Spend Away Each Day!

Now the cat has you thinking about money. Doesn't that make you all sunny? Whoops, not to do with that. Sorry, we're still not rich where we are at. Or are we? Hmm as the saying comes to be.

Spend, don't spend.
It's a growing trend.
I guess just growth.
More the former than both.

But that we know.
High and low.
As the bank account may go.
Outs more than ins flow.

Then counting all,
There at your hall.
Do they really?
Not getting touchy feely.

But you humans say,
Each and every day,
Sometimes even twice,
Spending without a price.

What is that?
Can't follow the cat?
Too whelmed are you?
Going fluckity fluck at your zoo?

Fine, I'll help out.
You are not in a drought.
You are doing it right now.
Spending your day with my meow.

So you are spending a day?
Wow, for what kind of pay?
Does it go for a loonie?
Maybe it may get a toonie?

Do you spend it all?
I guess you have to at your hall.
Even doing nothing at all.
You are spending it this fall.

Might get a cent for sitting though.
Could get more if you wiggle a toe.
May get a ton if you fall and slip.
Hey, could be worth a lawyer trip.

Spending away.
Pay at play.
Play at pay?
Whatever the day.

If you're here you aren't spent. Spent would mean you have a big dent. As in you are in the ground or out there blowing around. Maybe on a mantle too. Used for a kitty litter loo? Are you spending away each and every day? Did you catch on to my spending pass? Hopefully I still have a lot to spend with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. All I know
    Is more goes Out than In
    Where is my lottery ticket?
    I need a big win!

    1. Waaaay more goes out than in here
      To that we give no cheer

  2. Cat litter, yes! I spend more for kitties than for my stuff :-)

  3. To spend you first have to have money.
    Great poem Pat.

  4. Spend and spend and spend some more
    Go out big as you close the door

  5. Spend Away Each Day!
    Spend and take to play
    Not to bother
    For an encore
    Spend but not to waste away


  6. Was out late, late last night,
    Feeling spent today, all right.

    1. Energy all spent
      Without the need to spend a cent

  7. Money to spend
    keep up with the trend
    can even buy a fake friend
    need money so one can mend
    but, can it help you ascend

    spend a day, in simple delights
    no coinage needed to take in starlight
    do a walk about, take in the sights
    sit and watch the birds take flight
    yes, you too can soar new heights

    have a good day, spend it wisely ;)

    1. Money it's a hit! I love this version


    2. Not a bad version indeed
      As the spending takes seed
      Just to listen and see
      Live come to be
      Youtube costs too
      With internet at ones zoo

  8. Glad I have money to spend
    But it does get spent fast
    Wish I knew how
    To make it last


    1. Seems to go
      Spend to spent
      In the know
      Those who take rent

  9. Spending is fun for them moment,
    but if you do it on credit, it can sure hurt later!

  10. Gotta make money if you want to spend
    Better to save it than to spend in the end!

    1. That it surely is
      But have to make it first in the money biz

  11. Got it Pat Hatt!
    But where's the Cat?


  12. So, that's where my dosh is/Up with the cat, and now much missed! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  13. I like to spend first and ask questions later!

  14. My brother did visit one day
    And why well he just didn’t say
    Although he’s a bum
    His nose wasn’t numb
    Some money was coming my way

  15. Spending, oh dear.
    The guilt I feel is only assuaged by the next order I place! :)
    It's a never ending game!
    And one I'm sure to lose at the end of the month!
    That's why our main staple is peanut butter and jelly!
    Yum! :)

    1. haha the end of the month woes
      Sure can curl ones toes

  16. Coupons cut
    Helps the spending rut
    Oh you can save
    Bargains to rave

    Spend. Spend. Spend
    American duty to help the economy!!

    1. American duty to stay in debt
      So no one will fret

  17. Guuuuh. I just lost my job and am looking for another one so the thought of money is legit distressing. ><

    1. Been there for a year or more
      Not easy at ones shore

  18. Spend or don't spend, those are your choices.

  19. To live one has to spend
    no other way to survive
    one has to spend and spend
    in order to stay alive.

    1. That they do
      Unless a mountain man or woman shines through

  20. Spend away I say
    Can't take that money with you anyway
    Once you are gone you don't want to wish
    That you didn't spend money on that rich, chocolate dish.

    1. Well when you are gone
      I think wishing won't dawn
      As you'll be dead
      With no thoughts in your head

  21. Spending is all that many people do
    keeps my job going in the crazy ass zoo.

    1. Good it keeps your job alive
      So you can survive


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