think they need the latest iPhone or whatever.

    1. Yep, and it usually is a meaningless upgrade
      As they go to trade

  20. The moral of the sheep
    The safety that they keep
    But wile the masses sleep
    Excitement I will reap

  21. Late reading this but none the less most enjoyable.

  22. I've always followed my own drum!
    And over and over, it's been more fun!

  23. I thought I already left a comment on this
    but it's not here so I'll give a hiss. haha....


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