Hey Diddle Diddle We're In The Middle!

And yet another instance of why humans can't count the cat will add to the amount. I guess it is too high and when they can't round they just cry. But we did the rounding so now the middle is surrounding.

No need to fiddle,
Just use the middle.
The numbers, they suck.
Who gives a fluckity fluck.

Not little old me.
Not one bit at my sea.
Act like it's a riddle,
And use the middle.

It's the middle of fall.
Wait, did summer stall?
Not even fall yet.
Damn, all because you got wet?

It's the middle of winter.
Not even time to smash a printer.
Yet we had a little cold.
So the middle had to take hold.

It's the middle of summer.
Damn, that is a bummer.
It's not even hot.
Spring is still hot to trot.

It's the middle of the season.
Christmas is about to commit treason.
Christmas has a season and a middle all its own?
Damn, Santa must know who to phone.

It's the middle of the day.
Said at 3 on display.
Nope, sorry, you fail.
The middle hit the trail.

It's the middle of the night.
2 am takes flight.
Whoops, wrong once more.
Did the middle show you the door?

In the middle of a store.
But damn, you're near the door.
Yep, so middle you are.
Maybe you walked too far?

So is the middle a riddle?
You sure like the wrong middle.
A middle with which to fiddle.
But in the middle you can diddle.

Are you going to get in the middle of this? Does the middle bring you bliss? Maybe you are the middle child and just take the middle and run wild. Is that the human excuse for all the middle use? Either way I'll go roll in the middle of some grass. I'll measure it out with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


    Anyone rich at your mat?
    Wouldn't that be fun?
    You could check out that Bora sun
    And maybe a bun
    Not a fox
    In a box
    Or a toad
    On the road
    Or a chick
    On a stick...
    Say, who's number one today
    At your kitty cat bay?
    Is it True,
    Hank or Scooby Doo?
    Maybe it's me
    In the place to be
    Hey, it's Tuesday...
    Such a fun day!

    Grrrrrrreat post
    From coast to coast!

    1. Blue is#1
      He is having fun


    2. Sure got in
      For the win
      With another spin
      Not a sin
      Rattling your tin
      Taking it on the chin
      Bah, Bora is too far away
      We'd stay here with our pay

    3. I'm in the middle of swimming to Bora
      Will I even reach the Bora um shora?
      How come I can't fly like True
      Or find my blue shoe?

    4. I'm in the middle of swimming to Bora
      Will I even reach the Bora um shora?
      How come I can't fly like True
      Or find my blue shoe?

    5. Times two
      Phone got you
      Texting and swimming
      Is the day dimming

  2. Ah to be in the middle of your comments I am destined to be. At 7 am the Blue Grumpster beat me.

    1. Wrong, no middle for you
      But you are number 2 lol

  3. As long as I'm not round in the middle...

  4. Seasons roll by like a whirl
    Or dancing a dance takeing a twirl
    Next season will soon offer fall
    Take a trip to your favorite mall
    When winter roars in like a train
    "Dress warm" will be your refrain
    But oh golly gee, spring will approach
    It's time little league you can coach
    Again you'll feel heat of the summer
    Mow grass but say, "Oh what a bummer"

    1. Around and around it goes
      From grass to snow on your toes
      One to freeze, another to warm
      Damn each stupid snow storm

  5. Can one be in the middle
    And play the fiddle?


  6. every story has a beginning, and an end
    what builds character is in the middle
    it's here you might find an amazing friend
    always playing songs in first fiddle
    like a willow the heart will always bend
    hidden in mysteries, is life a giant riddle

    riddle me this, riddle me that

    A window, to another reality
    mimicking your every move

    what am I?

    1. Probably a mirror
      No need to be clearer
      As long as it doesn't extend my middle
      With its riddle
      Or warp me every which way
      In some fun house play
      Or maybe one way
      Middle ground gone astray

    2. in a house of mirrors
      the cat will shimmer
      enter another dimension
      time now in suspension
      beware of the moving floors
      just seek the hidden doors
      never know what will come in play
      entering under a new archway

    3. caught in the middle of nowhere
      or is that the middle of everywhere?

    4. A new way
      Could be the cat's foray
      Or would that be meow?
      He may just wow
      Or run under the bed
      Waiting to be fed
      The middle of it
      Nowhere or everywhere can be a hit

  7. Now I'll spend all day being reminded how often I misuse that word. It will be in the middle of my thoughts.

    1. The cat had to point it out
      As many give it a shout

  8. I think I only say things like, I was woke up in the middle of the night. But I don't use 'middle' much more than that.

  9. And when traffic comes due
    The middle finger does too.

  10. Gosh, I can't believe fall
    Is just around the corner at all
    Wherever did this summer go
    Guess I'll prepare for the winter wind to blow

    1. Will have to
      As snowstorms sure pile on at your zoo

  11. I did notice the Dad's middle getting a bit bigger!

    1. haha need to make him give chase
      Exercise he can embrace

  12. Brian always makes me laugh. Out middles are getting bigger too. Don't want to eat all that food in the middle.

    1. Nope, that is where it goes
      Causing middle woes

  13. It's almost the middle of September....

  14. I think I'm not in the middle. The end is fine for me, thank you very much.

  15. I like the middle of a sandwich
    And the middle of a doughnut
    But the outside of a raspberry
    Don't want to be in a rut

  16. I don't like the middle seat on an airplane, but I love the middle of a juicy, ripe peach, and I enjoy giving the middle finger way too much.

    1. haha the later I could have guessed away
      There at your bay

  17. I am always top or bottom. Never middle.

  18. orlin N cassie; we waited til de middle oh de earl lee evening.... dee pendin on de time zone... ta see if yur post wood bee in R reeder...TA DA !!!!!!!!! heer it iz ..... rite in de middle oh de two last postz we see two day ~~ faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    1. haha hey diddle diddle
      We showed up in the middle

  19. I had four children, so technically there is no 'middle.' I'll have to tell them they can thank me later, lol

    1. lol a thanking they should do
      No middle child syndrome for you

  20. Many folks like to buy items considered 'middle of the road.' Don't want too cheap or too expensive!

  21. I am a middle child but never was wild. My mom should really thank me for that.

    1. Stayed out of trouble
      No bad fun on the double

  22. One can take the middle road
    That way they don't have to carry any load.
    I may have used the word "middle"
    but I rarely talk in a riddle.
    I have been known to raise my middle finger
    And have it in the air and let it linger.

    1. haha linger many let it do
      As they stick it in view

  23. I don't start Christmas until after Thanksgiving. There are several middle holidays and events between everything and Christmas :(

    1. Technically maybe not middle
      But enough to let one play the fiddle

  24. Great post Pat, though being in the middle would not be my cup of tea.

  25. Now that you've mentioned it... Christmas! OMG. How time flies.

  26. As long as I'm not in the middle :)

  27. Don't worry Faux News always says there is a war on Christmas

  28. Hey diddle diddle
    Here is a riddle
    When I'm in the middle
    Gold's on the griddle

    1. A golden middle
      In which to fiddle
      A stock market crash
      Won`t be a bash

  29. Middle of candy or volcano cake!!
    But do not fall in the middle of the lake (bummer)
    I am oldest not middle kid
    Read a whole book for goodness sake

  30. I have a thing about being stuck in the middle where I can't see or hear. I was the short geologist surrounded by really tall geologists in the field. I had to learn how to outpace their long strides so I could keep up. I've learned to wiggle my way to the front in many situations. So fluckity fluck to the middle!

    1. lol that is a whole other middle to avoid indeed
      As the front of the line takes seed

  31. I know I'm way behind when comments are under moderation
    but I hope you like my determination
    to continue with my streak
    of leaving even a little squeak. lol.

    1. lol determined you are
      Hey, still less than 24 posts a day at my bar


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