A Secret Leap Of Sleep!

Doesn't it seem like everyone has a trick for everything? Like some one size fits all works as they give it a ring? Pffft one size fits all works for nothing at all. But that we've done at my hall.

I can't sleep.
Poor pitiful me.
Can't go light or deep.
It just can't come to be.

Go get a new bed.
That will sure work.
You will sleep like the dead.
Ask the sales clerk.

Get a cool pillow.
It can be soft and thick.
Ummm how about Willow?
Was that movie slick?

Don't watch TV before bed.
Yeah, that is just wrong.
Hey, it's been said.
So I'll play along.

Work out that day.
Do it really hard.
Sorry, need more play.
Can't just mow the yard.

Go all humper.
The Blue guy loves those.
Be a wall thumper.
Curl those toes.

Or better yet,
Take a pill.
Yeah, that's a safe bet.
Make sure you've done your will.

Make sure it is dark.
No light allowed.
Ignore that dog bark.
Remember, three's a crowd.

Don't eat 3 hours before.
Go on a diet too.
Both work at your shore.
You'll be a better you.

Turn off every electronic thing.
Can save power as well.
Throw in a spring fling,
And you may beat this no sleep hell.

Have you heard them all? Any I missed at my hall? Probably quite a few as many old wives tales can come due. No one size fits all for anyone or anything on any wall. Unless everyone wants to go drink acid at their sea. Then 100% of them will go on a croaking spree. But that we know. Glad I can sleep anywhere at my show. Oh the life of a cat. Sleeping is where it's at. I can even pass some gas when I'm a sleeping little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. True, Good evening
      Late in coming in
      Was on the road
      Things to off-load


    2. The road can stink
      Off loading the missing link

  2. Replies
    1. going to try and get more sleep
      the alarm woke me from the deep
      thought it was a work day you know
      upserring my dream time flow

      Later all, as to sleep I fall

    2. Upsetting - lol this is what happens when typing half asleep..zzzzzzz

    3. lol need to go back to bed
      And rest your head
      The cat got me going
      So it was an early showing

  3. When Bo Peep no longer works
    Look for other tinsel perks
    A feather quilt so soft with down
    Or snuggle up to a red-nose clown

    1. haha sure may frighten with the later
      A clown head on a platter

  4. One size fits all
    that's never true
    And I remember that story
    about our friend Blue :)

    1. Yep, never a thing
      BS with the one size they fling

  5. I can sympathies with you there Pat, I can go to bed anytime but after one hour am awake for the rest of the night, however last night slept for 10 hours. felt fine next day. Hope your sleep problems disappears.

    1. I can go
      Unless a story idea is in my head at my show

  6. Tried several of those many a moon
    If you find the answer, please share it soon!!!

    1. Don't think there is one
      Besides a good crack to the head to get it done lol

  7. I am one of those people who can fall asleep at any moment, at any place. This capability of mine is diminishing as age is coming up, though. I have got to try not eating three hours before I intend to sleep. Thank you for pointing that out :-)

    1. That has worked for a few
      Sleeping like a cat works at any zoo

  8. I know there are more, but I'll just have to sleep on it a while!

  9. It's rare I can't sleep. With my sister's stroke, I have been more restless which is a burden to my own health. Sometimes you just have to slowdown to sleep. Otherwise, go to the doctor and get some help.

    1. Yep, as your mind goes and goes
      Can sure cause sleeping woes

  10. Can't sleep, clown will eat me

  11. What works for one won't work for someone else. Combine two of those things (I won't say which two) and I usually sleep all night.

  12. I have trouble with sleep
    So occasionally a glass of wine or two
    Does the trick to relax me to sleep
    Which is a nice thing to do.


  13. Zzzzz. Oh sorry. I just dozed off
    What were you saying?

  14. I don't have any problem getting to sleep. I have problems staying asleep. It seems I wake up every two hours or so.

    1. Yeah, that sucks a ton
      As I sure give that a run

  15. No problem getting to sleep, it's the staying asleep!

  16. You forgot 'drink warm milk'. That will do the trick.
    To that sleep trick, I just say 'ick!'

  17. There are times I am so jealous of cats, and watching them sleep is one of those times, followed by watching them stretch when they wake up! Let's see, I can add meditative breathing, no coffee after 2 pm, and a regular bedtime and rising time. Have a great weekend, Pat!

  18. If one more person suggests melatonin, I may be forced to kill them.

  19. I usually don't have any trouble with sleep since there are many numerous felines in the bed with me and they are all sleeping. So off I go to dream land.

    1. Go by example of the cats
      Works at any welcome mats

  20. Sleep does come at a premium. I take both Melatonin and a homeopathic remedy and drink Camille tea. And I can fall asleep, I just can't stay that way. So, I've learned to work with it. If I'm awake, no matter the hour, I'm awake. The body knows what the body wants and needs. I hope! :)

    1. haha hopefully the body knows
      As it causes sleeping woes

  21. Each night in my bed I’d count sheep
    The only way that I found sleep
    As morning light spread
    To broom closet sped
    And poop from bedroom I’d sweep

  22. A Secret Leap Of Sleep!
    A lot of rest one needs
    To stay alive
    Have good life
    Gets the great good feeds


  23. I had a fling.
    It wasn't spring.
    But chemistry was dynamite
    Until his insomnia took flight
    and neither of us slept at night.

    1. haha within the night
      A shift of pleasurable sight

  24. I tried counting sheep.
    That sounded cool.
    But, what a mean trick.
    I'm allergic to wool.

    1. Sneeze and cough
      Hack and wheeze
      Drink from a trough
      And get a good breeze

  25. Lots of good suggestions there!
    Best thing is to turn off electronics
    and keep them away from the bed
    so that the things of the internet
    don't play games with your head!

    1. Yep, turn it off and keep it away
      One will have a far better day

  26. I hate all these "rules" and what I should or shouldn't do. There are some things, I think, are true but I feel like I should already be dead.

  27. Not being able to sleep is the worst. Then- when we are feeling stressed about it it is even worse. :(

  28. Don't forget the essential oils. Those are supposed to do the trick too ;)

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