Blaze A Trail To Fail?

You humans sure go about things in a weird way. Why can't you just say no at your bay? Instead you have to go through this, that and the other thing. You'd think some were born a dingaling.

A great job is here.
I want it is your cheer.
You go and get ready.
Standing good and steady.

That was a great date.
Could be "the one" mate.
You promise to call,
As you had a ball.

That felt great.
Exercise the heart rate.
Got it done and them some.
Look at that toned bum.

Got the budget down.
You walk like you have a crown.
As in with your nose in the air.
You did it at your lair.

Could be more.
Plenty from shore to shore.
But we don't have all day.
So on with it at my bay.

Whoops, you mumble.
The job did tumble.
You act like you don't care.
Job no longer there.

You never call back.
Want to avoid flack.
Who needs that date?
Pfft to any old mate.

You did it once.
Now be a dunce.
Sit on your ass.
Go pass some gas.

Kept to a budget with ease.
But now you have fleas.
As in that little itch.
You bought a golden ditch.

Self sabotage at play.
You needed none of that anyway.
Life is fine as is.
Keep up the self failing biz.

Do you self sabotage or fail at your sea? Who wants to do that on purpose and for free? I suppose if fear comes into play. That new job can be soooooooooooo scary every day. That date may really be a serial killer. Who needs such life filler? Just sabotage yourself with ease. It is such a breeze. Pffft more brains in the singing bass. But then you humans can amuse my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


    Still cussing at your mat?
    Who's number one today?
    Could it be Hank or aunt May?
    Maybe it's True
    Or Scooby Blue...
    Maybe it's me
    In the place to be!
    Hey, it's Frrrrrrrriday...
    Such a fun day!
    Where's the party at?
    Could it be at your mat?
    I could bring some boozzzzze
    A pair of blue shoes
    Maybe a bite
    Just don't say light

    1. Can keep the booze
      That is old news
      The cat would rather sleep
      Then go all wino at his keep
      A party pooper I know
      Maybe literally though

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Hank!
      The Poetry Tank!
      How are you today
      At the Hank Bay?

    2. Congrats Blue
      Nice seeing you!


    3. Blue is number one
      under the Friday sun
      (what sun)

      Where's the party at
      just ask the cat
      or ask Pat Hatt

      Hank I'm afraid Blue beat you
      with his scooby do

    4. Seconds late
      For the #1 fate
      Blue's copy and paste
      In post haste

    5. ;b:When Blue comes to play;-b:
      He´s as quick as The Flash
      Plenty of speed
      But still no cash hahahaaaaa!

    6. Couldn't you flash into a bank
      And give bags of cash a yank

  3. Self-sabotage is my middle name
    A crappy body is the game
    But that's okay, you know
    Still going strong at our show
    Hello Cat
    How's the Kitty Mat?

    1. A crappy body sucks
      Can't even feed the ducks
      But one gets along
      Life like ping pong

  4. I've started a budget so many times
    I might as well quit and just go and write rhymes
    Shoot myself in the foot, the way I spend money
    Buying stuff I don't need and it ain't even funny

    1. haha well as long as your don't buy a gun
      And go on a foot shooting run
      As that would bring a big bill
      And probably wouldn't thrill

  5. How to Self sabotage
    does one dress in camouflage
    does one make a life collage
    or is life just one giant mirage
    would you rock a psychedelic corsage
    would you be followed by an entourage
    singing tunes about a heart massage
    would rhymes flow n a melodic barrage

    too many questions from True
    I guess I'm searching for a clue
    in an early September morning dew
    oh me oh my what am I to do
    I guess I'll just hide Blue's shoe
    (haha) I just had too

    1. Poor Blue
      A game of pass the shoe
      Can't even find it
      That has to make him squirm a bit
      A heart massage you say?
      That may not end good at ones bay
      Could move things about
      And make the lights go out

    2. Many questions from True Blue
      Like where in the world is my blue suede shoe
      Self-sabotage is a trait
      Like getting up late
      A gift you may not need
      Unless you like that sabotage deed
      That a new word, just ask the Cat
      He's self-sabotaging on his mat
      Another new word just like that
      And my name ain't Matt

    3. New words abound
      With no shoes around
      Maybe they come from your toes
      As you strike a blue pose
      Screw the sabotage deed
      More fun deeds to take seed

  6. Considering I just read a story this week at JH's site about a Dating Game contestant who was a serial killer, I believe that could happen!

    1. Damn, I think I'll run far away
      Should any dating come to my bay

    2. Ninja attack!
      Better watch that back! :p

      Hello Alex

    3. Or your front
      Ninjas can pull a stunt

  7. Not an actual heart massage
    A massage of lovey dovey words
    Imagine that so absurd... Haha

    1. Why is this down here
      I replied up there lmao

    2. lol blogger wanted you to come on down
      I guess the price was right in this part of lovey dovey town

    3. Truedessa come on down
      You're the next contestant
      On the Price is Right

      Win a trip to bora for you and your friends
      We'll fly you all first class tonight
      You just need to get the price right
      then buckle up for midnight flight

      Haha... Just ask Drew Carey or Bob Barker

      You could win what's behind door #1
      Or trade it for #2
      Oh wait that Let's Make A Deal
      Wrong show now I have to go

    4. Don't think they give away that much
      Unless it's millionaire one and such
      But those are rare
      Still be a fun affair

  8. I've certainly had my day
    When sabotage was my way
    But I've grown up now
    I try to get through each day with pow

    1. You punch things at your bay?
      that must be hard on the hand any day

  9. I would much rather blaze a trail than blaze a tail!

  10. I think I self sabotage when it comes to weight
    but nowadays I don't think much of it
    and it is a better fate


  11. self sabotage and doubt are easy
    head high can be hard
    but the heck with that on a friday
    kudos to the cat bard

  12. Self-sabotage is foe
    We have to tell it "NO!"

  13. Sometimes, we set the bar up high, and then run headlong towards it, looking up, prepared to soar... and then stop before we even get there. Turns out, we too often decide it's easier to slip underneath of that bar.

    1. Yep, that seems to be the way
      Easy wins the day

  14. I have a pretty good head on my shoulders (comes with old age ;) ), so I don't self-sabotage. At lease not that I know of, ha!

    1. ha well as long as you don't know
      Won't hurt, hopefully so

  15. orlin N cassie

    we wood like ta say hi...we finded yur blog bye goin ta a blog called tabbies o trout towne coz yur blog waz never in R reeder N we think we signed up ta follow yur blog but sinz 13 = 11 in twi lite zone time....who noez ~~~~~~

    heerz two a lake whitefish kinda week oh end guys~~~~ see ya twoozday ~~~~~~♥♥♥♥

    1. It's going around every which way
      Blogger can suck it at their bay

  16. Please don't cry,
    Just popping by
    To say an overdue 'hi'!

  17. Blue and True having a field day
    Pat of course together in the fray
    Hank caught on late but on the way
    Joining in the fun with a happy sway
    Great company everyday in play


  18. I suppose we all self sabotage once or twice
    but the ones that make it a habit really aren't nice...
    Especially to themselves.
    what the hell. haha.

    1. haha that they aren't indeed
      As they keep letting it take seed

  19. Ha, ha, thanks for the word dingaling.
    Long ago memories it surely did bring.

  20. Hey, that date might just be a serial killer. It's happened before. I'm glad I don't need to date anymore.

  21. You have some clever cats there Pat.
    Great poem.

  22. Cats want to play
    And had their day
    To hear you say
    Hay, What-the-hey

  23. Self sabotage not for me
    Maybe a bit when I was young
    But often with age
    We climb a better rung

    1. Much better to climb up
      And not fall into such a hiccup

  24. I agree with Rosey. The older you get the less self-sabotaging you do. Maybe the brain cells have more time to mature making it harder to do.

    1. That they may
      Or one just has less time to play

  25. Ha, I don't sabotage myself.
    So many others are willing to do it for me.

    1. haha well at least you can kick them away
      And have a brighter day

  26. I see many fall for the wrong guy
    Or gal as it may be. They try
    For love but are seduced by charm
    More often than not, charm can harm.

  27. This brings to mind that old saying, "You're your own worst enemy!" I did some spectacular self-sabotaging when I was younger; now I'm sadder and wiser! LOL!

    1. lol hopefully not too sad
      Beats being bat shit mad


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