A Little Strange Treat Meet And Greet!

The cat has heard many a tale and even saw some being given. I guess that is what keeps people livin. Or maybe not. One's gut may rot. What am I talking about? Why treats some give out.

Here you go.
Candy may flow.
It's Halloween night.
My, what a fright.

Have a coupon to Walmart.
That is a great start.
Let's go to the next house.
Aren't you a cute mouse.

Here is a piece of pie.
Yep, baked by a nice guy.
Or maybe that would be girl.
Don't you want to give it a whirl?

Pie stains on your treat bag.
That sure is a drag.
It got all mushy within.
That is not a win.

The next place is here.
Let's give a cheer.
2 for 1 at Burger King.
My, that's worth a cha-ching.

What could come?
Let's beat the drum.
Trick or treat.
Wow, this is neat.

It is trash.
Hey, it beats ash.
Wait. It's called recycling.
Or maybe just some re-use cycling?

Can't get worse.
No need to curse.
Of course you said that.
So now comes more scat.

A costume for next year.
That deserves a real cheer.
Use it in another 365 days.
Trick or treating sure pays.

And last but not least,
It's time for a feast.
$1 off a Thanksgiving turkey.
That has to make you perky.

Actual things that have been given out. Doesn't that make you just want to shout? Get your trick or treat ready and the great stuff will come steady. Gonna give out coupons at your sea? I'm sure that will impress each kiddie. At least a coupon won't give them gas unless they eat the thing like my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Wow, everyone is sleeping today
      I came in at number 1 at your bay

    2. All in need of a nap
      Or humping away on hump day caused an energy zap lol

    3. No humping at my bay
      Maube on X-mas day....

  2. Trick or treat
    ghosts on the street
    watch out for zombie feet
    dancing to the thriller beat
    a goblin you might greet

    I am seeing a lot of two for ones
    or buy one get one 1/2 price...

    1. A lot of those going on
      As the stores try and pull their con

  3. Exceptionally good Pat, great read on this Wenesday morning.

  4. A Little Strange Treat Meet And Greet!
    Fun to go around with trick or treats
    Rightly extend all the good cheer
    Think of costumes for next year
    One can be seen smiling off the beat


  5. Different strokes for all the blokes
    Too much sugar in the cokes
    Dear oh dear, what can we eat
    When given Halloween free treat

    1. Different for each
      Maybe some will suck on a peach

  6. When my kids were little, someone used to hand out tennis balls in our neighborhood. My kids thought it was WACK.

    1. lmao never heard that one
      Hey, dogs find tennis balls fun

  7. Coupons are the worst on that day
    Kids want candy, not a way to pay
    They don't care about a good deal
    they care about sugar their evening meal
    Time to hand out the chocolate and treats
    not be jerk and show off zombie feet!

    1. haha yeah, no zombie feet
      May get trick for such a treat
      But then you have to be extra nice
      With that one eye it can be hard to entice
      You need your protein
      So you can't make a scene
      Bring the kiddies in with fine candy
      As you hold your taser handy

    2. Back to the one eye game
      oh how very lame
      but better than being called old
      even you aren't that bold!

    3. lol Old One Eye has a fine ring
      It works its way in at my wing

  8. It's a slow Wednesday...
    Some people give out odd stuff. But remember years ago when it was safe to accept homemade treats? The giant popcorn balls. The homemade cookies. Can't do that anymore.

    1. Seems to be slow all around
      Yeah, I remember a few giant cookies found
      Can't do that at all
      Probably end up in a jailhouse stall

  9. Maybe some of those were tricks
    as the little kids say ick.

  10. Funny with the things given out as a treat
    Some of them arr not at all neat
    Just stick to candy
    It is more dandy


  11. I remember taking my boys through the neighborhood
    where people filled their bags with candy that was good.

  12. Speaking of Burger King...I donated a dollar and got free cookies and ice cream. Now, that's a cha-ching too.

  13. Oh crap , that means the aliens will be knocking on my door soon!

  14. I guess some people don't want to rot kids' teeth with candy.

  15. Back in the dark ages when I tricker treated (Ha)we got all kinds of homemade goodies. Today you wouldn't dare let your kid take anything that's homemade unless you know the person that gave it out. Rather sad.

    1. Sad it is indeed
      As none of that can take seed

  16. beware of clowns! (of course back in the day, I loved to dress as a clown) No raisins, please. Now I just eat all of my own candy. Just easier that way

    1. Easier and less fuss
      Clowns are now on the crazy bus

  17. Last year, I gave out Halloween pencils with the candy.

  18. I always pray, to be happy
    and if ALL are happy then I'm happy!

    I love candy so bad, that explains half my visits are to a dentist (once or twice a year!)

    1. haha the dentist must love you
      Coming back with a cavity or two

  19. I haven't had a trick or treater in years. I even stopped buying candy for them because they never show up.

    1. Apartments many avoid here
      So I never had any near

  20. I know a dentist who passes out toothbrushes. It makes me laugh. :)

    1. lol always good to have a spare
      Never know when the cat may eat one at your lair

  21. I remember trick or treating and getting only homemade goodies; also helping my mother make popcorn balls to pass out to ghosts and goblins. The oddest treat I was ever given was in 3rd grade in Nova Scotia. A man gave me a New York subway token ~ after getting me with his car! I never told my parents because I was worried that they might restrict my Halloween fun!

    1. Oh yeah, that is rather strange
      Giving you such useless change
      Good to stay far away
      From such people at ones bay

  22. halloween is not so big over here - you have few kids that will go from door to door and ask for sweets - happy hallowwen! ha

    1. Seems to be bigger here
      As gluttons NA is I fear

  23. orlin N cassie.....we iz now thinkin oh Charlie Brown & hiz awesum howl o ween spesh ull....

    "I got a rock "


  24. Ah, no, not yet!/Halloween is still three weeks ahead!/Please, cat delay the arrival/C'mon, be the rational animal.

    Greetings from London.

  25. One year, some guy in our neighborhood gave out Fiber One bars. Can you believe that?

    1. haha helping all shit
      Getting out every little bit

  26. He gets all his flowers for free
    But wife says don’t give them to me
    She just can’t ignore
    Who husband works for
    He works at a mortuary

    1. Quite stinky they may be
      But at least they are free

  27. I can't buy my Halloween candy until the day before or I end up eating it all. I have even tried buying candy I don't really like. Nope- eat that too.

  28. We use to get tons of peanuts but that's a no-no now. One daffy old broad gave us each 1 penny....Yes, we soaped her house. One older lady use to make candy and caramel apples but that has long since gone. When we came back with our loot, my dad would start taking the best goodies!

    1. haha stealing them all
      There at your hall
      Wow, a penny is lame
      Needed a soaping claim

  29. I've given out tons of little toys
    All loved by the girls and boys
    No sugar at my bay
    But the kids say that's okay

  30. Who the hell are the people giving out these treats?!

  31. My Mom would make
    All kinds of neat treats
    But nowadays
    Only wrapped can you eat

  32. I never will eat at Burger King
    it just ain't my frickin' thing!

  33. It's those religious pamphlets that get put in the treat sack that really pisses me off. I'd rather them just shut their stupid light off than try to shove their beliefs down my kid's throat.

    1. Yeah, those are a load
      As they hand them out like some old toad


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