Tune In For A Spin!

Did you know that cat has his own station? That has to be an elation. Now the cat can ruin your concentration as you tune into 99.87.865.787666 to give an ovation.

Listening to this station,
May ruin concentration.
But then it takes an escalation,
To a rather weird destination.

It will bring about celebration,
When it improves circulation.
From my little dedication,
You may get a duplication.

A clone imitation.
More than one by my estimation.
That is quite the infiltration.
The ninja wannabe may feel irritation.

There is no vaccination.
But there is a registration.
You must use your own sanitation.
No clones near my loo presentation.

Actually there is no accommodation.
I don't go for cooperation.
I just let loose with communication.
Most of it is improvisation.

Could give some illumination.
Or just be an infatuation.
Maybe it's my magnetization?
Care to make a recommendation?

Nope, there is no negotiation.
But I'll let you make your recommendation.
Is that a form of socialization?
I'll go to Google for clarification.

I'm all for diversification.
I let dogs on my station.
See? It's not a total monopolization.
They can be of any nationalization.

Then they get a thrilling elation,
I hit them with some miniaturization.
Dogs everywhere join a categorization.
Ants, thanks to a bit of radiation.

Isn't that all quite the visualization?
Shrinking dogs and clones get a victimization.
Maybe that needs a reevaluation?
Bah, you can always change the station.

Ready to listen to my station? Tune in to 99.87.865.787666 to give that ovation. I may soon be under investigation. Damn my evil plan of shrinking the dog population. It sure took some coordination. Enjoy my clone making, dog shrinking station. I'll now go roll in dog free grass. That is so nice to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Sometimes it pays to be late getting out the door in the morning.

    2. Have a great day! It's Friday, Yeah!!!

    3. Late for work
      Can have a perk
      As long as "you're fired"
      Doesn't leave the job expired

    4. Well done Alex
      Late for work
      Bit of a slack
      But outshone folks


    5. NUMBER 52!
      At my shoe
      The Ninja is number one
      Such fun!

    6. Got on in
      Way before your 52 spin

  2. Wonderful to read Pat, How you come up day after day with such good post makes me envious.

  3. So the cat plans on making wiener dogs galore? Everyone, guard your ankles.

    1. The ankle biters will come due
      Better watch it at every zoo

  4. haha - I do enjoy some "ations" they are fun to rhyme most any time.

    I tune in to my favorite radio station
    in the morning as I drive to my destination.

    engage in the power of manipulation
    wait, that may cause some agitation
    could also be a cause for litigation
    all these rhymes may need translation
    many follow the cat with adoration
    can we just take a bora vacation
    on a sandy beach a new sensation
    taking in some new inspiration
    enjoying some rest and relaxation

    It Fall, enjoy it all!

    1. R and R is cause for elation
      Could turn off the station
      With no need for solicitation
      Just go with no aggravation

  5. Don't mind the citation
    of all the celebrations
    just remember to close
    the door when you doze!

  6. Shrinking the dog population. lol Well the cat has his work cut out for him.

  7. Nail up a proclamation
    That fleas give inflammation

  8. Not sure I would listen to the cat station
    If it was getting rid of dogs
    Kinda like those type of creatures
    And featured them on my blog


    1. haha the cat may get hate
      If that were a fate

  9. In Colorado we have elevation
    Makes for a great vacation
    Lots of red rock striation
    Causing much camera animation

  10. Well no wonder I haven't heard the cat' station- I wasn't tuning in properly. :)

    1. Have to tune it better
      Right down to the letter

  11. I won't shun your station

    you used every tion word in the world

    1. haha there are plenty more
      Be all day long at my shore

  12. Tune In For A Spin!
    And do expect to win
    An elation
    A fixation
    Fun keeping above the din


    1. A little expectation
      With this weird old station

  13. I was just reading your earliest posts, and I saw several of my oldest comments. It was fun seeing how your blog has evolved.

    1. It sure went through a bit of change
      Other posts were all over the range

  14. Listening to a cat yowl on the radio might be better than what's on some stations... especially talk radio. As far as shrinking dogs down to size, one of our sons had an English mastiff. She weighed more than I do, and could have USED some shrinking. Her feet looked like bear claws.

    1. haha they are rather large
      We'd shrink them and show them who's in charge

  15. Dog-free grass is a must.
    Dog grass can cause quite a fuss! ha.

  16. Cool! I can name that tune is 2,437 notes!

  17. All the big words
    for dummies and nerds
    who travel with bids
    who don't own a radio (turds)

  18. I am for diversification too!
    Glad dogs are allowed at the station.

  19. Your own radio show is so exciting.
    Just be careful the dogs aren't biting.

  20. On a side note, who honestly listens to AM radio anymore?

  21. Stay tuned for the shrinking dog population..

  22. Is it a family friendly station? I am not sure I can tune in if it'll be broadcasting cat fights and cats in heat ;)

  23. Big words used here
    I'm impressed but I fear
    The cats are barking up the wrong tree
    Dogs will always be here
    Aniffing each other's rear.


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