One Day Comes To Play!

The tightwads sure can clench away and spurt out the "one day." It seems to be their thing no matter the place you get the cha ching. At least in the corporate world. There no toes are happily curled.

Look at you.
Great works comes due.
It's oh so great.
You'll get promoted at a high rate.

Keep it up.
I'll go fill my cup.
I'll then put my feet up.
Maybe I'll walk my pup.

You just keep working.
Soon up those ears will be perking.
You'll get a promotion with ease.
It will sure be a breeze.

Stellar work still.
Today I feel ill.
Do this and this and this and that.
Thanks, you'll add to your promotion stat.

That was well done.
I was out having fun.
You sure got the work right.
Wasn't it worth it to stay here all night?

Family isn't important one bit.
Who needs that shit?
You get the work done.
I'll go get my family and have fun.

That promotion is coming.
No need for chummng.
I'll get it to you.
It will soon come due.

What? A promotion for you?
That isn't true.
My pimply faced nephew got it.
He really knows his shit.

But don't worry.
You are a snow flurry.
Different than everyone.
Keep doing work by the ton.

I can't let you get promoted.
Then I may get demoted.
I need you to make my lazy ass look good.
I hope all of that was understood.

Pfffft to the lazy asses everywhere. They deserve more than an evil glare. Ever got the shaft like that? We've avoided it where we are at. Screw working for some buffoon. I'd rather clean the crap of a baboon. Or hire a dog to go eat it. That is one way to clean up shit. Pffft once more to that corporate class. They can kiss my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Oh so close but a win for you!
      Enjoy the day at your zoo.


    2. Good morning Betty
      Where is Hank?

    3. Hank must be on the road
      Or vanished in Blue Guy mode

    4. Someone got promoted to #1

    5. But stuck at 2
      A bad mindset at their zoo

    6. I'm here
      Oh dear
      Just not feeling too well
      At my Taco Bell
      True is number one
      Such fun!

    7. Own Taco Bell now?
      That is Wow

    8. Win some dough
      With a taco show

  2. Haha two. Is the new one! I thought I hit 1, but 2 appeared???

    1. Why am I down here? I replied up there? Lol It is starting out to be a strange day!

    2. Blogger really plays with you
      As you get one but show 2

  3. I just go in and do my job
    Dont care if I get a promotion or not
    Better to do it that way
    Helps me to feel better a lot


  4. So many layers in the corporate world. It's best to just do your job well and try to stay out of the politics. I found out the hard way when I was young and naïve and had been practicing law for a few years. A new guy came in to the firm and I made the mistake of telling the partner that the new guy had his nose so far up his supervisor's ass that it was brown on the tip. Yep, the new guy was promoted!

    1. That always seems to be the way
      Nose so far up can't see the light of day
      Then poof, gets the win
      With shit on their chin

  5. You are doing great work
    more will come, what a perk
    we won't give you more pay
    but, hey have a nice day

    1. haha at least you'll be busy
      No need for a tizzy

  6. Pat doesn't need
    The corporate feed!

  7. How you keep up with such interesting poems and posts beats me, another excellent one.

  8. You've said "Corporate Pussy" all two times
    Said it even with some rhymes
    Say it the third and you're fired on the spot
    Don't suck up, as it won't mean a lot
    "Corporate Pussy, Corporate Pussy, Corporate Pussy
    I quit and who'd work for a wussie
    From my Piano Player story

    1. haha three strikes and you're out
      No corporate pussies about

  9. Lazy people are the worse, especially the younger generation. People need to get out and get busy.

    1. That they do
      Instead of expecting all to be handed to you

    2. I know plenty of young
      Who are not lazy all
      And some who are older
      Who aren't on the ball

    3. Yeah, always a batch
      To the mix and match

  10. The lazy boss who keeps you down just so he can look good is the worst.

    1. Yep, glad I haven't had one of those
      They'd sure curl my toes

    2. Workaholics are the worst
      They're rude and they should all be cursed
      It's best to eat chocolate and play
      We're all gonna die anyway
      So have fun while we can, I say.

    3. Yep, we'll all croak
      Can one day just choke
      So have to enjoy
      Not fall for the ploy

  11. Janet Jackson had a song "What have you done for me lately". That sums up life in the workplace

  12. My daughter's boss likes to take 2 hour long lunch breaks and talk on her cell phone all day. Lazy bosses.

    1. Lazy as can be
      But can't say much or fired becomes thee

  13. I'm afraid the buffoons are still in charge!

  14. Makes me thankful for my job
    Not too much to make me sob

    1. That is nice in the end
      With idiots the day you don't have to spend

  15. You hit the nail on the head with this one.

  16. My husband has been hearing that "we should be giving out bonuses this year" for the past 5 years. No friggin' bonus yet. Now, I laugh every time I hear that because I know they are full of shit.

    1. haha the bosses probably get bonuses though
      Print out a big check because their job is so hard, you know

  17. orlin N cassie

    yur dad musta sneeked inta wear de food servizz gurl werkz coz thiz iz prette cloz two de tee... oh de shitz that goez on at her place oh employ.......♥♥♥☺☺☺

    1. haha maybe Pat is a peeper
      That may make him a creeper

  18. Let me guess
    if I pass the test
    I'll get this job
    no more to sob

    HIre me Hire me
    can't you see
    Old I may be
    but hard work you'll get from me

    Ah, the days of being appreciated for one's efforts seem to have gone by. Greed is the new boss taking more than our spirit - robbing us of our time and our will.

    Thanks god for self-employment (33 years and still going strong). My boss loves me! (hahaha)

    1. Greed sure takes over
      Like shit to rover
      Have to be had
      Drives many mad
      damn 33 years is grand
      Here's to 33 more in your land
      A boss of your own
      Has a fine tone

  19. Told boss he was tired of praise
    When he really needed a raise
    The boss wasn’t sore
    The man deserved more
    So up one whole floor he now stays

    1. Maybe gets exercise too
      As a staircase comes due

  20. Hate that when it happens
    I will probably flee at an opening

    1. Flee is what needs to come
      To avoid such a bum

  21. Work for a buffoon?
    Not a good thing to do.
    But, hopefully soon
    his job will go to you.

  22. Work for a buffoon?
    Not a good thing to do.
    But, hopefully soon
    his job will go to you.

  23. One Day Comes To Play!
    Promotions a lot of say
    A nice promise
    Will be missed
    Just work out your way


  24. A raise or promotion should be given for a job well done.
    It doesn't always happen that way and the raise goes to the wrong one. :)

    1. Yep, gets given to the ass kisser in the end
      A growing trend

  25. I have little respect for lazy people!
    Nor for the corporate games people play!

  26. I have seen this and these corporate bosses are on my kiss my ass list.

    1. haha what if they pucker up
      That may be a hiccup

  27. Rarely is one rewarded
    For a job well done
    I've had a few wretched bosses
    I'm glad I am done

    1. Yep, just kicked out the door
      When they need you no more

  28. You just keep working
    without smirking
    the boss is lurking!


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