A Heritage Hate Comes To Date!

The cat shakes his head at many humans every day. There is always something new at play. Or maybe today that would be old. I guess you can decide as this rhyme takes hold.

My heritage is great.
It is ever so grand.
From the farthest back date,
It is anything but bland.

Your heritage is bad.
Your ancestor did this and that.
That makes me so mad.
You are just a dirty rat.

Yep, I'm a great person.
My ancestors were top notch.
So nothing about me can worsen.
But you need a kick to the crotch.

You can't be a good person.
Not one single solitary bit.
All you can do is worsen.
Your ancestors were such shit.

Your country invaded mine.
That was just so wrong.
I am still going to whine,
And carry on the hateful song.

It may have been 200 years ago.
But it directly affects me.
It makes my hate grow.
That is all it takes you see.

Yeah, it was your fault too.
Your fault such a thing came due.
You were related to more than a few.
Every word I say is entirely true.

I'll revel in what came before.
It is my heritage after all.
I can't just shut the door.
I have to use it to stand tall.

Create a new heritage or way of life?
Pfffft who wants to do that?
I want to sit back and enjoy my strife.
Don't be some crazy dingbat.

Don't forget I hate you.
I hate all of your kind.
I'll turn you black and blue.
What was done 500 years ago is still on my mind. 

Pffffffft is all the cat can say. Hating someone for what their heritage is or what their ancestor did is moronic at one's bay. Unless they are actually as bad as what their ancestor was, but hating just because? I'd say get a grip with the stupid past trip, but most don't have the capacity to do so. Instead they just hang on to the past at their show. They say you shouldn't live in the past yet it is something many can't ever get past. Are you a hater from what one's ancestor made come to pass? Pffft once more says my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. I agree
      Heritage means zip in the place to be
      A great grandpa does not mean you're great too
      It does not make you a Scooby Doo
      So the Cat is right
      Day and night
      Or night and day
      At the Kity Cat Bay

    2. A right cat
      How about that
      Not sure we'd want to be Scooby Doo
      But then he has dough through and through

    3. Merchandise galore
      In the cash shall roar

  2. Paying for the sins of the fathers seems like a popular notion these days.

    1. That is surely does indeed
      Especially the PC crap at ones feed

  3. So why worry about what happened before, nothing you can do about it now. Have a great day Pat.

  4. Once no one is alive who remembers it happening, why hold a grudge?

    1. Yeah, plenty not alive
      Yet the grudge still seems to survive

    2. Except the people who deny the past and (not so secretly) wish to live in a time of their forefathers. Neo-Confederates for example can go fuck themselves

    3. Yeah, those in denial are truly dumb
      Fuck em and then some

  5. A Heritage Hate Comes To Date!
    To be embroiled with such fate
    The ancestor's sin
    Throw it in the bin
    Just be happy at Heaven's gate


  6. Not good to hold a grudge
    Against someone alive or dead
    The person who does
    Is just wrong in the head.


    1. Wrong in every which way
      Only screwing themselves in the end we say

  7. Ah, we are hearing a lot about heritage in this election cycle.
    Soon it will be over, but will it?

  8. Well, if someone is gone, we cant/shouldn't hold a grudge. I know its easy to say, but well that IS the right thing.

    1. Easy to do too
      If one can wake up and get a clue

  9. I don't really know
    Who lived long ago.
    I might know some of the history,
    But still it's mostly a mystery
    That I read about in books
    In stories of kings and crooks.
    Those folks back in time
    Can drink their old wine.
    Just please leave me here
    With my TV and beer.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. A much better way
      At the end of the day
      Then nasty crap and disease
      And no heat to top a cold breeze

  10. As heritage does come and go
    Be Fearless Joe from Hannibal Mo

  11. heritage hate is so sad and such a waste of time

  12. Hating someone for their heritage is stupid. On another note, I wish I knew more about mine.

  13. You are so right about all that. Everyone forgets that the many of the 'natives' were also invaders, walking over a land bridge from Asia. And I feel not even a second of guilt for anything my ancestors did and no one can make me feel it either.

    1. Yep, no guilt what so ever here
      They can kiss my rhyming rear

  14. I have to wonder what prompted you to write this. :)

    1. The idea popped in
      And gave it a spin
      Or heard a rant
      It was a year ago at my plant lol

  15. Hate belongs in the bottom of the litter box!

  16. You've got that right, Pat.
    It makes no sense does it?

    1. Nope, no sense at all
      Yet in such a trap people still fall

  17. People need to realize instead
    one day we will all be dead
    so we should just be kind
    and give me chocolate
    if folks don't mind.

    1. haha fork over the chocolate to you
      And the rest is just a whoopdi friggin doo

  18. Unfortunately, we always have the Hatfields and McCoy genes among us.

    1. Among us they are
      Usually hanging out at the corner bar

  19. Hey, I'll have you know that I'm super proud of being Mexican. I accomplished that. I earned that. I fought for that. Wait, I didn't? Then what the hell am I so proud of...?

    1. Proud that you can say the word proud
      And draw a familiar crowd?

  20. All that stuff and hating someone for something they have no control over is so ridiculous.

  21. Do a DNA test. Find how dull your old tree is.

  22. orlin N cassie....we guess nowz az good a time az any ta say;

    knot a one oh us even noe who R ancestorz bee....

    we THINK...lion, tiger, cougar, puma, pantherz, snow leopard....but we iz just ....knot pawsitive ~~~~

    plus we noe fora fact R momz & dadz waz never mare reed... sew we guess in de grand skeem oh things, we iz bass terdz two ! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    1. haha a good guess wins the day
      As bastards we all are at our bay

  23. hate is never good, just saying the word seems vile

    1. I guess it depends on why the hate came into view. Some might have good reasons..

    2. Depends what it is too
      Like hating murderers is fine at ones zoo

  24. true are your words
    humans are herds
    thinking's absurd
    peace is deferred
    still choirs are heard

    1. Humans rarely think
      Just follow like sheep with a blink

  25. True! People shouldn't judge others based on what their ancestors did. None of us have any control of what came before us. :)

    1. Nope, not one bit
      People need to deal with it

  26. Sins of the past cannot be held tightly, or repeated. Very good post.

    1. Repeated is not to be done too
      But many a time a repeat comes due

  27. hear hear, what you and Susan (in the comment above me) said too.

  28. I couldn't have said it better myself!

    1. In sync with the cat
      The world may now go flat haha

  29. So un-PC
    to do the heritage hating spree!

  30. Kindness is the way to go
    Too bad so few will bother to show

  31. There is always much hate
    people will do anything to berate
    A person, a nation or a race.
    Building a wall, is just one case
    Of this that the average joe can't see.
    Let's hope it will still be the land of the free


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