Here's To Magic However Tragic!

Look at the day. Magic may come to play. It is resolution time. Who needs to wait 2 more months for such a chime? Now is the time with magic in its prime.

Bippity Boppity Blue,
He stopped to have a poo.
Then he lost his shoe.
It was stolen by a kangaroo.

Wait! That is wrong.
Not a resolution song.
I resolve to stay on task.
Now you have no need to ask.

Elephants can fly.
Oh my, oh my.
Whoops,  magic didn't work.
Off track is a perk.

Look! A black cat.
So scary where it's at.
Wait! It may be magic.
A cat can't be tragic.

Bippiy boppity boo.
I want a golden loo.
Waiting, waiting, nope.
Just a litterbox in which to cope.

Magic in the air.
It is oh so rare.
Not a smelly box,
Or a pair of socks.

I resolve to lose weight.
Yep, on this magic date.
Look, it didn't work.
Damn, I blame the mail clerk.

Why? I don't know.
Now on with the show.
I hear that magic tune.
It is enough to make me swoon.

I resolve to get a wife.
Yeah, I need one of them in my life.
I see a magic site.
I can order one overnight.

Look! It worked out.
A wife is now about.
Magic really does exist.
This magic day thing shouldn't be missed.

Wowweee, aren't you impressed now? The magic sure took a bow. No need for the new year you can now give a new magic day a cheer. Hey, same shit will occur. As in no magic will happen and you won't purr. But if you have the dough, a new mail order bride may show. Could make magic there, right? All through the night? Or get scammed in mass. Hey, I never said you should trust my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I don't want a pair of socks or a smelly box. Oh look at me, I'm up way too damn early with one of the first posts.

  2. Here's To Magic However Tragic!
    Yearning a wife in with a flick
    From out a hat
    Rabbit can hide
    Taken for a ride by a mean trick


  3. I wanna see flying elephant! Magic is a scam? You can dream, or you can rhyme!

    1. Watch as it flies by
      Whoops, you missed it and I don't lie lol

  4. Already have a wife and I'll just steer clear of that litter box, thanks.

  5. Flying elephants in the sky?/My, I think you might have got a bit too high! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  6. Magical indeed! Hey I can do magic...I can make treats disappear!

  7. That old black magic has me in a spell
    It's from a song I knew so well
    Icy fingers chill my spine
    Most dudes have the same old line

  8. I might need a magic wife
    If she would improve my life
    Meanwhile my husband will do
    He is my dear boo

    Silly Sunday

  9. Bippity Boppity Blue,
    Bippiy boppity boo.
    make a wish come true
    just drink this tasty brew

    ok, now all I have in my head
    is Bippiy boppity boo.
    oh, cat you have caused dread

    1. Sing along
      A pumpkin song
      With a wand
      From the great beyond

    2. Bippity Boppity Blue,
      Where are you?
      Where is Scooby Doo?
      Where is Bora, True?
      Did the Cat steal my wish
      As he put the wish into swish?
      Did Hank steal my number one?
      What do you mean, "Such fun?"
      Okay, such fun it is
      As Hank's doing the #1 biz
      Beats sitting in a moat
      Or riding a goat
      Or a toad
      When you're on the road
      Well, you know the deal
      As I spin my wheel
      Hey it's Sunday...
      Such a fun day!

    3. A fun day
      At play
      sitting on the road
      In slow mo mode
      Wish off in la la land
      Like that cash by the grand
      Ride a goat
      May end up in a moat

    4. Slow mo mode is the game
      Feeling great all the same

    5. Great is grand
      Across the land

  10. Any day can be magical
    If we just let it be
    No need to wait for the new year
    That's what I think at my sea.


    1. Yep, any day it can be done
      Just have to give it a run

  11. Magic can be good, sad to say some isn't.
    Wonderfully written.

  12. For a minute I thought you were trying to tell us something with the Look it worked. A wife is now about:)

  13. Scary indeed
    as Halloween takes seed!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Oops, I need to try again at your den.

    One doesn't need a wife
    to nag them all their life
    How easily a spouse can turn
    a smile into a burn
    Life can be much better, I swear
    when there's no magic in the air.

    1. haha can get more too
      Swapping out at ones zoo

  16. a mail order bride
    will take you for a ride
    steals all your money
    e-mails 'so long, honey.'

  17. A tale of magician named Stu
    Who with a saw cut his wife through
    But saw caused a strife
    Which would change his life
    Instead of one wife now there’s two

  18. If there be magic, all the kids would hate the subject in school and there would be another type of nerd born.

  19. First I think you really want a wife lol
    But only you are teasing :) :)
    Happy magic night!!

  20. Bippity Boppity Boo
    Poor Blue losing that shoe
    Will never want to go back to the loo
    So he'll explode with the build up of all that poo.
    Poor dead Blue.

    1. lol death by poo in a loo
      Now that would be ewwww

  21. Just remember, a wife (or husband) is a lifelong partner, a friend, a single person that you care about, quite possibly, more than your own life.

    1. Guess the cat doesn't have to worry about that
      He's waaay too much of a self indulged brat

  22. I had a dream that elephants flew and then they started to dance with hippos...that was magic in my own mind...scary isn't it?

    1. haha dancing and prancing
      May get some weird glancing


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