A Real Tizzy With Productive Or Busy!

The cat can get all done even if the work is crap and no fun. But what about the work? Do you find the work a jerk? There are different kinds you know. Like productive work or busy work on the go.

Productive as can be.
Look at little old thee.
Go, go, go each day.
Slaving away for pay.

But which is it?
Some donkey work shit?
As in the busy crap,
That makes you want to get busy taking a nap.

Or maybe the good stuff.
You know, the work that isn't fluff.
Like actually doing a project,
And not wanting to defect.

Or maybe it's the mundane.
Same shit each day and same lane.
One, two, three.
Busy work for thee.

At least you aren't twiddling your thumbs.
Or staring outside at passerbys bums.
Hey, to each their own.
Maybe I'll leave your bum staring alone.

But does busy work = not bored?
Boredom can still be stored.
Especially when you want to take a nap.
A nap could mean an energy zap.

Which equals boredom to me.
Does it to thee?
Busy and on the go,
Doesn't always mean busy, you know.

Am I getting deep?
Or just a confusing leap?
Maybe get busy understanding,
And you'll stick that landing.

In confusion do you jump?
Maybe just get a good hump.
Hey, either can being getting busy.
One just may make you dizzy.

Is the mundane busy?
Does it leave you in a tizzy?
Maybe it makes you dizzy.
Wishing for productive and not busy.

Which do you like best? The busy or the productive work fest? Maybe there is another one. The bum and do no work can be fun. At least the cat thinks so. But I don't have to pay bills, you know. Now I'll go get busy taking a nap with Cass. I don't need any type of busy work for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


    How's the popular trait at your mat?
    Who's number one today?
    Could it be Hank or aunt May?
    Maybe it's True
    Or Scooby Blue...
    Maybe it's me
    In the place to be!
    Hey, it's Sunday...
    Such a fun day!

    Grrrrrrreat post
    From coast to coast!
    Don't mean to boast
    Have some toast

    1. The new aunt May
      Be fine at my bay
      I'd let her in
      For a spin

      For meee

    2. For a spin... I see
      In the place to be

    3. Wait... Marisa Tomei is the new aunt May?
      She MAY knock on my door any given day!

  2. I love my job but some colleagues stink
    Some, I swear, don't even think
    You know the type
    They all believe the hype
    Productive like a snail
    Thy should throw them in jail
    And no bail
    Boredom can be stored, all right
    Day and night
    People feel important being "busy" as heck
    I'd rather watch a flick with Gregory Peck
    "Oh I'm sooooo busy, you know"
    All that means is they're kinda slow
    Slowpoke ain't no joke.

    1. Yep, slow as a snail indeed
      As nothing ever takes seed
      By the time they are done
      Out goes the sun
      Then they whine some more
      Giving a busty encore
      Toss them in jail
      Where no one can hear them wail

    2. That would be nice
      Put their stupidity on ice

    3. Gone and out of sight
      Sleeping better at night

  3. I can be really busy at work and it's still mind-numbingly boring. But for the most part, I enjoy what I do. Not a job out there where everything is perfect.

    1. Nope, no job that is perfect anywhere
      Boredom can sure creep in at ones work lair

  4. A Real Tizzy With Productive Or Busy!
    Spot on and to detect one is very easy
    The ones carrying many files
    Walking about all the while
    Pretending to be busy are rightly lazy


    1. That they surely do
      Flies stuck on them like umm poo

  5. I don't know much about that work thing and I hope to keep it that way!

  6. A job's a job by any name
    Doesn't always bring one fame
    Work under any kind of label
    It puts food upon the table

  7. haha the cat is always busy & productive taking naps ~ it's an art, isn't he smart :)

  8. I'd rather be busy and doing something to occupy my time than be bored and doing nothing.

    1. Yeah, a much better way
      Some busy is still boring though at play

  9. I like the satisfaction of a finished job. But getting up off my arse and getting busy is my challenge. Once I start I am fine. It beats lollygagging on my reclining, surfing the web on my laptop and half-heartedly watching television.

    1. Hey, at least you can multi task with ease
      Three for one is a breeze

  10. I do like jy downtime
    But if given too much
    Then I get a bit bored
    And a bit out of touch.


  11. Busy, productive . . . I'll take the nap!

  12. I like to be productive, but I admit that the Internet can cause me to lose the battle!

    1. Youtube has a way
      Or causing that to go astray

  13. Sleep keeps me busy - this is true
    I'm nearly as busy as
    productive you.

  14. Replies
    1. Not every day
      Unless 7 days a week at ones bay

  15. I like both busy and tame
    Last 2 days have been lame
    But that is because I'm sick
    For a week and I need a trick
    To stay healthy, forget wealthy or wise.
    I realize now, shaking hands...I despise.
    We can learn from the Japanese now
    Just say hello and take a bow.

    1. A b ow is much better to do
      No germs come on through
      Unless the talker spits when they talk
      Then of that I'd balk

  16. I always like to be productive (although sometimes certain types of 'busy work' are necessary). That said, at the beginning of the year I switched to a new career and, I have to say, you feel the days a lot less than before when you do something you love versus something just to get by.

    1. But sometimes the just to get by
      Is needed to get by or one may die

  17. I enjoy what I do , writing on line and also reading what others have to say......nothing boring about that.

  18. Work what is that
    Asked one with many-a hat
    So busy never once sat
    Vacations he always said drat

  19. I prefer busy work, but if it's a time sensitive job, please keep everyone else away from me. I hate it when I am trying to get something done and the person next to me wants to jabber away.

    1. haha yeah that can annoy
      And become quite the ploy

  20. I prefer to be productive
    But I do love napping
    Gives me a lift
    If my energy is sapping

  21. Here's where I got interrupted as I was playing catchup. Had to be the nice wife, make dinner, and watch the Broncos play the Panthers. Oh well, at least the Broncos won an opening nail biter! The Beer for the Shower guys should be happy ~ probably guzzled some of that official team beer!

    I absolutely prefer productive over busy; but best of all is busily productive! Have a good one!

    1. That is a good way to put it indeed
      Yeah the beer guys must enjoy it at their feed

  22. Can you be both?
    I surely hope. lol.


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