You're Rich So Scream It At High Pitch!

What was that? You don't believe the cat? Bah, you are as rich as can be. Even if you have no job at your sea. As long as some money is there, you are rich, I swear.

Make a buck.
Make a tip.
Screw the luck,
Sailed that ship.

A buck on the street.
That sure is grand.
Pick it up for a treat,
And tune up the band.

You are rich.
Rich as can be.
No need to bitch.
Just follow with me.

Paid that bill.
Paid it in full.
What a thrill,
You have some pull.

Reading this, right?
Reading it here?
It is in your sight,
So stick with me, dear.

I used that word.
Bah, oh well.
It may be absurd,
But what the hell.

With riches for all.
It can be said.
Rich at your hall,
Even when dead.

Like Dr. Seuss.
Richer than most alive.
Even with a dead caboose,
His estate can survive.

But that's off track.
That is really rich.
In nothing they lack,
Even dead in a ditch.

You read this, right?
I asked that already.
But whether day or night,
You read it steady.

Means you are richer than a huge percentage of the world with no internet use. Look at you, avoiding the poor noose. You are also richer than kings of the past. At least many with a steady 9-5 blast. Even with inflation at play you are richer than some king dingalings that had their say. Don't you feel oh so rich now? I'm sure you'll get over it somehow. Wow, we are all one rich mass. I'll have to go out and bronze my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


    Still productive at your mat?
    Who's number one today?
    Who's come to play?
    Hey, it's Monday...
    Such a fun day!
    Well, only if you don't need to work
    Feeling like a.... Burk
    Going berserk.

    Grrrrrrreat post
    From coast to coast!
    And my name ain't Burk!

    1. If work comes due
      Maybe not be as fun at your zoo
      Unless you are about to retire
      Then Great Post may expire

  2. Money buys freedom and doctors too
    No need to be poor like Scooby Blue

    1. That it will do
      But need much to come through

    2. Money might buy that seaweed
      for someone in need :)

    3. That it might
      Then in he can bite

    4. I would be brand new
      A lighter shade of blue

    5. Brand new
      Or old new at your zoo

  3. Cross your heart and hope to die
    Stick a needle in your eye
    Rich is like a floating ship
    Secure the rope, don't let it slip
    Rich is when you grow your food
    Put's you in one happy mood
    Bitch and moan, I hear them fuss
    I bet their stuff would fill a bus

    1. A bus times two
      Easy to do
      There at their sea
      Maybe even three
      Stuck in a ditch
      Ain't that a bitch

  4. You're Rich So Scream It At High Pitch!
    No internet so are not aware of a glitch
    Richer than most
    Not feeling lost
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  5. Rich or poor, you are as happy as you put your mind to. The last half was said by Abraham Lincoln. But as my dad said, Money can't buy you happiness but it can buy you a lot until you find it.
    Have a good day Pat and them cats.

  6. Yeah, I'm so poor that
    it should be mentioned.
    I may be a boor
    but I can't pay attention.

  7. Yeah, I'm so poor that
    it should be mentioned.
    I may be a boor
    but I can't pay attention.

  8. I think being rich is love
    is better than being rich in money
    Having someone close to you
    that you can call honey :)


    1. That sure is a good way to be
      Trick is finding he or she

  9. Well, that's rich! Like the Duchess of Windsor once said, "You can never be too rich or too thin." That Duchess had a way with words, but she couldn't rhyme like the Cat!

    1. lol I'd argue with the too thin one though
      Of course in rhyme at my show

  10. Rich in love is the best way. Money is a help but love is better.

    1. That it is
      But need some dough or it could become a risky biz

  11. That's true, some people in other parts of the world don't even have the things we take for granted like clean drinking water.

    1. Yep, so much we have they don't indeed
      Yet we still complain at our feed

  12. Our situation is the best
    Yet we gripe louder than the rest.

    1. That we surely do
      Wouldn't know hard life, most anyway, if it bit us in the gazoo

  13. I'm rich even though I have little money.
    Don't laugh, it really isn't funny.
    I have love, family, friends and my cats.
    So what do you think about that?

  14. Ah. Think about all the good you could do in the world if you were rich ...

  15. I am rich in the absurd
    perhaps, my vision is blurred

    depends on what you call riches
    sometimes life has glitches

  16. Thankfully I am rich in love because me, rich, and money in the same sentence will never happen.

  17. Money is not everything in this life
    Dear Pat.
    Whether you are human,
    Or a lovely cat.

    Loved the poem and post.

  18. Yup, you should let the Americans who complain about the 1% in on this!

    1. Sing a whole other tune
      If had to live with no internet or clean water in a sand dune

  19. Rich in happiness and laughter that's for sure. Hey Pat did you change your posting schedule? I always looked forward to reading your blog first thing in the morning, but now it doesn't show up in my news feed. BOO!

    1. Stupid blogger is being a pain in the ass
      Doing it to blogs in mass
      Schedule is still the same
      Blogger just doesn't show its claim

  20. Now that I'm done paying tuition I do feel a little richer but having a large loving family is what really makes my life rich.

    1. That it sure does indeed
      No tuition is awesome at any feed

  21. Rich, to me, is the warm feeling inside
    Walking away from tears once cried
    Makes no difference how much is owned
    When the heart and spirit are love-zoned

    1. Yeah, the owned is blah indeed
      Don't need a lot of that to take seed

  22. I'd like to be philanthropic
    If I had lots of cash
    Would give away quite a bit
    And save some for a bash

    1. That is what I'd do
      But never to ones who bummed for it at my zoo

  23. I'll keep my mouth shut
    To all of this rut
    Because in my hut
    Rich men fed my glut

  24. I see this every day
    They often have much to say.
    Have a big truck
    But, boy does life suck.
    I have a home and a man I love
    And he loves me, thank the heavens above.
    My fur babies are great and make me laugh
    I am rich in my eyes and that's no gaffe.

    1. So many whine
      As they hang out on a vine
      But much one can have indeed
      There at their feed

  25. Rich in love
    Rich in health
    Able to sleep
    That adds to wealth

  26. I've often thought how I'm living richer than the vast majority of humanity ever has. I remind myself of that when I'm in a funk. Plus, I'm largely anonymous, so I don't have to put up with all the power struggles and worry that all those poorer kings and pharaohs had to contend with. Life is good!

    1. Yep, they had to deal with a lot
      We have to think about such things when life isn't so hot

  27. Rich in things that money can't by
    is much better than than pie in the sky. lol.

    1. But money to the sky
      Is sure a win for this guy


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